Beautiful Miracles: Jesus Love to Little Broken Heart Parts!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I’m currently in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where last night I met with a family needing deliverance and healing. Unfortunately, the emergency ministry session went violent. The young man (his parents brought their son to me for assistance) quickly surfaced very aggressive murderous spirits that caused him to curse his mother and father.

Moreover, he kicked, with incredible rage, a piece of furniture and slammed the chair he was sitting on down. If that wasn’t enough, he mencaingly lunged at his parents as they sat on a sofa. If I had not intervened, the demons would have seriously injured them both I’m convinced.

I don’t like these violent encounters with the demonic at all. Especially, seeing a young man attacking his own parents. This year I have been engaged in numerous violent incidents with evil spirits and seeing Jesus liberate many from blood-thirsty spirits.

Sadly, this young man, wasn’t ready to fully surrender to Jesus. He’s been indulging in a very wicked practice that I’m seeing more of. He’s been calling upon Satan –for sex, for physical strength, and for drugs. In response, the devil has been delivering the goods. Doesn’t surprise me as all three of these things will continue to keep him in bondage.

Please pray for this young man and his family. I see great potential and see this young man being a warrior for Jesus. However, he must repent of these evil practices. His father is a pastor who is heart-broken. Thank you for praying for this family.

Speaking of being heart broken; we have come across numerous individuals, in this past month or so, while ministering throughout Florida, possessing a broken heart. Yes, we have been teaching from the WORD, leading many to salvation in Jesus, driving out demons and healing those sick in body but we are also healing the broken in heart –seeing little heart parts encountering the love of Jesus!

Recently, while in West Palm Beach, we held a powerful seminar where many were miraculously healed including this precious sister of mine, pictured with me above. During the seminar the Holy Spirit led me to this disciple of the Lord. I laid my hands on her head and immediately little broken heart parts surfaced including a little girl. She was so sad. I ministered to her and guided her to Jesus. Incredible healing took place.

This lady emailed me a wonderful victory report I wanted to share with you as I believe testimonies defeats Satan and uplifts the power of Jesus over all. Be encouraged:

“Dear Brother Jay,

I wanted to thank you for your ministry and to say how great it was to meet you. Seeing Raiza and Theresa and the others set free was one of the most incredibly moving experiences of my life. To see the Lord work in such a tangible way was awesome!!

Thank you for praying with me and healing my broken heart part when I was 5 and witnessed [some horrible abuse]. I felt so free and whole after being ministered to by you and your team. Actually feeling the presence and peace of our Savior was incredibly beautiful. Jesus is so amazing. I am so blown away by the work you are doing for the Lord.”

I am so honored to minister to God’s very own children. What a tremendous honor of mine. We love ¬†you sister in Jesus!

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