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Jesus Surprises: Supernatural Healing Works

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,

One of the best feelings I get is the one when I look at the face of those who receive a miraculous healing of some sort –freed from a demonic spirit, cured from a life threatening disease, healed of a broken heart, delivered from serious demonic torment. The face speaks volumes –LIFE, JOY, PEACE and often times a SURPRISED look. I love it!

I am very fortunate to see those kinds of facial expressions all the time. I love seeing Jesus surprising people. Many people don’t expect the relief, immediate healing or the deliverance. They have been battling for so long so they get accustomed to it to a certain extent then JESUS steps in…..HA!

There’s always BUT JESUS….

The young lady pictured above was SURPRISED by the SUPERNATURAL JESUS! A few weeks ago while conducting a powerful seminar, before a jammed packed audience, in South Florida, we witnessed some marvelous miracles. Many were inspired and encouraged. In this one particular meeting, there was some intense spiritual fireworks taking place.

I was battling some very strong spirits, within a young Cuban lady, rooted in Santeria. They boasted to me they were not affected by the fire of the Holy Spirit I called forth in the room. They were bold and were willing to fight me.

“Go ahead…call the fire…it doesn’t burn us!” the spirits confidently told me, “See it doesn’t hurt us!”

However, a few moments after making that boastful declaration something happened to these prideful demons. They were BURNING UP with the fire of God I called forth. They begged me to stop the fire. The fire was consuming their very essence. Does not the Scripture teach pride comes before a fall “and a haughty spirit before a fall” (see Proverbs 16:18). The spirit spoke too soon and was dealt a crushing blow by King Jesus!

Eventually, after warring against these voodoo spirits, they were cast into the pit in Jesus name! The crowd was encouraged and gave applause to King Jesus for what He did! Others encountered a powerful deliverance from demons and healed from various afflictions; including the young lady pictured with me above.

She wasn’t from South Florida, she came into town from New York City and was visiting some family. She heard about the meeting and attended. She was grateful she did.

After the service, after getting inspired by the Jesus miracles, she approached me and mentioned she was experiencing some horrible persistent pain in her body and wanted it to leave. She was humble and deeply appreciative of the ministry. She had never seen anything quite like it before.

I rebuked her pain and commanded any witchcraft curses to lift off her. That, perhaps, took, 5 seconds! Those 5 seconds transformed her life. She looked at me SHOCKED. Her face was in utter awe! She couldn’t believe it. She was amazed! Her body pains had immediately left her and she was so happy!

Jesus SURPRISED her! Love it!

More Salvation Miracles in Miami! More Demons Defeated by King Jesus!

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,

What a beautiful night here in Miami, Florida. What an incredible city. Always enjoyed visiting Miami and conducting ministry events in this area. We had another good turnout for our teaching seminar. In fact, had to request for more chairs to accommodate those coming in from across Florida for deliverance and healing.

After teaching on how to cast out demons and before leading everyone in Holy Communion, I inquire how many people needed salvation in Jesus. Hands were raised to indicate their desire to surrender to King Jesus. This is the greatest miracle to witness –the new birth of a soul!

My friends, since I started preaching the good news of Jesus as a teenager, nearly 30 years ago, we have seen multitudes of souls find salvation in King Jesus! This NEVER gets old. It excites me like nothing else. This mission has reached so many souls for Jesus! On this night, more souls were won to the Savior!

After leading everyone to partake of the Holy Communion I then began to minister to those afflicted by evil spirits. One of the first individuals I reached out to was this precious lady; pictured with me above. Lisa traveled more then 4+ hours to be present and she was determined to find freedom. God did not disappoint either.

As I began to pray for her, evil spirits surfaced, they grunted and convulsed her. There were many demons of death, Jezebel and witchcraft within her. They had brought many physical problems and afflictions into this woman. They were commanded out of her body and they swiftly left her after some intense warfare.

Lisa was very happy afterwards and immediately she was glowing with peace and deep joy –the fruits of deliverance!

“Jay, I feel so light and so peaceful!,” she testified before all.

This precious disciple of the Lord had been seeking deliverance however had no idea where to turn to. She had NEVER attended a deliverance meeting nor did she ever receive any kind of personal deliverance ministry as the Presbyterian church she was a member of did not, obviously, have a deliverance ministry. She should have been to turn to her church for some help and intervention. Sadly, the Presbyterian church, generally speaking, has outright rejected this kind of gospel ministry.

Ironically, though, most Presbyterian churches are closed to this kind of ministry, I have had a few opportunities, over the years, to minister deliverance in some large Presbyterian churches here in North America. Moreover, I have seen some tremendous interest within this major denomination but the denominational leadership insists on preventing the ministry of the miraculous to take place within their fellowship. Sad.

So, what happens? The Presbyterians end up attending our public missions. Like Lisa. I’m so thankful she reached out to us. She was powerfully delivered. Furthermore, a few little heart parts surfaced and was able to reach out to them with the love of Jesus. They were supernaturally healed by God.

A few hours of her deliverance, she emailed me this quick victory report:

“Dear Jay, Many thanks for your powerful deliverance this evening. Many people’s lives will change because of your healing ministry including mine. Each of the pastors who were present were powerful in their own right. It says a lot about you that they come to assist.”

I’m so happy we were able to help. It was unfortunate, however, she had to suffer for decades  within  the church because of their lack of willingness to help! We must change this in Jesus name! The suffering must stop. WE MUST stop the suffering so souls will not have to endure such a demonic beating for decades!

Beautiful Miracles: Jesus Love to Little Broken Heart Parts!

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I’m currently in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where last night I met with a family needing deliverance and healing. Unfortunately, the emergency ministry session went violent. The young man (his parents brought their son to me for assistance) quickly surfaced very aggressive murderous spirits that caused him to curse his mother and father.

Moreover, he kicked, with incredible rage, a piece of furniture and slammed the chair he was sitting on down. If that wasn’t enough, he mencaingly lunged at his parents as they sat on a sofa. If I had not intervened, the demons would have seriously injured them both I’m convinced.

I don’t like these violent encounters with the demonic at all. Especially, seeing a young man attacking his own parents. This year I have been engaged in numerous violent incidents with evil spirits and seeing Jesus liberate many from blood-thirsty spirits.

Sadly, this young man, wasn’t ready to fully surrender to Jesus. He’s been indulging in a very wicked practice that I’m seeing more of. He’s been calling upon Satan –for sex, for physical strength, and for drugs. In response, the devil has been delivering the goods. Doesn’t surprise me as all three of these things will continue to keep him in bondage.

Please pray for this young man and his family. I see great potential and see this young man being a warrior for Jesus. However, he must repent of these evil practices. His father is a pastor who is heart-broken. Thank you for praying for this family.

Speaking of being heart broken; we have come across numerous individuals, in this past month or so, while ministering throughout Florida, possessing a broken heart. Yes, we have been teaching from the WORD, leading many to salvation in Jesus, driving out demons and healing those sick in body but we are also healing the broken in heart –seeing little heart parts encountering the love of Jesus!

Recently, while in West Palm Beach, we held a powerful seminar where many were miraculously healed including this precious sister of mine, pictured with me above. During the seminar the Holy Spirit led me to this disciple of the Lord. I laid my hands on her head and immediately little broken heart parts surfaced including a little girl. She was so sad. I ministered to her and guided her to Jesus. Incredible healing took place.

This lady emailed me a wonderful victory report I wanted to share with you as I believe testimonies defeats Satan and uplifts the power of Jesus over all. Be encouraged:

“Dear Brother Jay,

I wanted to thank you for your ministry and to say how great it was to meet you. Seeing Raiza and Theresa and the others set free was one of the most incredibly moving experiences of my life. To see the Lord work in such a tangible way was awesome!!

Thank you for praying with me and healing my broken heart part when I was 5 and witnessed [some horrible abuse]. I felt so free and whole after being ministered to by you and your team. Actually feeling the presence and peace of our Savior was incredibly beautiful. Jesus is so amazing. I am so blown away by the work you are doing for the Lord.”

I am so honored to minister to God’s very own children. What a tremendous honor of mine. We love  you sister in Jesus!

Memorable Miraculous Moments in Miami

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,

As I travel throughout the world we are seeing many young people attending our seminars and finding miraculous healing. Moreover, many of these same young people then turn around and begin to minister to others needing freedom in Jesus name! We are seeing so many young teenagers being inspired and equipped to carry on the works of the Kingdom! What a joy.

Look at that young girl’s SMILE! This was after her deliverance from spirits of fear and torment. Moreover, after her deliverance, her mother requested that her daughter find some healing of a persistent ailment. I commanded the affliction to depart. It swiftly left!

How do I know? I asked her if she felt anymore pain and she pondered for a brief moment as if she was checking to see if she felt anymore pain. She was so surprised.

You should have seen her SMILE. I still can recall her beautiful Jesus glow after encountering the healing of Jesus. My friends, God truly and deeply loves us and desires for us to be healed. This young girl’s family was so happy as you can imagine.

“Jay, I feel light. I feel relieved. This is true freedom!,” this teenager announced to everyone after her miraculous healing.

This excites me –seeing young people encountering the miraculous Jesus! Our Jesus isn’t merely a historical figure but rather He is our miracle-working God who dwells among us and is desiring to demonstrating His love to all who come to Him.

This year we have seen a tremendous amount of individuals and families encountering the supernatural healing power of God such as this teenager experienced. In our public meeting, here in Miami, we witnessed a number of people encountering the miraculous healing of Jesus. Bodies made whole, minds restored and lives transformed.

Jammed Packed Hall Witness Extraordinary Jesus Miracles in Miami

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I’m seeing a definite opening of the ministry into South Florida. Our public meetings in Fort Lauderdale, in West Palm Beach and in Miami have been intense and extraordinary. We have seen multiple souls experience the power of Jesus! Earlier tonight, here in Miami, Florida, we witnessed more souls encounter salvation, healing and deliverance from demons. I’m fired up with the Holy Spirit as a result! It’s hard to believe it’s well after 3:30am. HA!

As you can see, I LOVE serving Jesus and His church. We are seeing so many disciples being equipped to carry on the works of the Kingdom. Tonight, I sensed a genuine hunger and enthusiasm among the people of God. In fact, the meeting hall was jammed packed, the hotel staff had to bring in extra chairs on two different occasions so we might be able to accommodate all of the people arriving to receive a miracle.

Though, I’m fired up, I’m also dismayed as the love offerings during this Florida mission have been dismal. If it wasn’t for a core group of mission partners that love Jesus and me (and my family) I would be terribly hindered. We need more disciples giving generously to this global mission. No wonder global evangelization is lacking. The world needs to the FULL GOSPEL –preaching of the gospel, healing the sick and driving out demons! Consider giving today by clicking here.

I’m sorry by digressing…moving on…tonight was indeed, extraordinary. Jesus appeared to some in the meeting hall. Incredible angelic miracles took place. Stunning miracles of deliverance and healing took place in the lives of the hurting. Souls were saved by Jesus!

Speaking of the salvation of souls; those two young people, pictured with me above, came to the meeting hoping to find freedom from demonic spirits. Moreover, they were opened to receiving from God. After teaching from the WORD I asked those who had assembled in the meeting hall if anyone needed to be born again –both of these individuals quickly raised their hands and opened their lives to King Jesus!

My friends, in most of our Florida meetings we have seen souls won to Jesus! Someone remarked to me earlier how blessed we are –to consistently see hurting people surrender to Jesus, to witness powerful exorcisms and to see so many miraculously healed of various ailments and afflictions. We are, indeed, blessed. Thank you JESUS!

So, these young people were saved. Then minutes later demons surfaced from within them. Within her? Demons of Santeria. We discovered her family is involved in Santeria and the occult. Within him? Demons of violence. We discovered he was very violent, at one point, in life. These acts of evil opened up their lives to evil spirits. I’m grateful we were here to intervene.

As soon I began to pray for those who needed deliverance, powerful demons within Maria surfaced.

“There’s legions of us,” the demons of Jezebel, Santeria and Lucifer boasted to me, “Her ancestors participated in Satanism! Hundreds of years ago they cut sheep in the midst of some blood rituals.”

As the demons revealed their secrets; I battled them. I called forth the holy angels of God and they assisted me greatly. They brought out their swords and spears and struck the invading demons. They groaned in defeat. Moreover, I called forth the holy fire of God and the fire descended from the heavens and burned the demons. They were engulfed with flames. I also utilized my CROSS of DELIVERANCE and they were devastated by the power of Jesus as they touched the cross. It was too great for them.

In the midst of battling the demons, a little 6 year old broken heart part quickly surfaced and spoke to me. So much grief and sorrow. It was horrible. I asked the little broken heart part about seeing Jesus to be healed.

“YES, YES, YES, PLEASE,” the 6 year old girl cried out to me, “Please take me to Jesus.”

Within SECONDS Jesus appeared and the tormenting pain she had been carrying was GONE! Jesus healed this little one and many others. She was ready to be one with Maria’s heart and was supernaturally healed.

I then proceeded to drive out the many thousands of demons within her body and mind. They quickly departed and flew into the pit in Jesus name. Maria afterwards was so happy and her smile said it all. Since she was a new convert, I handed her my little Bible. She was deeply appreciative. I see her going far in life with Jesus as her Lord.

Maria’s boyfriend also encountered a mighty deliverance of the demons of violence. He wasn’t alone, so many others were freed from demonic torment and bondages. We also witnessed many souls being healed physically. I hope to share in the days to come. Jesus is truly blessing our seminars and meetings.

Tasting of the Powers of the Age to Come in West Palm Beach

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,

It was a beautiful night here in West Palm Beach as we ministered for more then 6+ hours to those needing a miraculous healing and deliverance. We have always enjoyed ministering in West Palm Beach for there seems to be an openness to the ministry of the miraculous that deeply encourages me. Tonight was no different as numerous miracles took place:

Multiple people SAW with their very own eyes the risen Savior while being in the meeting hall.

Multiple people freed from thousands of evil spirits.

Multiple people miraculously healed of various ailments, sicknesses and afflictions.

Multiple people were supernaturally healed of a broken heart and restored to wholeness.

Human interjects and ancestral dissociative identities were removed and guided to Jesus.

Multiple people testified of being FREED in prior seminars we have held throughout Florida. Always GREAT to hear of people walking in victory in Jesus!

Multiple people shared that this mission has equipped them to carry on the works of Jesus! Thus they are now casting out demons and healing the infirm.

One disciple, after the meeting, vividly described the angelic armies of God that were stationed throughout the meeting hall as we ministered the gospel. He could SEE it!

We were able to taste of the good WORD and the powers of the age to come as spoken of in Hebrews 6:4. This is my heart –to teach the WORD, to build up the church, to see the church rise up in mighty power to capture the world for Jesus! Moreover, I desire to see the Body of Christ encounter the miraculous powers of the age to come. We were able to taste both –the WORD and the supernatural wondrous powers of the Holy Spirit.

One of the first ladies, whom I’ll refer to as Becky (pictured above, with her husband), I ministered to was terribly demonized. As we began to pray for those who had assembled, the Holy Spirit quickly directed me to Becky. Within seconds, demonic spirits surfaced and spoke to me. I called forth the holy angels of God and they swiftly arrived.

The holy angels moved the demonized controlled woman from her chair to the front of the meeting hall so I could properly minister to her. Many in the crowd had never witnessed such a powerful supernatural angelic intervention before and were in awe! The holy angels assisted greatly in the battle. They struck the demons with their swords and they were greatly weakened. Furthermore, I utilized my sacred cross of deliverance and the demons were petrified of the cross!

“There’s fire on it!” the demons remarked to me in fear as I forced the demons to glance upon the cross and to touch it. Eventually, the demons touched the cross and cried out in pain. The cross was too much them to bear!

During the exorcism we discovered much. She has many thousands of evil spirits within her as a result of ancient bloodline curses that were rooted in her ancestors participation in Freemasonry. They brought a host of physical problems:

Blindness in her eyes

Back pain

Bone spurs

Respiratory problems


Speech impediments

Rotting of her bones


Breast cancer

Intestinal afflictions

Hay fever

Fungus in her body

And so much more….

All of these demonic afflictions were removed from her body in Jesus name as the evil spirits were commanded into the pit! Becky encountered a miraculous healing –she now testified of feeling ZERO physical pain. God healed her. Many broken heart parts were guided to Jesus for healing and some human interjects were removed from her body and soul in Jesus name!

By the holy power of the Lord Jesus Christ we sent many thousands of demons of Baal, Satan, and Jezebel to the pit. They flew out of her and she was powerfully delivered! Becky could feel so much better. Jesus does in fact heal my friends. Even after witnessing so many thousands of miracles; I still see this supernatural work as unique and fully embrace the experience myself, the acts of the Holy Spirit never gets old.

Not only great deliverance transpired but also a mighty healing as her eyes that were at one point very cloudy and it was difficult for Becky to see clearly was now being healed by Jesus. She testified of her eyes clearing up after her deliverance from wicked demonic forces hell bent on destroying her.

Jesus conquered Becky’s foes and God the Holy Spirit has been healing her life. It’s wonderful and beautiful to see! So many more real life miracle stories to share….

Voodoo & Witchcraft Demons Defeated in South Florida!

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015

I’m currently in South Florida where we are conducting a series of meetings to set the captives free! We had good participation last night as families and individuals traveled in great distances to find freedom from satanic bondage. One precious disciple, needing deliverance, traveled in from Delaware (more then 1K miles/1600km away). It was wonderful to be with God’s people.


Within minutes into my teaching, from the WORD, demons started manifesting within many in the crowd. Some were going to convulsions, others were feeling sick, and a few started to hear demonic voices. Some were annoyed and angry with me and my ministry team.


After teaching I led everyone in partaking of Holy Communion and immediately one young lady (pictured with me above, post deliverance) who attended the meeting with her friends started manifesting evil spirits. The demons rose up and threw the Holy Communion cups she was handed.


My friends, there is JESUS power in the sacraments. Do not let the religionists of our day tell you otherwise. For the sacraments are “holy events,” that are rooted in Jesus Himself. That is why there’s inherent power and grace in the sacraments of the church. In the Holy Communion there is JESUS. For we “remember,” Him and actually partake of His life giving blood and body.


As we live for Jesus we ought to participate in the sacraments; one being the Holy Communion. We should regularly partake of the blood and body of Jesus. It requires God’s people to confess sins of the body and mind and to call upon His holy name. This is a good practice you should incorporate into your life.


In the service last night, the demons reacted viciously to the blood of Christ. They abhor the mentioning of the crucified blood and the actually appearance of the blood of Christ in Holy Communion. As the Communion cups flew out of her hands, I proceeded on to lead the people of God in remembering Jesus and His sacrifice on the cross.


Afterwards, demons within this woman spoke out and revealed much:


“We are here because her ancestors participated in the worshipping of snakes,” We have been here for thousands of years for her ancestors practiced witchcraft and indulged in blood sacrifices.”


We discovered these demons within this young lady had brought into her body numerous diseases and sicknesses. These were commanded out of her body in Jesus name. We also discovered within her many little broken heart parts. One was 5 years old and another was 7 years old. I spoke to them and guided them to Jesus for healing. Not only were there dissociative identities within her but also many human interjects…foreign soul parts that had invaded her to control her.


A part of her father was there. Her uncle. Others. I spoke to them. All of them admitted to utilizing voodoo and witchcraft to hinder this young lady. They were jealous of her for many reasons. They confessed to utilizing candles obtained at local witchcraft shops to send curses and spells to this woman.


They even invaded her dreams to force her to drink animal blood at one point. The demons, obviously, used all of this to their advantage and terribly enslaved her. They fought me. I battled back. I used the fire of the Holy Spirit which greatly weakened the demons and brought out my sacred cross which caused them to cry out in agony. At one point I called forth the holy angels of God and they quickly descended and assisted me in striking the invading demons with their swords which greatly weakened the demonic powers within this woman.


Yes, the demons tried to stop me but they failed. There’s always but Jesus…HA!


Though this young woman had endured through so much witchcraft and voodoo curses she continued to fight. She prayed and praised Jesus in the midst of the family attacks. God heard her cries and set her free. There’s more ministry that needs to take place in her life however she has begun the journey to FREEDOM!


Others were set free from witchcraft and voodoo too! One lady in the back of the hall from Delaware was powerfully delivered from witchcraft and voodoo. In fact, she was physically healed by Jesus of ALL pain that she suffered from as a result of being victimized by witchcraft and her personal involvement in the occult.