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In Miami: 2000 Years of Witchcraft Defeated by Jesus

Thursday, February 5th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Here in South Florida in the city of Miami where we conducted another public deliverance and healing mission. As the night went on, nearly every seat, of our conference room, was filled with those hungering for the power of God! In fact, a family from the island nation of the Bahamas, took a flight earlier in the day, to be part of our public mission. Though we were small in number God displayed His mighty power. Yes, we taught but we also demonstrated the power of God. As the apostle Paul taught, “For our gospel did not come to you in word only, but also in power…” 


We brought forth the WORD then the power of Jesus. It was extremely difficult tonight battling the powers of darkness within those tormented. However Jesus prevailed. One young family that attended our meeting was Richard and Natalie (pictured above; post deliverance). Richard came to the meeting quite skeptical of the mission but wanted to support his wife. I’m so glad he came to the meeting. Not only did he leave the meeting no longer a skeptic but a strong believer in his authority as the head of the wife. He’s definitely changed as a result of this nearly 7 hour meeting.


As I led everyone in mass deliverance prayers I could sense that Natalie was struggling with the prayers. So, I intervened and began to pray over her. Nothing! Again I prayed over her. Nothing; again. I was having a very hard time warring against the demons that were holding her captive. I began to battle in Jesus name; utilizing multiple spiritual weapons –the holy angels of God, the holy cross, the Jesus oil. Each of these weapons wore the demons down but they continued to resist and oppose the will of God. We continued to battle the evil spirits; they eventually surfaced in great fury.


“We are here because –50 generations ago– her ancestors practiced witchcraft,” the demonic spirits revealed to me, “There’s also a witchcraft curse upon her as a result of her neighbor Maria. She placed a destruction curse on her. We are here to bring her Scoliosis and pain into her body. We hold her eyes too!”


This was an utter surprise to her husband, Richard, who had no idea all of this demonic activity was operating within his wife’s life but he stood next to me; assisting me in driving out the demons from her body and mind.


Not only were evil spirits, obviously, present in her body, but also a human interject (a witchcraft-fuled soulish invader) by the name of Maria. Turns out she was a friend (and former neighbor) of her mothers many years ago (who was also involved in witchcraft). Maria surfaced and spoke to me. It was revealed she placed a “destruction curse” upon Natalie. Motive? Just because she wanted to destroy. No doubt the demons within Maria compelled her to do so; resulting in the demons of witchcraft gaining access into Natalie’s life.


I forced out Maria and continued to battle the demons of Jezebel and witchcraft. My friends, it was an extremely difficult spiritual battle. The demons, for the longest time, resisted my efforts however my persistence paid off –the demons greatly weakened. I called forth the holy mighty angels of God and they quickly came to assist me. I utilized holy water, sacred anointing oil, the Sword of the Spirit and other mighty weapons.


The demons screamed, groaned, moaned and growled. They contorted her body and opposed me for hours. With the backing of the Body of Christ and her husband we eventually wore the demons down.


“We can’t let go of her,” the demons told me during the exorcism, “She has gifts, she has a calling that we need to hinder. We must stop her.”


It was discovered that this precious sister in Christ had been gifted with dream interpretation and worship along with other gifts to build up the church. No wonder Satan fought for this woman. In the end, however, Jesus prevailed and all of these vicious unholy spirits were sent to the pit! The screamed out of her and she collapsed onto the floor –FREED & HEALED!


As we assisted Natalie off the ground she testified of feeling zero pain! YEARS of Scoliosis pain and affliction GONE! Moreover, during the exorcism, I removed her glasses, now she was able to see clearly without the aid of her glasses. The glasses remained off and she crushed her glasses in the meeting hall. No more glasses for this saint! Amen!


Richard also testified before everyone –“Jay, I was skeptical of everything tonight, at first, but you are the real deal! Miracles do happen in these meetings. Thank you for helping my wife.”


Love this couple and their heart for Jesus!


Victory is Mine Saith the Lord!

Incredible JESUS Miracles in West Palm Beach

Thursday, February 5th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


While the rest of North America is freezing; I’m here in beautiful and warm West Palm Beach, Florida, conducting a mission and I’m so glad we are here. It’s great to be back in this area as there are souls here that are desperate for healing and deliverance. Our small meeting hall was nearly full with individuals and families who traveled throughout Florida for a miracle.


One such individual was Maria (pictured above). She attended our Jacksonville meeting last weekend and witnessed firsthand some powerful exorcisms. She arrived skeptical but left believing in the power of God. However, she wasn’t ready to receive personal ministry. She waited (not wanting to deal with some serious issues) and guess who moved in with a vengeance? That’s right….the devil. The next night, she was visited by demons and they literally levitated her off her body. Moreover, later in the week the demons sexually assaulted her. She realized how serious this was and dedicated herself to getting to our next meeting, here in West Palm Beach, to receive freedom.


In the midst of our meeting I was led to minister to her friend Michelle (whom she brought, who was also skeptical). Demons surfaced within Michelle; including one named “Blindness,” that blinded her to the gospel message. Turns out, Michelle wasn’t a believer in Jesus. I call back Michelle and explain to her what was transpiring and she is utterly shocked as you can imagine. However, I was honored to lead Michelle to salvation in Jesus. Then I was able to effectively deal with the demonic operating within her life.


“We not only blind her to the gospel; but we also bring pains and sickness into her body,” the demons boasted to me; as they spoke out of Michelle, “We are the ones that bring pain in her knees.”


After Michelle surrendered to Jesus Christ I commanded her knees to be healed. Moreover, I drove out the many demons from her body. Instantly, as Michelle came back to full consciousness, she testified of being supernaturally healed by Jesus. Not only did Jesus save her, but also delivered her and healed her body of years of pain!


Amazing Jesus!


As the demons departed they released a number of broken heart parts; including a little 4 year old and 8 year old. Both were guided to Jesus and were able to encounter His peaceful and calming presence. Jesus spoke reassuring words to the little ones and they were supernaturally healed and merged to Michelle’s heart.


As we ministered to Michelle, we began to minister to Maria too, as they both shared some of the same demons as a result of a unholy soul tie however Jesus was gracious to liberated both of them. Many evil spirits left both of their bodies and minds and testified of experiencing freedom and deep healing.


That was only one highlight of many that took place on this night. One of the first ladies I ministered to, after teaching from God’s Word and leading in Holy Communion, was a deliverance minister. She was dramatically healed by Jesus.


Many demonic spirits surfaced from with her. The usual suspects…Baal, Jezebel, Fear, Torment, Rejection, Witchcraft.


“We entered her bloodline more than 10 generations ago because they practiced in the occult and witchcraft,” the demons revealed, “Her ancestors indulged in blood sacrifices and ritualism. We are the ones that bring her pain and suffering. We are the ones behind the Fibromyalgia (the disorder that involves wide-spread musculoskeletal pain) and so many other afflictions.” 

As these curses were broken and demons expelled; this woman was set free and miraculously healed by Jesus. This precious lady, this minister, testified of experiencing ZERO PAIN! YEARS of PAIN GONE! Furthermore, a number of broken heart parts (and ancestral heart parts) were healed by Jesus. 

After the deliverance I was handed a very special letter from this lady thanking me for her deliverance and healing. It deeply touched my heart and I thank God we were there as the demons, at one point, during the exorcism, boasted how no one was able to drive them out. They had been in the bloodlines for many centuries and were hidden. On this night they would be exposed and cast into the pit in Jesus name!

Thank God we were able to intervene. There are billions more needing to be reached. Thank you for being partners with this global mission to reach millions for Jesus Christ! We need more disciples of the Lord rising up to support this vital work for Jesus. Consider your part. 

Many more souls were touched, other encountered miraculous physical and emotional healing. Some were even saved by Jesus! I look forward to sharing more with everyone in the coming days. It’s been a great mission to West Palm Beach and look forward to returning in the coming months.

In Jacksonville, Florida Witnessing Mighty Miracles!

Thursday, February 5th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


It’s been an intense several days of non-stop ministry and travel. On Saturday, we held our Church of the Cross service in Houston and was honored to ordain two more ministers into the gospel ministry –my brother Rey and sister Lucinda. Who, incidentally, serve as our praise and worship leaders for our monthly gatherings. I am deeply appreciative of their hearts and their passion to serve King Jesus and this mission.


After ordaining my friends into the gospel ministry I proceeded to pray for those tormented by demons. Unlike, on Friday evening, I was greatly hindered by the enemy and it was difficult to minister. However, God touched many souls and set the captives free. One highlight of the evening was a lady, whom I’ll refer to as Kathy. She came with her friend, to support her as she sought deliverance, not knowing she would be the one to receive a miracle.


To better understand what transpired. You must understand Kathy came as a skeptic of me and of the ministry. She didn’t know what to think about the miraculous claims so she sat and observed until the very end of the meeting.


Before concluding the service I ministered to those whom had assembled with some mass deliverance prayers and commands. Dozens experienced some measure of physical healing as I asked everyone with pain, infirmities and afflictions to stand –perhaps a few dozen or so stood up requesting for a miraculous healing. Kathy was among the group that stood up. Well, Jesus, reached out to Kathy, in His amazing love and healed her. You should have seen Kathy’s face! UTTER SHOCK! I stopped my prayers and asked if she was ok –her face displayed a a HUGE puzzled look. I even laughed as I knew exactly what happened.


She couldn’t believe it. She, honestly, couldn’t believe what took place right before her eyes and she started laughing also.


“Jay, I came to your meeting skeptical and doubted,” Kathy confessed before everyone, “However, I cannot deny that while you prayed, I was healed! The pain is completely gone. I can’t believe this.”


Kathy was genuinely surprised. She wasn’t, perhaps, thinking, God would actually reach out to her –but He did. In return, she testified before all and many were encouraged. While I prayed for those who had assembled, God swept across the room with His healing powers and many were quickly cured of a variety of maladies, afflictions and pains. It was beautiful to witness.


Many others experienced a mighty deliverance and encountered deep inner healing –as many little parts surfaced during the service and were guided to Jesus for healing. Amazing Jesus!


After the service, I was only able to get about 2 hours or so of sleep, then back to the airport to catch a flight to Jacksonville, Florida, where we conducted a 7 hour public meeting last night. I was surprised to hear so many testimonies of those deeply impacted by our mission. It was such a sweet meeting; I was surrounded by saints who really love the ministry. I am really refreshed and inspired.


During the meeting, souls were miraculously healed including the lady pictured above; whom I’ll refer to as Laura. She came with some other family members who were supporting her.


Laura looked like a zombie when I was first introduced to her. She was terribly vexed with pains and afflictions. She could barely maintain any composure due to the demonic torment. She looked so sad and empty.


As I began to minister in Jesus name, the Holy Spirit guided me to Laura and I began to pray over her. When I did, evil spirits surfaced and boasted how they would destroy her and kill her. We battled back in Jesus name and drove out the demons. As the unholy spirits were departing, many little broken heart parts were surfacing. They immediately reached out to me for a hug and they held me for a long time. The little ones hungered for a father’s love and I was more than happy to love onto these precious heart parts that were utterly despaired. I held them and kissed their head. They were so happy and encountered a peaceful Savior who was there to offer hope and healing.


Little heart parts feel very safe around me thus they often surface and seek healing. I’m very grateful to be able to intervene and offer supernatural healing to these little ones. Last night many little ones –including many ancestral dissociative identities– were guided to King Jesus and were healed.


As I continued to minister to Laura numerous evil spirits surfaced including a group of demonic spirits named unbalanced and weakness. They boasted how they secretly invaded her cells to affect her health. Moreover, they confessed to being within her to ensure she was destroyed.


“She takes her grandchildren to church,” the demons told me, “This must not happen. We must destroy her and stop her!”


One way to hinder this woman was to afflict her with various kinds of pains and weaknesses. Laura had been terribly beaten down by these strong demonic forces however in the name of Jesus we forced these demons out of her body and she was miraculously healed. She testified of feeling no more pain after her deliverance and her heart, was finally, healed by Jesus. When the demons exited, her FACE shined with the LIGHT of Jesus! Everyone in the meeting hall remarked how she looked so different and FREE! She was radiating the light of Jesus. It was so beautiful to see. 

Thursday, February 5th, 2015