Shock & Awe as Mass Miracles Occur in San Francisco & LA!

Dear Friends of Jesus,


It’s been challenging. Haven’t slept much. My body aches due to the physicality of the numerous intense exorcisms I have conducted over the past several days (or for that matter over the past several weeks). Been in and out of airports. Driving long distances. Yet, my heart is FULL. It’s deeply satisfied as I witnessed so many miracles, wonders, and signs of the Holy Spirit in recent days. Our recent San Francisco seminar was well attended and there is a hunger. I also saw this hunger being displayed while in a recent service in Los Angeles at the Temple of Salvation.


It’s clear God has us in California at this time –so many souls have been won to Christ this month. So many souls have encountered deliverance from demons. So many souls have been miraculously healed. It’s been astounding. I’m trusting that this gospel work will continue on in the coming weeks.


We have been seeing many hundreds being impacted in our recent seminars in the western part of the United States these past several weeks. The miracles are too numerous to recount. In San Francisco, recently, the lady, pictured above with her husband, was powerfully SET FREE from a multitude of evil spirits that were rooted in ancestral worship, Buddhism, and witchcraft. They were flying out of her into the pit in Jesus name! She was so happy afterwards.


The following afternoon, I departed for Southern California, where I conducted another mission. Many more souls were freed from demonic spirits including a young woman who has been attending our recent services at the Temple of Salvation. Many thousands of demons have been expelled from her and many heart parts were healed.


In fact, this past Saturday, I was able to reach out to a little 9 year old heart part that the demons had been enslaving for YEARS! When the heart part was released, the demons went berserk. They were looking for the little heart part. They couldn’t believe they lost their hold upon that little one. The demons were desperate. What followed was dramatic!


HOURS of battling these vicious and violent demons. HOURS of angelic intervention that STUNNED many in the sanctuary. So many were in SHOCK and AWE as they had never seen the power of God demonstrated in such a manner. Absolutely stunned!


It would take me HOURS to recount the amazing works of the Kingdom that transpired. Many demons were cast out of her and some very stubborn demons were cast out as three ministers assisted me by taking this woman upstairs and driving out many more!


The SCREAMS were out of this world. The demons SCREAMED for HOURS! I’m not speaking for a few minutes but they screamed and were agony for HOURS! At one point I called forth the fire of God and it descended and the hands of the demons were stuck in the fire and were greatly weakened.


For HOURS, I spoke to the holy angels and they assisted me in picking the woman’s demonized body up from the ground, restraining the demons, striking the demons with their holy swords, and there were mass numbers of angels in the meeting hall. Furthermore, the Lord Jesus Himself tangibly arrived and the demons screamed as they could SEE Him! They yelled at Him. They were so angry. Jesus was in our midst. This is always very special to me –perhaps the greatest miracle of all. He was present in POWER and LOVE!


One disciple, originally from Taiwan, who has been attending some of our Southern California seminars and services recently wrote a sweet email I would like to share with you; that spoke of this specific battle I had with these demons within this young woman in LA. She writes:


“Dear brother Jay,

It was such a powerful demonstration of God’s power yesterday.  I left earlier around 11pm (Jay’s note: our service went past midnight).

Just as that ancient witchcraft spirit was tormented due to its rebellion, it cannot stand the singing of praise and worship. The demons know, more so than the average human beings, who is the Lord.  I think the spirit was up there for a display for the other spirits to see the result of rebellion that it was being tormented by its sin and fallen nature.

The spirit also was so upset for it has fell to disgrace and cannot go back to heaven….it cannot understand why God loves humans so much, why Jesus would die for us.

It brought me to awe in my heart, a new sensation and realization in my heart, I start singing worship songs to our Lord!


It was powerful to see with our own eyes the reality of Jesus’ Kingship!  Also by seeing how the demons behave and act.  I cannot wait for the day to come for more people in Asia to experience your ministry.  You are awesome apostle of God, brother Jay, for your heart and Christ-like character.  Indeed, I prayed as an unbeliever that I wanted to see Jesus’ disciples doing works like in the New Testament in real life now, and Jesus brought me to you!

Love you brother Jay!”

Well, I love YOU too my sweet sister in Jesus! Did you note that last part of her email to me? She wrote that  when she was a unbeliever see wanted to SEE the demonstration of the power of God and the Holy Spirit led her to our meetings! 

WE ACTUALLY DISPLAY THE SUPERIOR POWER OF JESUS FOR ALL TO SEE! Yes, I teach from the WORD but I do not stop there; I actually demonstrate the power of God so no one can accuse me that I’m making this up. Many thousands, around the globe, on all six continents, could testify of the miraculous that takes place in our missions. 

This young lady is no longer a unbeliever, but a Christ follower who now desires the works of the Kingdom. In fact, this precious disciple is a strong witness for Jesus as she evangelizes on the streets and in the marketplace winning souls to the King!

My friends, I do not have time for fluff, or the most recent Christians “fads,” or for commercial Christianity or for that matter watered down Christianity. I desire the authentic. Thank you Jesus for everything. For the real, the authentic and the pure!

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