Skeptic Delivered from Jezebel

Dear Friends of Jesus,

 This past weekend in Southern California we held a series of meetings that focused on breaking generational curses and the casting out of demons out of hurting people. We also taught from the Holy Scriptures, equipped the saints, encouraged, inspired, cured the afflicted, healed the broken-hearted, and led souls to Jesus! New Testament ministry in action! Some of the incredible highlights include:


  • A number of souls encountered the salvation of Jesus for the very first time
  • A number of disciples saw the risen Jesus
  • A number of disciples were instantly delivered during mass deliverance prayers
  • A number of disciples were exposed to New Testament ministry of driving out evil spirits (in Los Angeles alone I would estimate more than 80% of the audience were new to this ministry)
  • A number of disciples discovered they were dissociative and were supernaturally healed
  • A number of disciples discovered they had demons
  • Millions of demons cried out and were commanded into the pit in Jesus name!
  • Hosts of holy angels arrived and assisted me in spiritual warfare
  • STUNNING miracles of Holy Communion blood
  • STAGGERING miracles of God’s power to restrain the violence of demons
  • AMAZING miracles of the fire of God to destroy demonic spirits

I could go on and on testifying of God’s might. Suffice to say, it was wonderful to be able to reach out to the hurting. Jesus was glorified.
Several people were shocked when they discovered they had indwelling demons. One such individual was Amanda (pictured with me above in our San Diego meeting hall). She came to the services in LA and San Diego for the sake of her teenage son but had no idea to the extent of her demonization until I asked her to hold the precious blood of the Lamb in the Holy Communion cup. She couldn’t do it! She tried and tried but couldn’t do it. She was stunned.
Why couldn’t she embrace the cup? Demons. The evil spirits within her did not want to be anywhere near the blood of Christ. At one point, Amanda, even used her other arm and hand in an attempt to strengthen her other arm to embrace the cup of Holy Communion that I held in my hand. She couldn’t do it. It was supernatural. It was miraculous power in action in dramatic fashion.
I believe with all of my heart the transformative power of the Holy Communion. I can bear witness of this supernatural Jesus power thousands of times in nearly 30 years of global gospel ministry. Many assembled in Southern California were shocked as they looked upon.
“Why did you find us!” the spirits of Jezebel asked me, speaking through Amanda, “How did you do it? We were going to kill her. You stopped us. Nobody knew about us. NOBODY! You were the first one!”
I think a major contributing factor to this ability to get this secretive and ancient demon to surface was our usage of the Holy Communion in our exorcisms. It’s quite evident that I provoked the demon with the cup of blessing.
I battled the Jezebel spirits back and it SCREAMED LOUDLY! It was so angry and furious. After commanding the demons of Jezebel out of this woman she was drastically healed and delivered. I know there’s some more work to be done however she was powerfully liberated in so many ways and for two days testified of the supernatural change.
Amanda also revealed that she came to my meeting as a skeptic. She thought I had pre-planned the exorcisms and it was all of a set up. She thought all of it was a fake. She was looking around trying to figure out who were the actors in this exorcism scheme. After her extraordinary deliverance, she realized this wasn’t a scheme but a powerful move of the Holy Spirit.
For days she had a look of shock in her eyes. She couldn’t believe but couldn’t deny she had been transformed by Jesus and His love for her!

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