Buddha Confesses Before Packed Hall that Jesus is Lord! Jammed Packed in San Francisco Tonight!

Dear Friends of Jesus,


I’m currently on the 10th floor of a high rise hotel in San Francisco, with the balcony door opened, allowing the cool breeze, from the bay, to enter the room, while I’m writing this victory report. POWERFUL manifestations of God’s power tonight as many souls experienced deliverance and healing. For hours I taught from the Holy Scriptures and ministered to the demonized. It’s incredible the strength the Holy Spirit has blessed me with despite all of the challenges I face each and every day. 

As some of you might be aware, this is a spiritually dark area of the continent. San Francisco, is a ghoulish city, filled with perversion and witchcraft. A city in dire need of Jesus! People arrived hours before the service and our meeting hall was jammed packed. Multitude of evil spirits were cast out, hearts were healed and even after the service I was able to lead a soul to salvation in Jesus Christ! 

Demons screamed out of their victims, contorted their bodies in grotesque forms and twisted limbs. So many heart parts surfaced, in multiple people, I couldn’t keep track. Imagine conducting a service, preaching, leading Holy Communion, ministering to the demonized and afflicted for many hours with no help! That’s what took place tonight. God is good my friends. I’m looking forward to sharing the many miracles that took place in San Francisco in coming days.


I’m in awe of the move of the Holy Spirit in our midst as we travel throughout North America preaching the good news of Jesus, curing the infirm, healing broken hearts, casting out demonic spirits, and equipping the saints. Many have already have been reached with the love of Jesus and we believe our greater days lie ahead…


We have been focusing on California as we are seeing a tremendous response to our mission in multiple cities in this region. Our international offices are located in Orange County and have planned a series of training seminars in coming weeks in various locations; so please make plans on attending. We look forward to meeting you.


We will continue to hold these powerful services at the Temple of Salvation in West Hollywood as many souls gripped by demon powers have been set free. Recently we have encountered some strong Hindu, Buddhist and Islamic spirits in our meetings. One disciple who came to our services that was freed from many Buddhist demons was a first-generation disciple whom I’ll refer to as Jerry. It was a incredible and amazing exorcism.


Jerry was sitting quietly in the middle of the sanctuary when suddenly demons surfaced. They cursed me.


“F#@*& you! F#@*& you!” the demons yelled at me, “We are very strong. My name is Lucifer. We are here with Buddha. We will not be moved!”


These Buddha spirits were not intimidated by me or by the presence of the church, initially. These vile demons stood their ground and confronted us. They cursed and railed against us. They were haughty and aggressive.


However, when I brought out the cross of Jesus Christ they –the spirits of Lucifer, Buddha and Buddhism– looked intrigued as if they never glanced at such an object. When commanded to touch the cross. They could not! They had great difficulty even being near it. They were shocked. They never encountered such power. This didn’t surprise me.


There are many demons within souls and bodies who have never been confronted with the power of the gospel. There are billions of evil spirits that have remained in the families, of so many, for many generations, who have never been confronted. Many spirits actually reveal to me, in many exorcisms, I’m the first to ever confront them; to drive them out! This is a spiritual crime. ALL of us should be about driving out demons thus our focus on training many thousands of disciples to preach the gospel and drive out demons!


These Buddhist spirits eventually surrendered to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and were driven out in His holy name! They hated even saying “We now go to the pit!” Absolutely hated it. They left, however, and this former Buddhist was set free.


More deliverance and healing needs to take place in this first-generation disciple but I’m extremely grateful to God for the amazing work that has started in his life. He has since been to every meeting, I believe, we have conducted in Southern California. He is hungry for the gospel and ministry of liberation! This is so refreshing to see! Jesus has spoken powerfully to this man (pictured with me above; after a recent seminar) and I believe he will be used mightily.


I have been challenged recently by the Lord and by some close friends to go where the ministry is celebrated. The world is a big place, avoid the areas where the ministry is not celebrated and invest into the areas that are hungry for JESUS! Luke 9:3-5, this is exactly what Jesus told His disciples that if a town does not welcome you, simply leave it and go to another location. This is a great principle that should be explored.

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