Violent Manifestation in Perth; Jesus Prevailed

Dear Friends of Jesus,


It was a difficult night to minister. I felt some strong spiritual walls preventing me from connecting with the people of God however as the Word says –preach in season and out of season. Irregardless of how one feels we must continue to preach Jesus and minister to the captives. I preached Jesus and opened up the opportunity for souls to encounter the Deliverer!


We prayed for many and precious souls experienced freedom and healing but there was one man I was directed to throughout the evening. His name is Martyn (pictured above with me; post deliverance). He also ministers in deliverance and healing. Moreover, he has enrolled in our Freedom Fighter International Training Center and has swiftly completed the courses. I commend him for his diligence in completing the many tasks set before him to be equipped to fight the good fight.


Turns out Martyn was, yes, a serious disciple of the Lord, but had been experiencing demonic afflictions. It was obvious from the start. At one point, a spirit, a strong spirit of death gripped him and placed him in a catatonic state that looked like he was passing into death. Immediately, I rebuked death and spoke life over him in Jesus name! He came back into the present. I handed him a Holy Communion cup of the blood of Jesus and it strengthened him immediately. He thanked me however I knew the battle for him was only beginning.


Later in the service, we ministered to many but again was drawn to this dear brother in Christ who revealed that as a result of seeking help in churches (he knew he was suffering from demonic afflictions) he was expelled and when he sought to minister in churches he was rejected. As you can imagine this brother was suffering terribly. I’m glad we were there to offer hope and life in Jesus.


As I began to pray over him –very violent spirits surfaced and shook his body and threw him aggressively onto the floor of the sanctuary and withered. Vile demons spoke out of him and cursed me.


“F*$%#@ you! I’m staying here,” the demons boasted to me.


I called Martyn back from his demonic trance state and had him renounce all forms of rebellion and sin. I also had him break off some very specific things that allowed us to effectively deal with the invading spirits.


Many demons of Jezebel, death, mind control and others were commanded out of him but it was a demon of insanity that really had a strong presence in his life. When the spirits of insanity surfaced they threw his head backwards and boasted how they controlled him and were looking to destroy him through madness. Turns out, at one point, even his own mother tried to commit him into a insane asylum. This allowed the demons of insanity to invade his mind and to bring confusion (read my newest intriguing presentation on the mind & insanity in my ‘Freedom Fighter Teaching Moment’ below).


Immediately, I confronted these dark forces within his mind and commanded them to leave in Jesus name. Many of these spirits of madness and insanity departed and Martyn quickly could feel them leave his mind. He even testified of feeling much lighter and clearer. He looked peaceful too. It was a war however Jesus prevailed. So many in our modern day being terribly vexed within the mind. We have the solution of their mind control –King Jesus who offers a sound mind to all who surrender to Him!


By the way, speaking of Freedom Fighter students, in our most recent Houston service, a young man named Isaac, who has been listening to our Freedom Fighter Training presentations came up to me and share a beautiful testimony with me. Not too long ago, while resting on his bed, while listening to our instructional materials God moved powerfully in his heart. It was during a lecture I was presenting when suddenly I stopped the teaching and offered a supernatural prayer of inner helping and deliverance for those listening to the program. Immediately, Isaac felt demons depart from his heart and felt a deep healing that he had never quite experienced before as little heart parts were comforted and healed by the Savior. Isaac was deeply touched by Jesus and testified of this miraculous healing before those assembled in our Church of the Cross service in Houston.

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