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In Houston: War with Jezebel, Jesus Conquered!

Friday, November 27th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Here in South Texas, cities have been bombarded by the remnants of a record-breaking hurricane that landed in Mexico within the past day or so. Thus, our attendance has been drastically affected. Usually, our Houston meetings are well-attended. Not this time around. Satan has hindered many from getting to our meetings, however, each night, souls are being freed by Jesus and miraculously healed.

Earlier tonight, here in the city of the Woodlands (outside of Houston), we ministered to many souls needing freedom and healing. Though we started out with handful of people, gradually the meeting hall began to fill up and we had a attentive crowd that assembled that was desperate for teaching and deliverance.

I felt very strong in the Spirit and was given great liberty to preach the WORD. God was with me in power.

We had a number of people miraculously healed and cured of various kinds of maladies and afflictions. A few ladies, including one lady who was legally blind in one eye, found healing from blindness. We need to pray that they would walk in their newfound healing with faith.

After teaching from the WORD, I noticed a a young woman, in the back of the meeting hall, who began to manifest evil spirits. It’s the same lady that is pictured above with me, with a post deliverance smile.

I discovered that this woman was a leader of the prayer ministry within a local church and had been searching for a deliverance ministry but couldn’t locate one. That’s sad. Houston is one of the largest cities on this continent and she had difficulty locating a ministry that drive out demons. God in His grace led her to us earlier today on the internet. She made plans on attending and arrived desperate for deliverance and healing.

Immediately, I brought up this minister to the front of the hall and called forth the holy angels of God to strike the invading demons. The demons greatly weakened. I then proceeded to battled the evil spirits within her, including the spirit of Jezebel.

As she stood in the front of the hall, the Holy Spirit fire descended and she could feel the strong presence of God. In fact, some hurting dissociative identities surfaced and they could feel the fire within my hands and started crying with relief and joy.

“We feel safe with you!” the little ones told me as they hugged me, “We feel love coming from within you.”

That made my day. It’s always my hope and prayer to be a conduit of God’s amazing love, mercy and grace to those whom I minister to. The little ones –we discovered there were many– felt safe with me and were guided to Jesus for healing. They were able to SEE Jesus and feel His comforting presence.

These past few services, we have seen many people testify of being able to SEE the risen Jesus. What an amazing honor, again, to know Jesus feels welcomed to actually want to tangibly appear before so many. A few others tonight testified of seeing the risen Jesus.

The demons of Jezebel were defeated and were commanded into the pit in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! They flew out of her and immediately she smiled with great joy. She was FREE! Moreover, she testified that her eye sight (she was wearing glasses earlier) had dramatically improved. I prayed for her to improve even more —AND IT DID! We are seeing so many now, on a regular basis being cured of blindness. It is expected. A few others testified, later in the service of noticing their eyesight improved. Jesus was curing many on this night.

One lady was miraculously healed of more than a decade of tormenting back and kidney pains. The pains immediately left and was healed. She was so happy; as was her husband.  One young man had been experiencing tormenting head pains and body aches. He was swiftly healed too. Another young lady who had been afflicted with various kinds of body pains was immediately cured of her afflictions in Jesus name! Yet, another woman, after the service, testified that after her recent deliverance, in one of our meetings, shared with me that she also had been miraculously healed of various infirmities.

Yes, evil spirits were commanded out of bodies but we witnessed many being miraculously healed by Jesus! We also witnessed Jesus heal many dissociative identities that surfaced as we ministered through the night.

Demonic Powers of Buddhism, Witchcraft & Baal Destroyed by King Jesus!

Friday, November 27th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Another night of victory here in Houston, Texas. Once again, we witnessed the power of Jesus overpowering the sinister powers of Satan! Though, we were small in number God demonstrated His holy power over the enemy by setting the captives free. Moreover, once again, Jesus appeared to a number of disciples that were in the hall.

For many hours we battled numerous demonic spirits within those that had assembled in the meeting hall. There were many demons that surfaced including the spirits of witchcraft, Baal, spirit husbands, death, and many ancestral Buddhist demons. All of them were commanded into the pit in Jesus name.

One of the first ladies we ministered to was the young lady, that is pictured with me above, post deliverance. Andrea had attended a few of our meetings however we never got around doing some intensive ministry with her. But, as we discover she is a persistent disciple of the Lord that refuses to be enslaved to the powers of darkness. She was desperate and God prevailed in her life!

“We were sent to her!” the many witchcraft spirits revealed to me, “Some in her family participates in the occult and sends curses to her; so we go and attack.”

Here is a beautiful young lady trying to raise a family and live for Jesus and yet is being sabotaged by the dark forces of witchcraft. What’s worse –it’s coming from members of her OWN family! You just never know where spiritual attacks may come from. Thus the ever need to be on guard.

“We bring back pain, female problems, accidents, blindness, and headaches,” the demons boasted to me, “In fact, we have been here for many years; her ancestors participated in human and animal sacrifices as they delved into witchcraft.”

As I mentioned in a recent email update –our world is drenched with the nefarious powers of sorcery, spiritism, the occult, and witchcraft. I have encountered millions of these kinds of evil spirits over the years. They are strong and aggressive but have been defeated by King Jesus!

I continued on warring against these spirits. They attempted to battle me. I fought back with the cross of Jesus, the fire of the Holy Spirit and I called forth the holy angels of God who quickly arrived to strike the invading demons. They groaned and moaned in pain and defeat. God’s mighty angels assisted greatly and these demons began to realize their powers were no match to the powers of God and His children.

We also discovered as we ministered to Andrea that she not only had demons but also dissociation and ancestral dissociation. We met up with a number of little heart parts. One was 5 years of age, another 10 years old and one teenager. As they poured out their pain and grief; Jesus tangibly appeared to them in the meeting hall. He healed them and immediately joy and peace could be seen on Andrea’s face –significant inner healing took place.

Moreover, we discovered a 5 year old ancestral dissociative identity, that revealed they had been sacrificed during a satanic ritual. They were thrown into the fire –many generations ago –suffering from horrific trauma. This broken heart part was released and guided to Jesus for healing.

On this night, many demonic powers were driven out of this woman in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. As they flew out of her body and mind, Andrea could feel significantly different. Lighter. Peaceful. Joyful. Empowered.

Furthermore, Andrea testified that she could see clearly. She mentioned that she was about to make an appointment to see a eye doctor as she noticed her eyes were failing her in recent days. However, after tonight’s powerful deliverance, she noticed her eyes cleared up and she could SEE without any issues.

Here’s, yet, another example, of God’s miracle working power in healing someone’s eyes. We have see so many scores of individuals who have had their eyes miraculously healed. Wonderful Jesus!

As we ministered to others in the hall —some were being set free from demonic bondage including one woman who was delivered from numerous demons that were rooted in Buddhism and ancestral worship. Some were also wonderfully healed. I’m looking forward to sharing more of the miracles in the coming days.

Jesus & Holy Angels Visited Us in Houston in POWER

Friday, November 27th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Earlier tonight I was conducting another powerful mission here in Houston, Texas. After teaching from God’s Word, I was about to lead everyone in Holy Communion and discovered that there were a few individuals in the meeting hall who had never been born again. So, I had the wonderful opportunity to lead a few ladies with Buddhist and ancestral worship backgrounds to salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ. It was beautiful to behold.

I proceeded to lead everyone in Holy Communion and began to pray for those afflicted with demon powers. Immediately, a young lady, 19 years of age, who has enrolled in a local university, manifested strong demons. They began to scream out of her and were furious that they had been exposed to the light of Jesus.

“We have been here for many generations because her family participated in ancestral worship!” the spirits of fear and torment revealed to me, “We bring many sicknesses and problems into her life. We keep her in a cage!”

In the authority of Jesus I smashed the cage and released a number of broken heart parts that were desperate to be freed from this bondage. The little ones spoke to me and shared their pain and deep hurt. There was even some ancestral heart parts that were released too and guided to Jesus!

In the midst of the exorcism we encountered many demonic spirits within her including spirits of insanity, death and Jezebel. One demon that surfaced was, interestingly enough, named Herod (a ruler that had a role in the execution and crucifixion of the Lord Jesus). They confessed to making her depressed, bringing forth anxiety, mental torment, emotional torment, guilt, hate, blindness, and forgetfulness.

At one point the evil spirits desired to war against me. In the power of the Holy Spirit I battled back and called forth the holy angels to come in the hall to assist. Within seconds the holy angels were present and were striking the demons with their swords which caused great distress to the invading demons.

The demons eventually released this teenager and were commanded into the pit in Jesus name. They flew out of her and she mentioned she felt very good and lighter. Moreover, her eye sight improved (during the exorcism we took off her glasses) and was gaining strength. She will need more deliverance and healing however the work of Jesus has begun in her life.

All night, we battled many demons and witnessed Jesus healing many. One lady who attended tonight’s meeting was healed of various back pains and problems. Within a few minutes of praying over her she shared that her back came back into alignment and all of the pains vanished. Jesus healed her.

There were hundreds of demons named trauma and Satan that were bringing a host of maladies within this woman. I commanded them to go –they swiftly left her in Jesus name! She said her back was healed and mentioned how her eyesight, which was gradually deteroirating as the night progressed, was back to normal. She noticed that her eyes had been healed too!

There were a few ladies with Chinese ancestral worship spiritual backgrounds that were present in the hall. They were healed and set free from numerous demons of Buddhism, Shintoism, and Taoism. Both vomited out demons and both felt released by Jesus! All of their physical pains disappeared too.

Towards the end of the service one lady from Thailand mentioned she could SEE the Lord Jesus in the meeting hall and was amazed at His appearance. It’s always an honor to know the King Jesus is in our midst in a tangible manner. Thank you Jesus for visiting us tonight!

Witchcraft in Boston/Cape Cod, Santeria in Southern California!

Friday, November 27th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,

As many of you know, this planet is filled with the powers of witchcraft. As I travel the world I have noticed one of the most frequent demons I encounter is the spirit of witchcraft. Billions in our day are enslaved to the forces of witchcraft and those related to this spirit; such as the dark powers of sorcery, Santeria, voodoo and the occult.

Last night, here in Southern California, I battled the demons of Santeria (another branch of witchcraft that you often find in Latin American and Caribbean cultures) within a young lady that just found out about our mission recently. She started to listen to my radio presentations and had been attending some of our seminars. She was desperate for help. She’s a new believer in Christ and still learning about spiritual warfare however she now knows the need she has for deliverance from demonic spirits.

To give you an idea how deep her involvement in witchcraft. Consider this:

Both parents involved in witchcraft. Later on discovers many more family members involved.

Years of visiting psychics.

Years of participating in the occult such as reading her horoscope & having card readings.

Attended and participated in Santeria blood rituals that involved the sacrificing of animals.

Attended various “cleansing” rituals.

Participating in idol-worship.

Delving into demonism & witchcraft chanting.

As you can see, this precious woman had opened many doors however God is gracious. In the midst of all of this witchcraft evil Jesus spared her and rescued her. Then she sought out an exorcism and located our mission here in California.

She attended our seminars and was completely stunned to see the display of God’s power over the demonic as we drove out evil spirits, in public, in the name of Jesus! Many who had similar occult backgrounds were delivered and she was encouraged. There were moments she even received some deliverance as she participated in the mass deliverance prayers.  She kept on attending our meetings and finally scheduled a private ministry session with our small ministry team.

Last night, we met with her for several hours and many more demons of Santeria and witchcraft were cast out and pains and  afflictions  were removed in Jesus name! She was extremely happy and plans on enrolling in our Freedom Fighter International Training Center to learn how to get equipped to fight the enemy!

I just love seeing souls who had been attacked from the powers of witchcraft find Jesus freedom. Outside of Boston, on Saturday night, at the River of Life Church, we battled many more spirits of witchcraft. One Portuguese lady, who attended our meetings, lived in Angola (this African nation was a Portuguese colony for some years) for a period of time and endured through a war as a little girl. She still retains the memories of the violent conflict and as we prayed for her many witchcraft demons surfaced.

The spirits of witchcraft revealed they had been sent to her (and her family) by some witchdoctors, in Angola, as they wanted to drive out the Portuguese from their nation. They succeeded. The family departed Angola and this young girl ended up being attacked by these vicious spiritual forces.

Jesus rescued this precious woman on Saturday night. She was set free and the spirits groaned and moaned as they were being driven out of her body in Jesus name! She was FREE and testified of feeling so much better.

New England Exorcisms: Devil Spirits Defeated, Eyes Opened & Pains Vanished!

Friday, November 27th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,

It’s always great to be back to see my pastor friend, Bob and his precious wife Lisa, here at the River of Life Church here in the Boston/Cape Cod area. This region of the country is spiritually oppressive however despite the spiritual opposition we witnessed some amazing miracles; including seeing this young lady named Holly, pictured with me above, healed physically and emotionally.

She came to tonight’s meeting, with her grandmother, deeply bound by demonic forces. They had her in GREAT intense physical and emotional pain. This IS what demons do –they torture their victims and they do not play fair! My heart went out to her. During the entire service she looked tormented. She was suffering. She was in a lot of physical pain. You could see it. She shared a litany of sicknesses and maladies she was suffering from.

After teaching from God’s Word for more then 3 hours, I led everyone in Holy Communion and then began to pray for those afflicted by demon powers. Holly was one of the first ones I prayed for. Demons surfaced named Pain. They confessed to bringing all of the afflictions and pains into her body. They were also a number of demons within her named Devil. All of these demons were troubling and tormenting her.

Moreover, they held her broken heart in captivity. I commanded the demons to release the little heart parts and some of them surfaced; including a little 5 year old heart part. I guided that little one to Jesus and she was able to SEE Jesus and was greatly comforted by Him!

During the exorcism, I took off her glasses and inquired from the demons if they were behind the blindness she was experiencing. They revealed they were indeed behind the eye maladies.

After commanding the demons named pain, torment, fear, and the spirits named Devil to the pit. Holly looked around and could actually SEE clearly without the aid her glasses. No more blurriness. We just need to pray that she will walk in this miraculous healing with faith.

Furthermore, Holly had been vexed with a number of diseases and infirmities that were deeply painful. All of the pains vanished after the demons were commanded into the pit.

“I don’t feel the pain anymore!” Holly remarked, “I really feel good and light, peaceful!”

That’s the fruit of deliverance ministry. She will need some more work however Jesus has brought such beautiful healing in her life and the journey has begun!

Others were set free on this night, including a young woman, who was set free from the powers of witchcraft as a result of living in a war zone while living in Angola back in the 1970’s. More on her story in my next email update.

Encountering & Defeating Brahman, Vishnu & Lakshmi in Southern California

Friday, November 27th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


I have encountered millions of different kinds of Hindu spirits, over the years, on every continent of the world. I have battled many of the prominent gods and goddesses of Hinduism. They have warred against me and I have battled back victoriously in the name of Jesus. We have witnessed many Hindus find freedom and miraculous healing. Earlier tonight, we witnessed a first generation Christian from a long line of devout Hindus, find deliverance and supernatural healing in Jesus!


Obviously, I will not be sharing a picture of her nor will I be sharing specifics as this young woman we ministered to has been ostracized by family and friends due to her commitment to Jesus Christ and is facing incredible opposition for taking a stand for Christ. I’m really proud of this woman. Highly educated and extremely intelligent, this young lady graduated from one of the most prestigious universities of the world and has been able to find success. However, despite worldly achievements, she found herself being enslaved to powerful Hindu demons that tormented her constantly.


She recently attended one of our Southern California seminars out of despseration and witnessed the power of God delivering souls. On that night many were being dramatically freed from demon powers. She was shocked and stunned but curious about finding out more about this Jesus power I referred to in the seminar. So she scheduled a ministry session with our small ministry team here in Los Angeles. She met with us and she was beautifully set free from many hundreds of demonic spirits and miraculously healed of various ailments and afflictions.


As we began to pray with her numerous demons surfaced including Vishnu, Parvati, Hanuman, Lakshmi, Krishna, and Brahman. These are strong demonic powers within Hinduism. Remember, Hinduism enslaves 1 billion souls. It is a aggressive spiritual force that has captivated many nations of the world. However, God desires to show His love and power to Hindus thus the urgent need for public deliverance missions in India and other Hindu dominated socities of the world. There are billions needing freedom from darkness.


“We are here because all of her ancestors –spanning thousands of generations — worshipped us and honored us,” the Hindu demon named Vishnu revealed to me, “We bind her and hold her shackles.”


It was true, this young woman, was bound by Satan. She felt enslaved and chained to the power of the darkness; not knowing how to obtain liberation. I commanded the demons to take off the shackles. They did. They also released a little dissociative identity they had been placing in bondage for more then 25 years. This little one was guided to Jesus and was so happy to be able to see the risen Jesus!


We also encountered in this spiritual battle the powers of arrogant Jezebel within this young believer. There were hundreds of these demonic spirits within her.


“We torment her, cause her to lust, and use her eyes to seduce men,” the wicked witch Jezebel boasted to me, “We bring all kinds of physical problems and sicknesses. We even married her and placed spiritual rings on her fingers. She belongs to us!”


Jezebel fought me. I fought back in Jesus name. I called forth the holy angels of God and they quickly descended into the meeting room and assisted me in battling Jezebel. The holy angels struck the demons with their swords and spears –causing Jezebel to greatly weaken. I utilized the fire of the Holy Spirit and used the Sword of the Spirit to defeat the invading demons. They begged me to stop. I didn’t stop and continued applying the spiritual pressure on the demons. Eventually Jezebel ripped out all of her fiery darts and infirmities that she had brought into her body.


Gradually, this precious disciple of Jesus was being set free and healed. We continued battling the many Hindu demons. Many more surfaced including spirits named Brahman (a very complex Hindu metaphysical concept). Brahman, is one of the highest spiritual realities within Hinduism that encompasses all of the seen and unseen. Turned out Brahman, was the strongman and operating with a great amount of mind control within this young lady.


“We control her mind, feed her lies, bring fear, depression, and anxiety,” the demons revealed to me, “We have been trying to kill her since she was born. She has gifts of power that we want to keep her from using.”


Turns out this woman had been blessed with the gifts of miracles and the demons were holding this gift in captivity. These spirits were forced to release her spiritual gifts and abilities. Moreover, they released another little broken heart part that held in darkness. This little part was so overjoyed to finally being released from this dark monster!


As all of these powerful demonic brings were commanded into the pit in Jesus name, to her astonishment all of her pain, torment and sicknesses disappeared to. A number of sicknesses and afflictions swiftly left her. She was so happy afterwards and shared with us that she wanted to reach her people with the gospel and wanted to see those whom were demonized with these Hindu powers to find spiritual freedom in Jesus!


I can really see this young beautiful woman go far in life for Christ! She WILL be preaching and carrying out signs and wonders throughout the world; especially the Hindu-dominated societies of the earth. Surprisingly, she didn’t have a Bible as she was fearful being found with one. I handed her mine and she was so grateful to the Lord for the gift.


My heart leaps for joy knowing a new disciple has obtained FREEDOM from ancient idolatrous spirits that lurked in her bloodline for all of these thousands of years! Jesus is a conqueror and He displayed His Lordship to all!

Miraculous Healing of the Eye Maladies

Friday, November 27th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,

In recent years we have seen an amazing amount of individuals supernaturally healed of eye maladies. I have witnessed those who were completely blind miraculously healed. I’ll share one testimony of this. A few years ago, I was in the small Central American nation of Belize, conducting open air meetings where many hundreds were reached with the good news of Jesus. Many, also, encountered a miraculous healing –including a young boy who was completely blind.

I had finished some open air preaching and walking along the street and came upon a group of blind boys who were being escorted by a few adult custodians. The Holy Spirit immediately led me to one boy, perhaps 7 years of age or so (not sure why I wasn’t led to pray for the entire group), who was walking along with his walking stick in front of him. Walking so slowly and apprehensively.

I approached him and asked if I could pray for him. The group stopped and the adult custodians looked on with annoyance. I swiftly rebuked the blindness in Jesus name. The blindness lifted off of him and he could SEE. I handed him a child’s cartoon gospel tract and he was SHOCKED he could see the colors and remarked how he liked it. The adults were STUNNED too and quickly guided the group away as they didn’t know what to think of this supernatural healing.

Then over the years I have seen so many young people –pre-teens and teenagers miraculously healed of a variety of eye maladies. Many of them no longer need their glasses or contact lenses. Some were cured of blurriness and other eye afflictions. Many adults have left their glasses behind in the meeting hall, after being healed, no need for them any longer. Others experienced a immediate improvement of their eyesight issue and needed to walk in their gradual healing. So many scores of people supernaturally healed throughout the world.

Recently, while in conducting our Los Angeles, Pasadena and Houston missions, we have seen a number of people who encountered some measure of healing of their eyesight maladies including this young lady, pictured with me above. She’s a strong disciple of the Lord Jesus and didn’t think she really needed deliverance or healing until I approached her and immediately a number of demons surfaced including the spirit of Jezebel who held claim to her eyes.

This is something we see often. Demons attached to the eyes to hinder their eyesight in some manner. Demons are known to attach themselves to various body parts. Thus the need for the deliverance ministry in the healing ministry.

Think about it for a moment, some may get healed of a physical ailment but if there is no removal of the demon that is behind it, then the demon will simply wait and bring back the ailment or affliction. Something to ponder.

I vividly recall being in Montreal, Quebec, for some seminars, some years ago and encountering a group of evil spirits that was holding captive the various parts of the neurological system of a missionary. Once a demonic spirit invades a body, they seek a area to enslave (remember evil spirits are time/space beings thus localized). This is what Jezebel did with the young woman I ministered to recently. This demon attached itself to her eyes.

This young lady had a number of demons that were causing problems but the spirit named Jezebel was the one behind it all including the spiritual enslavement of her eyes. Once the demons were commanded out of her body, she mentioned that her eyesight (once a problem) was clearing up and improving.