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Miraculous Wonders in Pasadena!

Thursday, February 11th, 2016

Dear Friends of Jesus,

 Another powerful service in Pasadena, California earlier this evening! Here it is well past 4 am and still up! We are seeing some incredible interest in our mission, here in Pasadena. We had to ask the hotel staff, a few times, to bring in more chairs into the meeting hall because of the overwhelming interest in the public meetings.

I shared a teaching on “The Spiritual Weapons Jesus Utilized!” and led everyone in Holy Communion. After Communion, we began to minister to those in the meeting hall. One lady (pictured with me above), to the right of me, began to shake uncontrollably. Demons started to surface and spoke to me.

“There’s 6 of us!,” the spirits of witchcraft boasted to me, “We have been here for many years! We were sent to her by a witch who she met in a church!”

Do not be naive, there are witches operating in churches all over the world. That’s one reason why I tell many to be ever vigilant in churches, as the enemy as infiltrated the churches world-wide, and we must ever be on guard of those wolves in sheep clothing. They are cloaking themselves, everything “Christian,” however, in reality they are warlocks and witches, hoping to destroy and terrorize.

Turns out this witch sent a destruction spell to this woman in an attempt to break up her marriage and to take her finances. Moreover, these witchcraft demons actually invaded her body and mind! It goes even deeper….the demons of witchcraft were also attached to a human interject (a foreign soul part) –the witch that this woman met in a church!

“I want this woman’s money, that’s why I’m in her!,” this human interject revealed to me, “I want to destroy her, sabotage her and control her mind!”

I forced this witch out of her in Jesus name! She departed this precious disciple’s mind!

Then a group of demons named “Queen of Heaven,” surfaced and it was rooted in her soul tie (friendship) with this witch whom she met at church. These spirits were within the witch then transferred to this woman!

“We attack her body! We have been in the witch for a very long time!,” the spirits of Queen of Heaven revealed, “We were in her ancestors because they participated in Mariology (the worship of the Virgin Mary) and offered to idols.”

So, this witch, had ancestors that participated in idolatry –the honoring and worshipping of the virgin Mary thus allowing these demons to enter the family bloodline. Then via a soul tie these same spirits transferred to this woman. The Queen of Heaven demons were furious they had been exposed and wanted to battle me however the Lord’s great holy power was too much and the demons began to weaken significantly.

These demons were driven out in the name of Jesus Christ! I continue on and another group of demons surfaced by the name of Lucifer.

“We entered her blood because her ancestors practiced witchcraft!” the demons revealed to me, “We bring many physical problems into her life! We are not leaving!”

Obviously, these demons were not permitted to stay and were forced out in the name of Jesus! They were cast out into the pit! They flew out of her and INSTANTLY, she was healed of many physical problems and pains! After decades of pain, she was miraculously healed by Jesus! 

Not only was she freed from demons she also encountered a deep inner healing where many heart parts were guided to the Savior for healing. Furthermore, we also discovered this woman possessed a ancestral dissociative identity –a 16 year old girl who had recounted a brief testimony of being placed in a guillotine in Europe, many hundred of years ago! This little girl was released and sent to Jesus for healing. The part was so happy to be sent to the Savior!

So many other miracles and wonders took place and we rejoice in God’s great and wondrous power to restore and heal! We look forward to returning to Southern California. We love all of very much and thank you California for supporting us with your love and prayers in Jesus name!

Egyptian & Iraqi Ancient Demons Crushed in Santa Ana!

Thursday, February 11th, 2016

Dear Friends of Jesus,


I’m currently in Santa Ana, California, where, last night, we conducted a meeting where precious souls gathered to hear the WORD and to receive ministry. We had another jammed packed meeting hall. In fact, we had to bring in extra chairs to accommodate those who were assembling for our public meetings. 

After teaching from the WORD, I felt we needed to direct our attention to those whom were broken in heart. There were many. As I prayed for those in the meeting hall. Many heart parts were surfacing –little boys and little girls. One lady (pictured above) I felt the Holy Spirit directed me to was this precious woman whom I’ll refer to as Linda. Little dissociative identities (broken heart parts) were surfacing. So much grief and hurt. I reached out with compassion in Jesus name!

There was a little 6 year old, a 10 year old, and even a little unborn baby that surfaced. All of these little ones were hurting and in anguish. Horrible things transpired and fragmented the heart. All of them (there were many others) desired to enter into the healing presence of Jesus; so I guided them to the Savior. They were miraculously healed. Furthermore, I confronted the demon powers that were holding the little ones. They surfaced.

“We have been here for many years!,” the demons informed me, “There’s thousands of us because her ancestors participated in blood sacrifices –abortion.”

Guess who was the spirit behind this ancestral abortion? That’s right –JEZEBEL! That wicked witch who desires to kill. This demonic spirit, often times, spiritually energizes women, to go through abortions. There were thousands of these evil spirits within this woman. 

“Some of us came in because her ex-husband was in the Middle East (he served in the military in Iraq and Afghanistan) and because there was bloodshed we invaded,” a group of Middle Eastern demons informed me, “We entered her because of her oneness with him!”

During this exorcism, we also discovered there was an Egyptian demon named Malib within her and an Iraqi spirit named Ruset. Moreover, there were a group of demons named Wicca within her! 

Wicca is a witchcraft demon that had been sent to her by an African with the hopes of destroying her. All of these demons boasted they had brought physical afflictions to her and were holding onto her spiritual gifts, dreams and her destiny! The demons were forced to take off the shackles and chains in Jesus name! All of them were commanded into the pit! Linda was set FREE and healed by Jesus!

Captivating Stories of Heart Parts Being Miraculously Healed BY JESUS!!!

Thursday, February 11th, 2016

Recently, in Seattle, Washington, we encountered many heart parts (commonly known as dissociative identities) including those within the woman pictured above. I’ll refer to her as Julie. For several years Julie has been following the ministry but wasn’t able to make the trip into Seattle to actually attend one of our seminars. She and her family lived nearly 4 hours away but she was determined to attend one of our meetings at some point. After more then three years, she made it! I’m so happy she did too!


As I began to pray for her many demons surfaced. Many of them were rooted, generationally, from her father’s bloodline.


“We go back, in her blood, more then 400 years ago, the demons of death and Baal boasted to me, “Her ancestors killed! Her ancestors killed animals and humans. We bring so much pain into her. We cause her to choke!”


Julie shared, before ministering to her, how she had problems with her breathing for many years and was needing some physical healing. The demons were behind some of the physical problems. I commanded the demons to release her and to release her throat and respiratory system. They obeyed and a multitude of demons were driven out of her in Jesus name! Almost immediately, she began to breathe without any difficulty. God healed her. She was so happy too.


“Jay, I can breathe! I can breathe without feeling choked! I feel so much lighter,” Julie shared with me after her deliverance.


Julie LOOKED different! Moreover, while ministering deliverance to her, we also discovered she had little heart parts due to horrible childhood pain she endured. These little ones surfaced including a 6 year old. I spoke to the 6 year old little girl. I was able to guide her to Jesus for healing and she was so happy to find relief and release.


We have encountered thousands of little heart parts in recent weeks desperate for relief and release. Many little boys and girls enslaved by the powers of Satan. They are needing to be rescued and guided to the healing power of God. Often times, the little ones, tell me I’m the very first person whom they have spoken with. Moreover, many of these little ones reveal that they have never been guided to Jesus, so, obviously, they are VERY EXCITED when given the opportunity to be directed to the loving Savior!


Think about that for a moment? Parts of broken hearts held captive for many years, being tormented and tortured. No wonder people are not feeling well mentally or emotionally; for they have little fragments of their soul being held in captivity by the kingdom of darkness. We must reach them and offer healing in Jesus –so people can be whole and restored!


After her healing, Julie’s daughter wrote a beautiful email to me:


“Hey Jay: It’s Amber. I was at your deliverance meeting last night. Thank you again and I can’t wait to see you next time you are in the area.  I am almost 100% positive that I will be ready for you to cast out my demons.”

Because of her’s Mom’s deliverance and healing, the daughter is now preparing for her own time of freedom! Initially, she wasn’t ready. She was very fearful. But after witnessing her Mom’s powerful deliverance, her faith has been strengthened and she is looking forward to her own liberation! Awesome!

We recently encountered a woman in Southern California who had little parts that had been enslaved by demon powers for more then 60 YEARS! Sixty years of demons pounding and harassing these little ones. Fortunately, we were able to intervene and rescue these little ones. They were so happy to finally being released from the hosts of hell. But one must wonder how many heart parts in our world are being held captive by evil spirits? Billions? No doubt about it thus the need to extend compassion to broken hearts. We need to train the Body of Christ in this; for the church, generally speaking, is ill equipped in dealing with this. 

Victim of Santeria Ritualism Water Baptized Tonight in Santa Ana!

Thursday, February 11th, 2016

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Another powerful day of  ministry here in Southern California! Earlier, we conducted two private meetings and in each meeting amazing ministry took place that included the deliverance from demons! For the past several days we have been conducting missions in Seattle, Los Angeles, and Pasadena. Tonight, I’m in Santa Ana ministering the gospel. 

In our second ministry session, a young lady whom I’ll refer to as Maria, has been terribly afflicted by demon powers. Maria’s family was involved in witchcraft and Santeria. They participated in sorcery and spiritism in Mexico. She was persuaded to indulge in the occult and she eventually got, in some sense, addicted to the occult. She practiced divination, participated in various forms of the  occult and attended Santeria (a form of Latin American & Caribbean witchcraft) meetings. 

As often the case, occult participation is a slippery slope into deeper and more nefarious activities that includes participating in strange witchcraft ceremonies that involve animal blood. She felt like she was lured into these dark rituals. She was a victim of Santeria. Maria was being tormented and wanted out but didn’t know where to turn to. She turned to many churches. No one dared to intervene. So sad.

She eventually located our mission and ended up at some of our public meetings and demons surfaced. She became fearful, however, so she sought some personal ministry with our ministry team here in Southern California. We intervened. We didn’t allow her to suffer in silence. 

In our ministry session tonight, we discovered her interest in getting water baptized as she wanted to follow the Lord Jesus’s example in water baptism. However, I found out that she not been born again. So, I had the wonderful opportunity to lead her in a salvation prayer to Jesus! 

Mari was rescued by Jesus. She was ready. She wanted to reject Santeria and follow King Jesus! So, I had the high honor to lead her to Christ and then water baptize her, my sister Maria, in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 

While sitting in the water, she was being attacked by demons however after her water baptism, Maria could feel many of the demons leaving her body. The passing through the holy waters of baptism brought freedom! Immediately, as she emerged from the waters, she was so happy and peaceful! She was experiencing the powers of a sacrament –water baptism. 

As some of you know, we firmly embrace the need for disciples to participate in the sacraments of the church for they point to Jesus and His life. We encourage participating in Holy Communion, water baptism, marriage and the other holy events. They lead into divine life. They provide strength and gives glory to Jesus! 

Maria was really feeling relieved and happy after her baptism. Because of her background in Santeria, she didn’t want us to take a picture of her however we are so happy she made this important decision to follow Jesus! God to be praised!

11 Headed Buddhist Being with 1,000 Eyes & Hands Destroyed by King Jesus in Pasadena, California!

Thursday, February 11th, 2016

Dear Friends of Jesus,


It was a beautiful evening here in Pasadena, California, as the sky started to clear up after raining pretty much all day and the sun started to peek through. It was a special day as we were able to formally ordain a dear sister in the Lord, Saba Ross, into the gospel ministry last night.


Pastor Saba had been following the mission for many years and in recent years been one of our trusted mission coordinators. She has assisted in many dozens of seminars and meetings throughout the country and has been instrumental in helping many find hope and healing in Jesus Christ!


We had to move our service into a much larger meeting hall as many people were gathering to celebrate and to participate in the ministry of deliverance! After teaching, ordaining Saba, and leading everyone in Holy Communion, we began to pray for the demonized. Many demons surfaced. One man, the Holy Spirit led me to minister to was a former Buddhist from China who is now living here in the Los Angeles area. He is a first generation disciple of the Lord Jesus! He has been attending our services and receiving some amazing deliverance and healing.


Last night, a Buddhist demonic being that is depicted in Buddhist art as having 11 heads and a thousand hands and in each palm there are eyes –thus many thousands of eyes. This spiritual being is called Kuan Yin. He surfaced during the meeting and growled and moaned. He spoke to me angrily. I began to torture this demonic being with the fire of the Holy Spirit and the power of the Word! The spirits groaned in defeat.


I then had the holy angels of God who had swiftly arrived into our meeting hall come and assist. They moved the man, from the back of the meeting hall, where he was seating, to the front, of the hall, so I could minister to him effectively. I called for the holy fire of God to fall and it fell upon him. The Buddhist spirits groaned in defeat.


“We entered because his family, his mother’s ancestors honored us and offered things to us,” Kuan Yin told me, “We bring high blood pressure, strokes, and other physical problems. I have six animals that guard me to protect me.”


These six creature and this 11 headed being were crushed by the overwhelming power of Jesus Christ! They were sent to the pit in Jesus name!


Immediately, a 18 year old dissociative identity (a broken heart part) surfaced with so much grief and sorrow. The young part shared how his parents always fought. This deep emotional trauma brought fragmentation into his life thus this heart part was created! I guided this one and others to Jesus for healing.


Then instantly a strong demon named Buddha surfaced. He was furious with me for exposing him. I battled him in the name of Jesus! He was greatly weakened as I poured the Holy Spirit fire upon him and had the holy angels strike him with mighty words. Buddha collapsed, spiritually, before Lord Jesus!


“I entered him because his family chants, they pray for him,” Buddha revealed to me, “He also has some prayer beads that keeps me here.”


Possession of cursed objects will attract demon powers and will allow them to stay within you. Rid yourself of cursed objects!


Buddha and his guards were all destroyed and commanded into the pit in Jesus holy name! They swift departed and this man was transformed.

African Witchcraft Overpowered in Seattle, Moloch Crushed in LA!

Thursday, February 11th, 2016

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Last night, we held another powerful service at the Temple of Salvation, in Los Angeles, where many thousands of demonic spirits were crushed by King Jesus! Many were set free from evil spirits and many were inspired to serve. But, before sharing more of what transpired in LA I must share with you, my friends, what took place, in Seattle, the night before.


I conducted a seminar several weeks ago in Seattle and I felt some spiritual resistance and there was a disconnect but not so on this latest trip to Seattle. Our attendance improved and much better ministry transpired. Praised be to God!


One of the ladies I ministered to was this precious woman, pictured with me above, post deliverance, who encountered the healing of Jesus Christ! She had never attended a deliverance service before but desperately needed intervention. I’m so happy we were able to intervene.


During the service evil spirits surfaced from within her and a few human interjects (foreign soul parts). Moreover, there were a number of broken heart parts within her that needed healing.


Many demons spoke to me from within her including a demon named “African Witchcraft.” The demons boasted:


“William did a destruction ritual against her, seeking revenge, because she didn’t join his group,” the African witchcraft spirits revealed to me, “We bring cancer, anger and many physical problems.”


Turns out William was a former friend of her’s that cloaked himself in “Christianity,” however, in reality, he was a warlock! Goes a little deeper. He was part of a very well-known church and ministry school, here on the West Coast. She –I’ll refer her to as Tammy, had no idea William was involved in witchcraft.


Tammy knew something strange was taking place in William but couldn’t figure it out until NOW! William was persistent. He wanted Tammy to be part of his “Christian” group. Tammy rejected the offers and he was furious. So, in retaliation, he sent some spells and curses in her direction to cause her problems. The curses worked and she began to have all sorts of afflictions.


While ministering to Tammy, this warlock William surfaced (a dissociative part of him, a human interject), who worked with the demon named African witchcraft, in an attempt to destroy her. This human interject was angry. He spoke to me:


“I’m seeking revenge! She didn’t follow through with my ministry,” William told me, “So, I sent her a destruction spell using African witchcraft. She had no idea!”


AH! Thus the demons of African witchcraft within Tammy. William was employing African witchcraft to attack her. It makes me wonder how many of you, reading this email report, are being afflicted by witchcraft and not even realize it? Perhaps many of you are. Contact us, today, so we can intervene in Jesus name!


William wasn’t alone. A man named Bill was there! He surfaced and spoke to me.


“She belongs to me!,” Bill confidently told me, speaking through her, “I wanted her to be my wife. I took a picture of her, took some of her hair and toothbrush to do witchcraft against her.”


Since Tammy rejected Bill, he became angry and turned to witchcraft to send spells and curses to her! I discovered Bill also turned to the sorcery to afflict her with various problems.


I sent both of these witchcraft practitioners, these human invaders, out of Tammy in Jesus name! Furthermore, I drove out the many demons of witchcraft and destruction out of her body and mind in Jesus name! All of them came out and entered the pit! Jesus delivered her! 


She was extremely happy afterwards. We also guided some broken heart parts within her to Jesus for healing. They were healed too! Other miracles took place in Seattle; I look forward to sharing more soon.


By the way, while in Seattle, I came under physical attack and still fighting my way out of it in Jesus name. From Seattle, I traveled onward to California where I’m currently in Southern California conducting more meetings. Tonight, we have a special ordination service where I’ll be ordaining one of our mission coordinators into the gospel ministry. Please join us in Pasadena tonight!


At the Temple of Salvation last night, however, in West Hollywood, souls were set free from demons powers! One lady was set free many spirits of death, abortion, and destruction. Moreover, this one lady, had an ancient spirit named Moloch (child sacrificing demon-god). He was there afflicting her with great torment. Moloch was defeated and crushed in Jesus name. He was set to the pit.


Another precious disciple of the Lord Jesus, a first-generation believer, who has been going through a series of deliverances, in our meetings, was powerfully set free from thousands of spirits of mind control. They had been in her for a long time; lying to her all of these years. They had been controlling her mind and her emotions because her family spoke word curses over her! These word curses affected her greatly!

The demons surfaced and contorted her body and screamed at me. I quickly called for the holy angels of God to assist and they came. I asked for the holy angels to carry her body over to a large CROSS that is attached to the wall of the sanctuary. They carried her body and the angels made the demons touch the cross. They screamed in agony! The power of the cross of Jesus defeated and overpowered the spirits of mind control! They were driven out in Jesus name! 


As she was being set free from these many demons and word curses, this disciple of Jesus began to speak in the Holy Spirit and gave everyone a message to hear. It was a powerful message that called for repentance and surrender to King Jesus! The message touched many hearts and minds. Later on in the evening she shared some phenomenal supernatural experiences that she has been having that the world needs to hear! I look forward to sharing more soon….

Witnessing Miracles Saved Soul in California! Seattle TONIGHT!

Thursday, February 11th, 2016

Dear Friends of Jesus,


As many of you know, we believe that miracles, signs and wonders of God open hearts of unbelievers. This past month we have been able to reach many thousands of non-believers throughout the world through our videos, radio presentations and publications. Moreover, our many seminars and meetings are reaching many souls here in North America. In many of our meetings here we are seeing many souls won to Jesus Christ! Many from other belief systems are surrendering to Jesus for salvation.


In a recent seminar, while in San Francisco, a lady from Portugal (pictured with me above) came to our meeting with her husband. She witnessed numerous miracles of healing and deliverance during the service. These miracles opened up her heart to Jesus. Unbeknownst to me, she was receiving some deliverance from demons, during the service, as a unbeliever. After all of these tremendous miracles took place I took some time to talk with her and her husband and I discovered she had never been born again. She was religious but never been born again. So, I had the wonderfully opportunity to lead her to salvation in King Jesus!


She was extremely happy afterwards and thanked me. She is looking forward to our return to the city. Another precious soul saved by Jesus! My friends, what a joy of mine to see many souls coming to Jesus Christ! This never gets old. NEVER!


I think back all those years ago, as a young teenager, preaching on the streets and distributing gospel booklets. I was so excited to lead souls to Jesus. I am still excited! Then my awesome responsibility in leading my 3 young children to Jesus! From the family I am able to extend to the world –proclaiming the LOVE of JESUS!


Thank you for believing in this mission and the many gospel projects we are currently involved in; that is extending into 185+ nations of the world.

San Francisco: 11 Year-Old Assists then is Freed from Demons!

Thursday, February 11th, 2016

Dear Friends of Jesus,


As some of you might be aware the city of San Francisco is a spiritual hotbed for all kinds of evil. The Church of Satan was birthed there in the mid-1960’s, many secretive occult sects operate out of San Francisco along with a number of clandestine secret societies. Our global mission enjoys visiting these areas for the gospel. We have seen the Holy Spirit work powerfully in our public meetings in this area of the country. Moreover, my wife is from Northern California so it’s great to revisit and minister. We conduct several missions a year in this vibrant city and was pleasantly surprised at the wonderful turnout to our latest seminar there. We will return before too long!


This past weekend while in San Francisco, California, I ministered to many individuals and families that desperately needed intervention! One such family was this young man (only 11 years of age) and his father (pictured with me above). While leading everyone in mass deliverance prayers I noticed this young man was convulsing. I stopped the prayers, for a moment, and began to minister to this eleven-year-old. Demons rose up and challenged me.


Speaking out of his mouth they were defiant at the beginning and told me they would not be leaving him. It was a demon of fear and torment. They entered him when he was a little child. Some of the demons that surfaced had entered this young man as a result of ancestral evil that was indulged in many years before his birth.


What made this exorcism remarkable was the fact that this 11 year old shared with everyone prior to the meeting that God had called him to be a pastor already! Isn’t this beautiful! We need to pray that this young warrior for Jesus and his family would be sustained and protected. Moreover, this 11 year-old before placing all of my attention to him was fully engaged in assisting me in driving out demons from others during this San Francisco seminar! Isn’t this amazing –young people, pre-teens in our meetings are helping me cast out demons in Jesus name!


In fact, prior to the service I received a email from his father who wrote of his personal need of deliverance. I wasn’t thinking his very own son needed the ministry too. Truth to be told, I was more focused on the father as he was pleading for ministry. He wrote of his need:


“Jay was good to see you last Saturday in LA. For the last 6 months have been in contact with your friend pastor Victor. Preparing myself for deliverance. Been attending church Saturday and Sunday. I’ve been attending Bible study. Reading the word on a daily basis like a two edged sword Bringing my 9 year old boy and my 11 year old boys with me. It’s amazing to see my 11 year old grow. As he has become an evangelist and has been praying and healing people through the Holy Spirit. He wants to be a pastor and be a deliverance pastor when he grows up.”

The Holy Spirit had me focus on this father’s young boy. I’m so happy we focused on him as needed to be rescued. The demons were furious that they had been exposed and was willing to fight me at first.


“NO! We are not leaving! We are staying with him. He is too powerful. We must stay inside his body,” the demons revealed to me, “We must destroy him first!”


Obviously, I fought back in Jesus name and the church assisted me in crushing these demons. They were sent into the pit, screaming out him and coughing out of him. Moreover, as this young man was being set free, everyone could see he was different. He had peace, joy and comfort. He was no longer scared but strong in Jesus.


“I feel really great! I haven’t felt this good before, Jay!”


As he sat back down by his father, demons erupted from within his father. As the demons surfaced from within him I looked over back at the son and he was started surfacing demons. I was thinking, what the heck is going on? This young man was just delivered! So, again, I confronted the demons within the boy and the demons told me how they gained access.


“We just entered him,” the spirits of witchcraft revealed to me, “We transferred from the father into his son!”


AH! Because of their soul tie –father to son bond– the demons were able to gain entry. So, I did another deliverance for the boy. The demons were swiftly driven out and he testified of feeling such peace and calmness! Jesus set him FREE!


I then directed a family friend, that attended the meeting with the family, to take the boy outside of the hall, as we directed our spiritual attention to the father. The spirits of Satanism and witchcraft surfaced from within the father and caused him to hit the ground withering. Many other demons surfaced from within others. Numerous souls experienced some freedom. I hope to meet up with the father at a future date. It was obvious however that it was his son that needed the ministry on this night!

Shock & Awe as Mass Miracles Occur in San Francisco & LA!

Thursday, February 11th, 2016

Dear Friends of Jesus,


It’s been challenging. Haven’t slept much. My body aches due to the physicality of the numerous intense exorcisms I have conducted over the past several days (or for that matter over the past several weeks). Been in and out of airports. Driving long distances. Yet, my heart is FULL. It’s deeply satisfied as I witnessed so many miracles, wonders, and signs of the Holy Spirit in recent days. Our recent San Francisco seminar was well attended and there is a hunger. I also saw this hunger being displayed while in a recent service in Los Angeles at the Temple of Salvation.


It’s clear God has us in California at this time –so many souls have been won to Christ this month. So many souls have encountered deliverance from demons. So many souls have been miraculously healed. It’s been astounding. I’m trusting that this gospel work will continue on in the coming weeks.


We have been seeing many hundreds being impacted in our recent seminars in the western part of the United States these past several weeks. The miracles are too numerous to recount. In San Francisco, recently, the lady, pictured above with her husband, was powerfully SET FREE from a multitude of evil spirits that were rooted in ancestral worship, Buddhism, and witchcraft. They were flying out of her into the pit in Jesus name! She was so happy afterwards.


The following afternoon, I departed for Southern California, where I conducted another mission. Many more souls were freed from demonic spirits including a young woman who has been attending our recent services at the Temple of Salvation. Many thousands of demons have been expelled from her and many heart parts were healed.


In fact, this past Saturday, I was able to reach out to a little 9 year old heart part that the demons had been enslaving for YEARS! When the heart part was released, the demons went berserk. They were looking for the little heart part. They couldn’t believe they lost their hold upon that little one. The demons were desperate. What followed was dramatic!


HOURS of battling these vicious and violent demons. HOURS of angelic intervention that STUNNED many in the sanctuary. So many were in SHOCK and AWE as they had never seen the power of God demonstrated in such a manner. Absolutely stunned!


It would take me HOURS to recount the amazing works of the Kingdom that transpired. Many demons were cast out of her and some very stubborn demons were cast out as three ministers assisted me by taking this woman upstairs and driving out many more!


The SCREAMS were out of this world. The demons SCREAMED for HOURS! I’m not speaking for a few minutes but they screamed and were agony for HOURS! At one point I called forth the fire of God and it descended and the hands of the demons were stuck in the fire and were greatly weakened.


For HOURS, I spoke to the holy angels and they assisted me in picking the woman’s demonized body up from the ground, restraining the demons, striking the demons with their holy swords, and there were mass numbers of angels in the meeting hall. Furthermore, the Lord Jesus Himself tangibly arrived and the demons screamed as they could SEE Him! They yelled at Him. They were so angry. Jesus was in our midst. This is always very special to me –perhaps the greatest miracle of all. He was present in POWER and LOVE!


One disciple, originally from Taiwan, who has been attending some of our Southern California seminars and services recently wrote a sweet email I would like to share with you; that spoke of this specific battle I had with these demons within this young woman in LA. She writes:


“Dear brother Jay,

It was such a powerful demonstration of God’s power yesterday.  I left earlier around 11pm (Jay’s note: our service went past midnight).

Just as that ancient witchcraft spirit was tormented due to its rebellion, it cannot stand the singing of praise and worship. The demons know, more so than the average human beings, who is the Lord.  I think the spirit was up there for a display for the other spirits to see the result of rebellion that it was being tormented by its sin and fallen nature.

The spirit also was so upset for it has fell to disgrace and cannot go back to heaven….it cannot understand why God loves humans so much, why Jesus would die for us.

It brought me to awe in my heart, a new sensation and realization in my heart, I start singing worship songs to our Lord!


It was powerful to see with our own eyes the reality of Jesus’ Kingship!  Also by seeing how the demons behave and act.  I cannot wait for the day to come for more people in Asia to experience your ministry.  You are awesome apostle of God, brother Jay, for your heart and Christ-like character.  Indeed, I prayed as an unbeliever that I wanted to see Jesus’ disciples doing works like in the New Testament in real life now, and Jesus brought me to you!

Love you brother Jay!”

Well, I love YOU too my sweet sister in Jesus! Did you note that last part of her email to me? She wrote that  when she was a unbeliever see wanted to SEE the demonstration of the power of God and the Holy Spirit led her to our meetings! 

WE ACTUALLY DISPLAY THE SUPERIOR POWER OF JESUS FOR ALL TO SEE! Yes, I teach from the WORD but I do not stop there; I actually demonstrate the power of God so no one can accuse me that I’m making this up. Many thousands, around the globe, on all six continents, could testify of the miraculous that takes place in our missions. 

This young lady is no longer a unbeliever, but a Christ follower who now desires the works of the Kingdom. In fact, this precious disciple is a strong witness for Jesus as she evangelizes on the streets and in the marketplace winning souls to the King!

My friends, I do not have time for fluff, or the most recent Christians “fads,” or for commercial Christianity or for that matter watered down Christianity. I desire the authentic. Thank you Jesus for everything. For the real, the authentic and the pure!

Buddha Confesses Before Packed Hall that Jesus is Lord! Jammed Packed in San Francisco Tonight!

Thursday, February 11th, 2016

Dear Friends of Jesus,


I’m currently on the 10th floor of a high rise hotel in San Francisco, with the balcony door opened, allowing the cool breeze, from the bay, to enter the room, while I’m writing this victory report. POWERFUL manifestations of God’s power tonight as many souls experienced deliverance and healing. For hours I taught from the Holy Scriptures and ministered to the demonized. It’s incredible the strength the Holy Spirit has blessed me with despite all of the challenges I face each and every day. 

As some of you might be aware, this is a spiritually dark area of the continent. San Francisco, is a ghoulish city, filled with perversion and witchcraft. A city in dire need of Jesus! People arrived hours before the service and our meeting hall was jammed packed. Multitude of evil spirits were cast out, hearts were healed and even after the service I was able to lead a soul to salvation in Jesus Christ! 

Demons screamed out of their victims, contorted their bodies in grotesque forms and twisted limbs. So many heart parts surfaced, in multiple people, I couldn’t keep track. Imagine conducting a service, preaching, leading Holy Communion, ministering to the demonized and afflicted for many hours with no help! That’s what took place tonight. God is good my friends. I’m looking forward to sharing the many miracles that took place in San Francisco in coming days.


I’m in awe of the move of the Holy Spirit in our midst as we travel throughout North America preaching the good news of Jesus, curing the infirm, healing broken hearts, casting out demonic spirits, and equipping the saints. Many have already have been reached with the love of Jesus and we believe our greater days lie ahead…


We have been focusing on California as we are seeing a tremendous response to our mission in multiple cities in this region. Our international offices are located in Orange County and have planned a series of training seminars in coming weeks in various locations; so please make plans on attending. We look forward to meeting you.


We will continue to hold these powerful services at the Temple of Salvation in West Hollywood as many souls gripped by demon powers have been set free. Recently we have encountered some strong Hindu, Buddhist and Islamic spirits in our meetings. One disciple who came to our services that was freed from many Buddhist demons was a first-generation disciple whom I’ll refer to as Jerry. It was a incredible and amazing exorcism.


Jerry was sitting quietly in the middle of the sanctuary when suddenly demons surfaced. They cursed me.


“F#@*& you! F#@*& you!” the demons yelled at me, “We are very strong. My name is Lucifer. We are here with Buddha. We will not be moved!”


These Buddha spirits were not intimidated by me or by the presence of the church, initially. These vile demons stood their ground and confronted us. They cursed and railed against us. They were haughty and aggressive.


However, when I brought out the cross of Jesus Christ they –the spirits of Lucifer, Buddha and Buddhism– looked intrigued as if they never glanced at such an object. When commanded to touch the cross. They could not! They had great difficulty even being near it. They were shocked. They never encountered such power. This didn’t surprise me.


There are many demons within souls and bodies who have never been confronted with the power of the gospel. There are billions of evil spirits that have remained in the families, of so many, for many generations, who have never been confronted. Many spirits actually reveal to me, in many exorcisms, I’m the first to ever confront them; to drive them out! This is a spiritual crime. ALL of us should be about driving out demons thus our focus on training many thousands of disciples to preach the gospel and drive out demons!


These Buddhist spirits eventually surrendered to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and were driven out in His holy name! They hated even saying “We now go to the pit!” Absolutely hated it. They left, however, and this former Buddhist was set free.


More deliverance and healing needs to take place in this first-generation disciple but I’m extremely grateful to God for the amazing work that has started in his life. He has since been to every meeting, I believe, we have conducted in Southern California. He is hungry for the gospel and ministry of liberation! This is so refreshing to see! Jesus has spoken powerfully to this man (pictured with me above; after a recent seminar) and I believe he will be used mightily.


I have been challenged recently by the Lord and by some close friends to go where the ministry is celebrated. The world is a big place, avoid the areas where the ministry is not celebrated and invest into the areas that are hungry for JESUS! Luke 9:3-5, this is exactly what Jesus told His disciples that if a town does not welcome you, simply leave it and go to another location. This is a great principle that should be explored.