Tasting of the Powers of the Age to Come in West Palm Beach

Dear Friends of Jesus,

It was a beautiful night here in West Palm Beach as we ministered for more then 6+ hours to those needing a miraculous healing and deliverance. We have always enjoyed ministering in West Palm Beach for there seems to be an openness to the ministry of the miraculous that deeply encourages me. Tonight was no different as numerous miracles took place:

Multiple people SAW with their very own eyes the risen Savior while being in the meeting hall.

Multiple people freed from thousands of evil spirits.

Multiple people miraculously healed of various ailments, sicknesses and afflictions.

Multiple people were supernaturally healed of a broken heart and restored to wholeness.

Human interjects and ancestral dissociative identities were removed and guided to Jesus.

Multiple people testified of being FREED in prior seminars we have held throughout Florida. Always GREAT to hear of people walking in victory in Jesus!

Multiple people shared that this mission has equipped them to carry on the works of Jesus! Thus they are now casting out demons and healing the infirm.

One disciple, after the meeting, vividly described the angelic armies of God that were stationed throughout the meeting hall as we ministered the gospel. He could SEE it!

We were able to taste of the good WORD and the powers of the age to come as spoken of in Hebrews 6:4. This is my heart –to teach the WORD, to build up the church, to see the church rise up in mighty power to capture the world for Jesus! Moreover, I desire to see the Body of Christ encounter the miraculous powers of the age to come. We were able to taste both –the WORD and the supernatural wondrous powers of the Holy Spirit.

One of the first ladies, whom I’ll refer to as Becky (pictured above, with her husband), I ministered to was terribly demonized. As we began to pray for those who had assembled, the Holy Spirit quickly directed me to Becky. Within seconds, demonic spirits surfaced and spoke to me. I called forth the holy angels of God and they swiftly arrived.

The holy angels moved the demonized controlled woman from her chair to the front of the meeting hall so I could properly minister to her. Many in the crowd had never witnessed such a powerful supernatural angelic intervention before and were in awe! The holy angels assisted greatly in the battle. They struck the demons with their swords and they were greatly weakened. Furthermore, I utilized my sacred cross of deliverance and the demons were petrified of the cross!

“There’s fire on it!” the demons remarked to me in fear as I forced the demons to glance upon the cross and to touch it. Eventually, the demons touched the cross and cried out in pain. The cross was too much them to bear!

During the exorcism we discovered much. She has many thousands of evil spirits within her as a result of ancient bloodline curses that were rooted in her ancestors participation in Freemasonry. They brought a host of physical problems:

Blindness in her eyes

Back pain

Bone spurs

Respiratory problems


Speech impediments

Rotting of her bones


Breast cancer

Intestinal afflictions

Hay fever

Fungus in her body

And so much more….

All of these demonic afflictions were removed from her body in Jesus name as the evil spirits were commanded into the pit! Becky encountered a miraculous healing –she now testified of feeling ZERO physical pain. God healed her. Many broken heart parts were guided to Jesus for healing and some human interjects were removed from her body and soul in Jesus name!

By the holy power of the Lord Jesus Christ we sent many thousands of demons of Baal, Satan, and Jezebel to the pit. They flew out of her and she was powerfully delivered! Becky could feel so much better. Jesus does in fact heal my friends. Even after witnessing so many thousands of miracles; I still see this supernatural work as unique and fully embrace the experience myself, the acts of the Holy Spirit never gets old.

Not only great deliverance transpired but also a mighty healing as her eyes that were at one point very cloudy and it was difficult for Becky to see clearly was now being healed by Jesus. She testified of her eyes clearing up after her deliverance from wicked demonic forces hell bent on destroying her.

Jesus conquered Becky’s foes and God the Holy Spirit has been healing her life. It’s wonderful and beautiful to see! So many more real life miracle stories to share….

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