In Latin America: Lucifer to the Pit!

Dear Friends of Jesus,


The last few days I was able to spend some downtime in South Florida. I have been more and more cognizant of the need to be refreshed and rest. As many of you know I suffered a serious injury to my vocal cords last year, while in Montreal, Quebec, which forced me to make some serious changes to the ministry work I’m involved in.


I was given the opportunity to visit with a world-reknown otolaryngologist who, after an examination, soberly explained to me that my vocal cords had been severely damaged and I, perhaps, would not be able to reverse the damages. It was stated that I might be relegated to speaking in a whisper like voice because of the terrible abuse placed upon my vocals.


Obviously, I was jolted. I sought the Lord Jesus and He miraculously healed my vocals. However, God required me to be prudent so I made some immediate changes in my life such as seeking more periods of rest. It has helped to maintain my healing. My vocals have strengthened and I’m grateful to God. So, before heading onward to this most recent international journey, I spent a day or so on the beach resting.


In fact, it was very enjoyable. I even had the opportunity to swim with some incredibly large Monterey stingrays, three of them, while in the Atlantic Ocean. From South Florida I traveled onward, on a midnight flight, to Central America where I’m currently in Panama City, Panama. 

As some of you know, we have made more then a dozen trips in Central and South America in recent years involving planting churches and evangelizing in multiple nations. To chronicle the incredible miracles we witnessed I wrote a small book journaling all of the supernatural acts of the Holy Spirit we encountered. But, haven’t been back to this part of the world, in some time, so it has been wonderful to be able to travel back to this region and conduct a mission. 

In our meeting earlier tonight, in the city, I had the wonderful opportunity to lead a mother in a powerful deliverance. As we prayed for her, demons surfaced. Many evil spirits surfaced including spirits of Jezebel, mind control, and Lucifer. 

“We have been here a very long time,” the demonic spirits informed me boastfully, “Her ancestors, hundreds of years ago, participated in eating other humans and other pagan practices. So, we entered her family.”

We also discovered that there were a number of witchcraft demons within this woman too. They were afflicting her with intense physical pain. 

“We cause the pain,” the spirits of witchcraft confessed to me, “Her ancestors practiced witchcraft and so did she thus our ability to enter her body. We have deceived her and are the ones behind the deception we placed her in.”

Though the demons battled us; they quickly lost. The power of the risen Jesus was too great for them. All of these demons were commanded into the pit, including the many Lucifer spirits that were coordinating all of these attacks upon this mother. After her deliverance, she was so happy, joyful and peaceful. She had been waiting for this –for many, many years! The physical pains disappeared and her broken heart (there were many dissociative identities within her) experienced deep healing as they were guided to Jesus.

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