Smiles in Jacksonville: Tormenting Demons Defeated!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I’m currently in Jacksonville, Florida conducting yet another mission where we witnessed Jesus loving on souls and bringing freedom to the captives. What an honor to serve King Jesus! Though we were small in number God brought troubled souls needing spiritual relief and healing.

After teaching from the WORD and leading everyone in Holy Communion I began to minister to the captives. Immediately a few of the ladies, pictured above, began to sense demons manifesting from within. I prayed for Michelle (left) first and spirits named Torment surfaced.

“Many of us have already left because she has been fighting us,” the demons named Torment revealed, “But we, who remain, get empowered when she visits her family who is involved in witchcraft. We bring her pain and torment.”

We discovered that Michelle has family members who are dabbling in the occult and utilizing devices that are rooted in divination. So it didn’t surprise me that the demons within them would attach themselves or empower Michelle whenever she would visit her family. They were in the house.

However, I know for a fact Jesus is strengthening Michelle. I am so proud of her. She attended one of our seminars in West Palm Beach, 10 months ago, and got saved by Jesus! Her salvation was only the beginning as now the Holy Spirit was moving on her heart and revealing areas of her life that needed healing and deliverance. God has been providing everything she has needed. Yes, we commanded the tormenting spirits out of her but we also released a broken heart part that the demon was holding onto to.

“Thank you for helping me, releasing me,” the young teenager part told me, “I have been held for so long. Thank you!”

This dissociative identity was genuinely happy. I was happy to help. This part was supernaturally healed by Jesus and encountered the love of God.

Not only was the heart healed but the physical pains she had been experiencing in her body vanished too! The Lord Jesus supernaturally healed her body too! Michelle was so happy afterwards –her SMILE said it all.

We also prayed for her friend, Evie (right) too. More tormenting spirits surfaced from within her too. They spoke to me. They also enslaved a 10 year old part of her broken heart. I commanded the spirits to release her and her heart. They obeyed and her heart was healed. Moreover, the demons were sent out and she was so happy to experience the freedom of God. She was so happy too!

Obviously, these young ladies will need some more ministry and more counsel however God has started some amazing work in their lives. I’m grateful for the work that has begun in their lives.

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