Voodoo & Witchcraft Demons Defeated in South Florida!

I’m currently in South Florida where we are conducting a series of meetings to set the captives free! We had good participation last night as families and individuals traveled in great distances to find freedom from satanic bondage. One precious disciple, needing deliverance, traveled in from Delaware (more then 1K miles/1600km away). It was wonderful to be with God’s people.


Within minutes into my teaching, from the WORD, demons started manifesting within many in the crowd. Some were going to convulsions, others were feeling sick, and a few started to hear demonic voices. Some were annoyed and angry with me and my ministry team.


After teaching I led everyone in partaking of Holy Communion and immediately one young lady (pictured with me above, post deliverance) who attended the meeting with her friends started manifesting evil spirits. The demons rose up and threw the Holy Communion cups she was handed.


My friends, there is JESUS power in the sacraments. Do not let the religionists of our day tell you otherwise. For the sacraments are “holy events,” that are rooted in Jesus Himself. That is why there’s inherent power and grace in the sacraments of the church. In the Holy Communion there is JESUS. For we “remember,” Him and actually partake of His life giving blood and body.


As we live for Jesus we ought to participate in the sacraments; one being the Holy Communion. We should regularly partake of the blood and body of Jesus. It requires God’s people to confess sins of the body and mind and to call upon His holy name. This is a good practice you should incorporate into your life.


In the service last night, the demons reacted viciously to the blood of Christ. They abhor the mentioning of the crucified blood and the actually appearance of the blood of Christ in Holy Communion. As the Communion cups flew out of her hands, I proceeded on to lead the people of God in remembering Jesus and His sacrifice on the cross.


Afterwards, demons within this woman spoke out and revealed much:


“We are here because her ancestors participated in the worshipping of snakes,” We have been here for thousands of years for her ancestors practiced witchcraft and indulged in blood sacrifices.”


We discovered these demons within this young lady had brought into her body numerous diseases and sicknesses. These were commanded out of her body in Jesus name. We also discovered within her many little broken heart parts. One was 5 years old and another was 7 years old. I spoke to them and guided them to Jesus for healing. Not only were there dissociative identities within her but also many human interjects…foreign soul parts that had invaded her to control her.


A part of her father was there. Her uncle. Others. I spoke to them. All of them admitted to utilizing voodoo and witchcraft to hinder this young lady. They were jealous of her for many reasons. They confessed to utilizing candles obtained at local witchcraft shops to send curses and spells to this woman.


They even invaded her dreams to force her to drink animal blood at one point. The demons, obviously, used all of this to their advantage and terribly enslaved her. They fought me. I battled back. I used the fire of the Holy Spirit which greatly weakened the demons and brought out my sacred cross which caused them to cry out in agony. At one point I called forth the holy angels of God and they quickly descended and assisted me in striking the invading demons with their swords which greatly weakened the demonic powers within this woman.


Yes, the demons tried to stop me but they failed. There’s always but Jesus…HA!


Though this young woman had endured through so much witchcraft and voodoo curses she continued to fight. She prayed and praised Jesus in the midst of the family attacks. God heard her cries and set her free. There’s more ministry that needs to take place in her life however she has begun the journey to FREEDOM!


Others were set free from witchcraft and voodoo too! One lady in the back of the hall from Delaware was powerfully delivered from witchcraft and voodoo. In fact, she was physically healed by Jesus of ALL pain that she suffered from as a result of being victimized by witchcraft and her personal involvement in the occult.

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