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War with the Queen of Heaven in Dallas, Jesus Conquered!

Thursday, February 11th, 2016

Dear Friends of Jesus,


I’m currently in Dallas, Texas, where we held another public meeting; offering souls the opportunity freedom and healing. For a Wednesday evening service I was pleasantly surprised by the attendance and interest. In fact, I was urged, by those who assembled, to continue to conduct services! By God’s grace, we will continue on in the Dallas area.


Some amazing ministry took place tonight! Even during the teaching of the WORD, demons were surfacing and being agitated. Moreover, as I led everyone in Holy Communion, demons were being impacted by the power of the blood and body of Jesus! One lady, I was led to, by the Holy Spirit, was a young lady (pictured above with her husband) whom I’ll refer to as Maria. She had difficulty praying with me and demons started surfacing from within her.


They were defiant. They were angry and furious.


“We have been here for hundreds of years,” the demons revealed to me, “Her ancestors participated in blood sacrifices and rituals. We bring sickness and pains.”


I battled the demons and called forth the holy angels of God who swiftly arrived. I had the holy angels draw out a sword and had them strike the invading demons. The demons grimaced in pain. God was bearing great punishment upon them. I commanded these demons out of this woman when suddenly another group of evil spirits surfaced.


“We are the Queen of Heaven,” the demons boasted to me, “We entered her family because they worshipped Mary. They were Catholics that participated in idolatry. They gave offerings to Mary and placed her above Jesus!”


As some of you are aware, within Catholicism, there are some who, actually worship Mary and honor her above Jesus! This is a grave sin; this is the evil of idolatry. That is a major doorway to demonic bondage. However, we must recognize not all Catholics participate in this. In fact, many Catholics whom I know, see the blessed virgin Mary, as a created being, who shall be honored, yes, but not as a divine being worthy of worship. Many Catholics attend our meetings and seminars and would speak out against all forms of idolatry.


But the fact remains, some within Catholicism, cross the line and indulge in idolatry thus opening doors to demonic spirits. Maria’s family participated in the false worship of Mary (and we also discovered that her husband’s family participated in this also).


“You are NOT taking my crown. It’s MY crown!” the demons named Queen of Heaven, boasted to me, “It’s MY family. I have EVERYONE in the family!”


I did rip off her spiritual crown. She was furious with me. The so-called Queen of Heaven was defeated and as Maria confessed Jesus as Lord and renounced the ancestral sins of idolatry the demons were commanded into the pit. Many demons were cast out including Jezebel, witchcraft, rejection, Santeria, death, divination, and many others. They entered the pit in Jesus name!


The demons were expelled however we were also able to reach many different parts of her broken heart that were present. They were guided to Jesus and were miraculously healed. Moreover, Maria, as the heart was being healed could actually see her heart being sewn back together, as if someone (Jesus) was stitching her crushed heart back together! Isn’t that beautiful! She was so happy afterwards and testified that she felt relief, peace and she mentioned she felt like “rainbows” were inside of her and was giggling –she was so happy!


I’m happy too! More miracles took place, more parts were healed and demons driven out in Jesus name

King Jesus Triumphant Over Moloch, Isis, Ramses & Tutankhamen in Los Angeles!

Thursday, February 11th, 2016

Dear Friends of Jesus,


We have seen some amazing displays of God’s conquering power over ancient gods and goddesses (in reality demons) in the past few weeks. In recent seminars we have battled Kali, Buddha, Sleeping Buddha, Allah, Moloch, Isis, Ramses and Tutankhamen. These are ancient Hindu, Buddhist, Islamic and Egyptian pagan deities that war against humanity; even in our modern day. History books speak of their reality. These ancient entities are very real indeed however they are demonic spirits disguising as a god or goddess! In reality they are evil spirits seeking to sway humanity into false worship –the worship of demons!


These spiritual powers have been surfacing in many of our recent public meetings and I have had to battle them within souls they had invaded. They are many thousands of such demonic powers that roam our planet. Most in the deliverance ministry know of spirits of fear or torment or anger but did you know the stronger spirits that exist are these ancient demonic forces that are rooted in the major idolatrous practices of the world’s false religions? You might even have them! Some of the strongest demons I encounter are those rooted in Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, or Animism. However, our great God, reigns supreme and ensures these powers bow to Him alone! Ever knee WILL bow and confess that Jesus is Lord, the Holy Scriptures remind us!


This past weekend, in the Los Angeles area, I confronted these evil powers and they were defeated by the conquering blood of the Messiah! The young lady pictured with me above, whom I’ll refer to as Lisa, had been invaded by numerous ancient spirits. During the service, at the Temple of Salvation, numerous demons surfaced from within her and convulsed her greatly.


The demons violently threw her onto the ground as she sat in the middle of the sanctuary. I went over to her and commanded the demons to submit to Jesus! I then proceeded to ask the holy angels to pick her up off the ground and bring her to the front of the sanctuary. Without any human aid, the holy angels picked her up and carried her to the front.


They twisted her body in grotesque forms and contorted her body terribly. They screamed out of her in extreme rage. The demons were enraged!


“We have been here for thousands of years,” the spirits warned me, “We entered her bloodline because her ancestors participated in blood sacrifices and honored us! We bring sickness, torment, and spiritual blindness.”


The demons growled and spoke in various languages. I commanded them to speak in English. At first they resisted my commands until I utilized the cross, the Holy Communion blood, and the fire of God. These spiritual weapons made these demons bow at the CROSS of JESUS! They screamed in agony and were furious with me.


They tried to tower over me and overpower me. They failed. They attempted to use their weapons. They failed. They tried to oppose me in so many ways. They failed. At one point, I had them embrace my sacred cross and the demons fell to the ground and withered in pain. The cross burned them greatly and cemented them to the floor to where they could in no way separate themselves from the cross. It was as if they were glued to the cross. They tried to let go of it and couldn’t. The church raised to their feet and were in AWE of the power of God!


The demons warred against me and I warred back in the power of the Holy Spirit. Suffice to say, Jesus conquered and overpowered His enemies. In fact, He appeared to them and made them bow to His Lordship. They were eventually commanded into the pit in Jesus name and they flew out of her!


Also present with these demonic forces were 2 human interjects ( watch my most recent video clip on this subject here). One was her sister and another was a friend from high school. Her high school friend surfaced and spoke to me.


“I’m here to control her and to destroy her,” the friend confidently told me (more like an enemy to me), “I lit some witchcraft candles to send destruction to her.”


Horrible and wicked. I commanded both of these human interjects out of her body in Jesus name. They departed. Moreover, I reached out to a little dissociative identity who was only 9 years old. The little girl was so sad and distressed. I guided her to Jesus and immediately Jesus appeared to her and greatly comforted her.


After this powerful exorcism, Lisa, was so happy! She couldn’t believe what took place in her life! She was stunned however testified of feeling great. More work needs to take place in her life but an amazing work of God’s grace and goodness has begun.

IN LA: Muslim Confesses Jesus is LORD & Allah Demons Submit to King Jesus!

Thursday, February 11th, 2016

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Nearly every seat was taken at the Temple of Salvation, in West Hollywood, this past Saturday and there was incredible energy among the crowd. Souls gathered to learn and to SEE the demonstration of God’s power! They were NOT disappointed. What everyone witnessed, in our last service, was EXTREME!


Like the apostle Paul, it is my utmost desire to demonstrate the superior power of Jesus Christ over all other supernatural powers. The apostle Paul, to the church at Corinth, wrote this:


“And I, brethren, when I came to you, did not come with excellence of speech or of wisdom declaring to you the testimony of God. For I determined not to know anything among you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified. I was with you in weakness, in fear, and in much trembling. And my speech and my preaching were not with persuasive words of human wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power, that your faith should not be in the wisdom of men but in the power of God.”


I preached the Lord Jesus Christ and then demonstrated the superior powers of the Messiah –thus captivating many hearts that had assembled including a Muslim. This precious woman whom I’ll refer to as Adana had attended a previous mission we conducted in another city in Southern California and was deeply impacted by the many miracles she witnessed.


She came back to see me and I was happy to see her! As we ministered to a young lady (pictured with me above) who manifested a demonic spirit named Allah, Adana watched intently. What took place was dramatic.


Vivian (the lady in the picture) started manifesting powerful spirits while I led everyone in Holy Communion. The powers of Jesus was manifesting very strongly as I led everyone in partaking of the body and the blood of Jesus! It was incredibly strong. The demons cried out loudly and moaned in defeat.


I started to anoint her; aggressive evil spirits surfaced. I called forth the holy angels of God and they swiftly arrived and carried the woman to the front of the sanctuary. I then asked for the mighty angels to draw out their swords. They did. Then they struck the demons. The evil spirits cried out loudly. The spirits the growled and stood upright in a proud and haughty position and spoke through her:


“My name is Allah! We are a god! We are extremely powerful,” the spirit named Allah boasted to me, “We cannot be moved! We are mighty and strong.”


With that declaration I brought out the holy anointing oil to represent the fire of God. As soon as brought out the fire; Allah looked at me in a surprised manner and was concerned. I don’t think this Islamic spirit had even witnessed the fire of God before. I placed some of this holy fire on the demons. They revolted and contorted her body. It was a definite shock. The fire of God was destroying and crushing their powers.


“Don’t your understand; we are extremely powerful. My name is Allah!” the spirits reiterated to me, “We came into her because she read the Qur’an and visited Mosque. We will not be defeated.”


As I battled the spirits of Allah, Adana, my Muslim friend from East Africa, watched on. The Holy Spirit was at work; touching her heart. I continued to war against the powers of hell.


I also brought out my sacred cross and Allah (and a host of other spirits) couldn’t hold it. In fact, the cross caused them to bow in it’s shadow. The demons were screaming in agony. The cross of Jesus Christ brought the many demonic spirits to the ground and they withered in pain as a result. The cross defeated Allah and everyone witnessed it including Adana.


I commanded the demons out of Vivian and they entered the pit in Jesus name! She was so happy afterwards. Moreover, this miraculous exorcism opened Adana’s heart and soon thereafter confessed Jesus is Lord and confessed before the people of God in the sanctuary that Jesus is God in the flesh! Amen!


My friends, we are witnessing so many souls won to the Lord Jesus Christ; many as a result of seeing miracles. We believe signs and wonders like what took place this past weekend will open the hearts of unbelievers. Not only did this Muslim lady confess Jesus as Lord but also others –souls were saved by King Jesus!

Jesus Conquered Armies of Lucifer Spirits in Southern California!

Thursday, February 11th, 2016

Dear Friends of Jesus,


It’s nearly 3:30am AGAIN! Not getting much sleep these days as I continue this fast paced and grueling travel and mission schedule. It’s been intense. Allow me to share. Was in Dallas conducting a meeting, the following day traveled onward to Austin, Texas where we conducted another meeting where souls were set free including a woman with more then 13,000 evil spirits and a woman who had been invaded by demonic spirits of insanity and madness. All of these demonic spirits were driven out in Jesus name!


From Austin I traveled to San Antonio to catch a flight to Dallas then onward to Orange County where I’m currently. It’s great to be back in gorgeous Orange County. We just completed another POWERFUL seminar and deliverance service. Our meeting hall was jammed packed AGAIN! Many of our seminars here in Southern California are well attended and we are witnessing STUNNING miracles and wonders!


The people are really hungering for solid Biblical teaching and desiring to see the demonstration of the power of God. Too many churches simply preach and is deficient on the miraculous. Our missions are filled with solid teaching AND the incredible demonstration of the power of God. Everyone witnessed the miracles once again and the interest is encouraging.


It was really special to have Jesus visit us and appear to some of the hurting souls in the meeting hall and was healed by Him. Moreover, so many multitude of evil spirits were commanded into the pit tonight. I lost track of the numbers. There were so many demons defeated and souls FREED!


One precious woman we ministered to was Joanne (pictured with me above). Tormented, afflicted and in great pain, Joanne was needing someone to intervene. I began to pray for her and demons surfaced.


“We are here because her ancestors participated in fire rituals; thousands of years ago,” the demons boasted, “We afflict her with great pain.”


Joanne was indeed in incredible physical pain however on this night, Jesus drove out the demons from within her and supernaturally healed her. It was a intense battle however.


At the very beginning of ministering to her, numerous demons surfaced named witchcraft and Jezebel. They looked at me with murder in their eyes. They were furious with me for exposing them to the light of Jesus.


At first the demons resisted me. I called forth the holy angels of God and they swiftly arrived with holy swords and struck the demons. They cried out in agony. Moreover, I called for the fire of God and the fire from Heaven descended and engulfed the demonic forces.


“I have never felt this before,” the demons told me as they were being consumed with the holy fire of God, “The fire is too much. We must go!”


So a multitude of demons were commanded out of her body; including demons due to families’s involvement in ancestral participation in animal sacrifices of “wolves, dogs, and cows.”


Joanne renounced these bloodline curses and the demons were set to the abyss. She was powerful delivered and HEALED! As you can imagine, she was so happy afterwards! She testified before all that she longer felt any physical pan! Jesus HEALS!


So many other miracle stories. Many thousands of demonic beings were commanded out of those who attended tonight including a mass number of demons named Lucifer. King Jesus conquered Lucifer and sent him and his kind to flee. I am just happy to serve King Jesus and His church.

8-Headed Monster Destroyed in LA & Witchcraft Crushed in Dallas!

Thursday, February 11th, 2016

Dear Friends of Jesus,


It’s nearly 3:30am and I’m in awe. The past few weeks have been phenomenal. We are just about to enter the middle part of the month and thus far we have traveled to Arizona, Washington, California and throughout Texas conducting numerous missions. We have witnessed so many souls saved, miraculously healed and set free from evil spirits. It’s been astounding.


As I promised I want to share with everyone the incredible war I was involved in with a 8 headed-demonic entity, at the Temple of Salvation, in Los Angeles. However, I must first share what took place earlier this evening.


We are currently in Dallas, Texas, where just few hours ago, we held a powerful meeting where we witnessed Jesus curing a precious woman (pictured with me above; post deliverance) from YEARS of physical pain! GONE! Jesus to be praised.


Though we were small in number (however not too bad for a Wednesday service), God displayed His supernatural power. After teaching on the Supernatural Jesus, I led everyone in Holy Communion and began to pray for those afflicted by evil spirits.


The Holy Spirit led me to a young lady, whom I’ll refer to as Judy. This precious woman had experienced horrific attacks and was desperate for assistance. As I anointed her head, a group of demonic spirits surfaced.  He groaned and moaned in agony as Jesus was present with us and they knew they had been defeated by Him. 

What we discovered for the next few hours was helpful in understanding  her demonic complexities.

-More then 10 demonic spirits within her body named Death. He entered 7 generations ago as her ancestors killed and sacrificed goats, dogs, and cats to Satan. These spirits admitted to bringing back pain and cancer into her body in an attempt to destroy her.

-The 10 demons confessed to holding in captivity several broken heart parts –a 10 year old, a 21 year old and a 22 year old. These were released and guided to Jesus.

-A number of human interjects including a former boyfriend, a great-great grandfather, a grandmother, her very own mother and father. I spoke to them and commanded them out in Jesus name. They all left.

-There were more then 44 witchcraft demons that were rooted in ancestral evil on her mother’s side from 14 generations ago. Judy’s ancestors participated in witchcraft, the occult and Satanism. The demons revealed that in France, hundreds years ago, her ancestors enslaved people for torturing purposes.

-We also discovered there were more then 84 demons named Jezebel! This group of evil spirits entered her bloodline nearly one thousand years ago as a result of her ancestors participating in the some of the most gruesome rituals known to man.

-Jezebel held onto 14 generational heart parts. I spoke to one that was birthed in 1492. This one was guided to Jesus for much needed healing.


-Interestingly, a group of demons, numbering 14, were named Torment. I inquired how they entered her body and mind? They revealed they had gained access through the laying upon of hands of a pastor who was demonized. The spirits transferred through the unholy laying upon of hands and entered Judy. They were bringing a physical pain into her body.

All of the demonic spirits were defeated and commanded into the pit in Jesus. Moreover, God reached out to her broken heart and healed it. Furthermore, the human interjects and generational hearts parts were removed in Jesus name! Amazing ministry took place! The FULL-gospel. After her deliverance, Judy giggled like a little girl –she was so happy! She also testified of feeling ZERO pain. Physical pain that had been with her for YEARS! Jesus truly miraculously healed this woman

Speaking of Jezebel a moment ago. Guess who I encountered at the Temple of Salvation, when I was in Los Angeles this past weekend? That’s it. Jezebel. But, Jezebel was in the form of a Hindu-goddess named Kali. Honored by multiple millions of souls throughout the world, Kali is a blood-thirsty demons hungering to destroy. Kali, was a demonic being I encountered within a young woman, originally from India, who came from a great distance to receive intervention. 

When the demon spirit named Kali surfaced it boasted that he had EIGHT HEADS! He was a unique spiritual creature that possessed eight heads. He was quite prideful in his responses to me. Because of his boasting I brought out my CROSS and used the CROSS to behead the demonic entity named Kali. All 8 heads eventually came off and she was defeated by King Jesus! 

Kali, was able to enter the bloodline because of her ancestors participation in idolatry and raw demonism. Thankfully, she made the decision to sever the spiritual ties of her ancestors and is now starting over –a NEW BEGINNING in JESUS! She, too, was very happy, once she was freed from these spiritual enemies. All of them were commanded into the pit in Jesus name!

Muslim Witness the Slaying of Thousands of Dragons in Southern California

Thursday, February 11th, 2016

Dear Friends of Jesus,


This global mission is a rescue mission! We not only rescue children of God from the powers of darkness but we are, also, at our core evangelistic, reaching the non-believer with the good news of Jesus. Many non-believers are attending our services from other faiths to hear and SEE the power of God.


For example, in every meeting, in Southern California, this past weekend, non-believers attended and witnessed the demonstration of the power of God. Moreover, they also encountered the love of Jesus. Please pray that God would continue to bless our meetings in California as we are sensing something special. We desire to conduct many more missions. We just need you to intercede for us in regards to this.


One Chinese lady, who was a non-believer, who came to our Los Angeles service, at the Temple of Salvation, witnessed her very own husband, who had powerful demons named Buddha within his body, find freedom from the evil spirits of Buddhism. No doubt this opened her heart. She witnessed the superior power of Jesus! I prayed that she would experience the love of Jesus and she did!


She was amazed to see the spirits of Buddha within her husband and see these spirits make a confession.


“Yes, it is true, Jesus is Lord, we Buddha spirits are demons!” the spirits of Buddha revealed, speaking out of her husband, “We bring strokes, internal bleeding, death and high blood pressure.”


All of these demonic beings along with all of the afflictions they have brought into his body were forced out of him in Jesus name. So many demons were driven out of this man including the spirits of: mind control, Lucifer, sickness, death and a host of others. He was so happy afterwards!


An African woman, who is a Muslim, came to our Pasadena meeting this weekend, and witnessed the conquering power of King Jesus over a multitude of demons named Dragon. The spirits of Dragon was within a Chinese woman, a first generation disciple of Jesus, who also came to our service this past weekend. She marveled at the mighty power of God and the invading demons, as a result of being threatened, swiftly surfaced. 


“We are very, very, very strong. We are extremely powerful. NO ONE has EVER CONFRONTED us in thousands of years,” the demons named Dragon boasted to me, “NO ONE! YOU WILL FAIL TOO!”


Putting no confidence in the flesh but fully trusting in King Jesus to display His holy might, I battled back and God prevailed. However, it was a intense battle. They screamed and contorted her body. They even, at times, tried to conjure up fellow demons to war against me.


“Lion and all other animals come to me and fight with me,” the spirits of Dragon petitioned to other spirits in Satan’s kingdom, “We will, we will, we will, we will hold His cross!”


For you must understand, during this exorcism, I brought out my holy cross and the demons couldn’t touch it! They declared it was too HOT for them! By the way, this was something numerous demons, within numerous souls, in numerous meetings, in recent days, declared to me, with terror in their eyes. This sacred cross, consecrated by my spiritual father, Bob Larson, during some private fellowship, with Bob, some years ago, has been utilized and blessed by God, to drive out millions of evil spirits!


Lion was smarter then Dragon as he never showed up. He, in no way, wanted to feel the power of the cross. So, he ran away. Same with the myriad of animal spirits whom Dragon was trying to communicate with; to get their assistance from. So, it was Dragon and I in this battle.


However, it wasn’t merely me and Dragon. It was me, JESUS, His holy angels, and the church. Dragon would soon be commanded into the abyss but he did fight me with intensity.


“We have been here for thousands of years,” the Dragon demons informed me, “All of her ancestors, through the generations, honored me and worshipped me.”


Dragon wasn’t alone, there were many other demons within this woman including a spirit named Sleeping Buddha, Buddha, Guan Ying (a manifestation of Buddha that transforms into man and woman), Monkey King and many other strange demons.


As I warred against these many demons, I called for the assistance of God’s mighty angels. They quickly came and intervened. They brought out their swords and struck the Buddhist demons. They responded in agony. I utilized the fire of God and blood of Jesus which greatly weakened the demons.


My friends, it was a supernatural night! All night long, my right hand was engulfed with holy fire. I called forth the holy fire and it descended upon the demons with great intensity. The fire caused the evil spirits to SCREAM loudly!


Numerous generational heart parts and dissociative identities were located and healed by Jesus. Numerous human interjects were removed in Jesus name. Numerous sicknesses and afflictions were also removed in Jesus name.


Then the holy angels forced the demons of Dragon to embrace my cross and then SCREAMED in agony and great torment. They were truly being tortured by the Holy Spirit. They became so weak, they bowed to Jesus and were eventually sent to the pit. She collapsed to ground. She was happy afterwards however more work needs to take place in her life. I’m just very pleased we were able to intervene.


This powerful exorcism was witnessed by a packed meeting hall that included non-believers, including a Muslim woman who was deeply touched by the ministry. She told me afterwards she wanted to be healed too and would attend our next service. I truly believe she will be saved by Jesus very soon. She now knows our God is real and true.


Speaking of intervention, the couple pictured above, came to our services, at the Temple of Salvation, from across the country from Detroit, Michigan, –a very long journey to Los Angeles. They came with the hope of receiving deliverance. God did not disappoint. As I began to pray for those afflicted numerous demons surfaced from within this woman….


IT WAS A 8-HEADED SUPERNATURAL DEMONIC BEING!That’s right, you did not misread that. A 8-headed demonic power surfaced and battled me. I would like to share with you what took place in my next email update. Suffice to say, Jesus came out victorious but it was a WAR!

Demons from the Holocaust Defeated in Pasadena!

Thursday, February 11th, 2016

Dear Friends of Jesus,


It’s well after 3am again and I’m still climbing the heights of Jesus joy! Feeling awesome. I haven’t felt this good in awhile. I’m truly experiencing Shalom –balance, centeredness, peace! I woke up with deep satisfying joy knowing Jesus is with me and empowering me. It’s been an incredible mission here in Southern California. I love ministering here because of the amazing interest with those who are attending our meetings.


Earlier this evening, in a jammed packed meeting hall –we couldn’t fit anymore people in the hotel conference hall. In fact, we had to bring in extra chairs to accommodate all of those arriving into the meeting hall for deliverance and healing. I’m really starting to sense we could be on to something here in Southern California –especially in Los Angeles and Pasadena. We are seeing some tremendous moves of the Holy Spirit as souls are being set free and healed.


Tonight was STUNNING! Where do I begin? Let’s start here:

  • Multitudes of thousands of demons of Buddhism, Ancestral Worship, and Witchcraft were powerfully commanded into the pit in Jesus name!
  • Legions of demons named Dragon were defeated by King Jesus!
  • Holy Spirit fire filled my hands with intense spiritual fire –causing pains, sicknesses, diseases and demonic spirits to flee!
  • My sacred cross was utilized by God in a mighty manner –demons could hardly touch it and were greatly weakened by the CROSS! Demons were tortured by my cross and were bowing in it’s presence. Many thousands were defeated by the power of the cross!
  • Many holy angels came into our meeting hall and assisted me. Hours of angelic intervention. They restrained, they carried bodies up from the ground and they battled with me.
  • My Bible was a SWORD that greatly damaged the powers of darkness. So many screamed in agony as I placed the Scriptures upon them. The SWORD was too much for them.
  • Jesus appeared to little heart parts and were healed by Him.
  • Numerous human interjects were commanded out in Jesus name.
  • Numerous generational heart parts were healed by Jesus.
  • Many sicknesses, diseases and maladies were removed by the power of God.
  • Many saints were equipped and were encouraged.

I could go on and on….it’s such a blessing to be involved in these powerful meetings. Jesus is truly visiting us in His love and power. I praise Him and give Him all the glory.
The beautiful ladies (mother & daughter) pictured above were some of the individuals that were impacted by the ministry tonight. They attended the service at the invitation of a friend. They both came and both manifested demons almost simultaneously –they laughed hysterically and mocked me at first.
The demons screamed loudly –notifying me they would not be leaving and that they would fight me. I fought back in the power of Jesus.
“Do you not understand…I’m a GOD! I rule nations! I am very very powerful!” the demons of Baal and Mammon boasted to me, “Do you not understand, I have great powers and cannot be defeated! We have been here for thousands of years, because of the blood sacrifices. During the Holocaust, her ancestors, who honored Hitler, participated in baby sacrifices.”
Horrific. As a Jewish believer they didn’t want to look at me and constantly looked away. These ugly spirits were determined to fight however…I fought back with some mighty spiritual weapons. I utilized the fire of God, the holy angels, the cross, and others. They were destroyed and eventually begged me to stop torturing them.
“We bring sickness, addictions, we hold the lungs, the liver, we bring sickness, fear, insecurity, anxiety, and torment,” the demon powers informed me, “We also hold her heart.”
We crushed these sicknesses and infirmities in Jesus name! Both of these ladies were set free from the powers of Jezebel. The mother was dramatically healed and set free from the powers of Hitler (as her German ancestors participated in the Nazi party that honored the infamous ruler Adolph Hitler back in the 1930’s and 1940’s).
Both also experienced deep inner healing as numerous ancestral dissociative parts were supernaturally healed. There were a number of heart parts that were present during the Holocaust. They surfaced and spoke to me. The trauma that surfaced was intense and terrible. They were so deeply traumatized. The complexity of the trauma was astounding. Too much to share in this email update.
Suffice to say, the little ones were released from their pain and hurt and guided to Jesus. They were also released from the demons that were present during the Holocaust. Jesus destroyed His enemies.
This mother and daughter was reached with the compassion of Jesus and encountered the love and peace of Jesus! Look at their SMILES! The smiles speak volumes of the fruit of deliverance!
The exorcisms were dramatic and explosive. Jesus demonstrated before all that He was indeed Lord of all. His conquering love was felt by all and we believe greater days of deliverance lie ahead of us….

Extraordinary Miracles in Los Angeles, Opposition in Seattle

Thursday, February 11th, 2016

Dear Friends of Jesus,


It’s well after 3am and I’m feeling rejuvenated after tonight’s mission in Southern California. I was feeling pretty disappointed after our recent mission in Seattle that was marked with some spiritual obstacles and oppression. While in Seattle we were able to lead a lady to salvation in Christ and a few testified of feeling some freedom from demons but all night I felt a disconnect. Not so here in Los Angeles.


As many of you know we have had some extremely powerful meetings in Southern California and earlier this evening God demonstrated His holy power over the powers of darkness. What transpired was extraordinary –demons flew out of people and entered the pit, broken hearts healed, human interjects exposed and removed, bodies repaired.


I’m so thankful. I had a talk with Jesus earlier today and He assured me that He would give me the desires of my heart –to witness His holy power manifested before all. It’s my desire to see Jesus glorified and souls liberated.


Our service at the Temple of Salvation, in West Hollywood, was very well attended and the people were attentive. I taught on the Supernatural Jesus and led everyone in Holy Communion. After partaking of the blood and body of Jesus, demons manifested from within many. One lady even shared with me after the service that some of the demons within her wanted to challenge me and confront me in public. Many demons did challenge me and they were forced out in Jesus name!


There were so many signs and wonders that took place….there were screams, horrible contortions, demonic aggression. There was also, deep healing, restoration and deliverance! Many demons of witchcraft, death and Jezebel were confronted and sent into the pit. Many demons of Buddhism, Hindusim and Lucifer were also confronted and defeated by King Jesus. Moreover, many saints were able to witness, for many the very first time, an public exorcism where Jesus conquered His foes.


One of the ladies I ministered to was Sara (pictured above with me; post deliverance). This young woman was encouraged to attend, by her mother, who attended one of our services last year and was powerfully delivered from many demons. She testified of her wonderful healing and this prompted her daughter to make plans to attend.


She attended and in the middle of the service she surfaced strong demons named Jezebel. They contorted her body and screamed out of her! They were vicious and were determined to stay within her. We fought back in Jesus name.


I called upon the holy angels of God and they quickly arrived and assisted me in restraining these very physical demons. Moreover, they drew out their swords and struck the invading evil spirits. They cried out in agony and defeat. Furthermore, I called upon the holy fire of God and it descended upon my hand and I then directed the fire into the demons and they cried out loudly.


The power of God flowing within me was incredible and I felt the fire of the Holy Spirit consuming me. The fire extended to those who needed ministry, resulting in souls finding freedom and healing.


The demons were worn out from the battling and were eventually commanded into the pit in Jesus name. They screamed out of her and she was SET FREE! Afterwards, she led us in praise and worship. She was so joyful afterwards….it was amazing to behold.


I’m really sensing the Holy Spirit at work in the Los Angeles area. As many of you know we have been spending more and more time out here as a result of the interest in the mission. We desire to go where the mission is celebrated. Why exert so much energy and resources in areas that are not interested. Go to where the souls are WANTING help and relief.


So many other amazing wonders took place. I look forward to sharing with everyone what transpired soon.

Violence of Jezebel Defeated by Jesus in Phoenix!

Thursday, February 11th, 2016

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Great to be back in Phoenix, Arizona, as it’s been several years since I held a meeting here. We had friends travel great distances to be a part of the teaching and ministry and it was wonderful to meet some new friends of the mission. I was encouraged to hear that some of these friends had been following the mission for a long time and have been impacted by our gospel work.


I taught from the Holy Scriptures and led everyone in Holy Communion and then began to minister to those who had assembled. One of the first ones I ministered to was Linda. This precious sister was desperate for some spiritual intervention and we were honored to assist in the name of Jesus.


As I approached her, demons of Jezebel surfaced and were aggressive with me. In fact, they physically attacked me a few times. With the demon in control, they clenched her fists and assaulted me. They even threw a Bible across the small hall. They angrily told me they would not be leaving.


Here it’s the beginning of the year and we have already encountered some vicious and aggressive evil spirits hell bent on attacking me. They lunged at me and told me very boastfully they would be staying within her. I fought back in Jesus name.


As I dealt with the demonic spirits I commanded them to release her broken heart. They obeyed and released the little ones. They surfaced and spoke to me; including a little 2 year old part. The little girl was so sad. I guided the little one to Jesus for healing and it was greatly comforted. Moreover, I reached out to a few other parts and led them to Jesus for restoration.


I also commanded out many demons of witchcraft and Jezebel from her body and mind and they entered the pit. Linda was relieved and comforted knowing Jesus has placed her on a path of freedom and wholeness. Please pray for her continued inner healing and deliverance.


Thursday, February 11th, 2016

Dear Friends of Jesus,


It’s always thrilling to see young people fired up to serve Jesus in the ministry of casting out demons! In many of our meetings and seminars around the world we are seeing God raise up an spiritual army! This past weekend, in Houston, Texas, while conducting a series of public meetings, I see the Holy Spirit touching hearts, moving on the lives of many. I believe people are seeing, eyes are being opened to SEE that what matters is the eternal not the temporal.


As many of you know while serving as a Methodist pastor many years ago we would actually conduct weekly services and equip the young people of the church to assist me in driving out demons. Many of them assisted in performing public exorcisms. It was amazing to behold.


During our last Houston service I asked a young 12 year old, who came with his mother, to assist me in casting out demons. He took my sacred cross and drove out evil spirits in Jesus name. He wasn’t the least bit nervous or fearful. It was great to see this young man take authority in Christ over the demonic. Demons were commanded into the pit.


By the way, this is New Testament hands-on-training. The very best of training one could participate in. This will, no doubt, change his life significantly. He will have the confidence, throughout his life, to confront the demonic and drive it out. After the service, this young man approached me and inquired with a seriousness of someone in his 40’s or 50’s the deeper elements of the deliverance ministry. To be honest, I was surprised at some of the in-depth questions asked. I loved it though!


Not only were evil spirits commanded out of bodies and minds but broken hearts were reached including that young woman I referred to in my last email update. She came at the end of the service and she inquired about getting some help. She concluded I was right, from 2 years ago, about her having the spirit of Jezebel. She was desperate.


As we began to pray for her, Jezebel surfaced. Shook her body and cried out: NO, we are NOT leaving!


I called for the holy angels to assist me and they quickly intervened and struck the invading demons with their holy swords. The demons shrieked. At one point I had the demons embrace my cross and they cried out in agony. It caused such horrible spiritual pain for them. I didn’t relent. I continued with the pressure and discovered much from the demons.


“We are here because her family participated in witchcraft. We have been having sex with her for a very long time and she enjoys it.”


This doesn’t shock me at all. We hear it all the time. Many spirits of Jezebel and witchcraft are enslaving their victims through perversion –through demon sex! They are able to stimulate their victims; the victim enjoys the demonic pleasure then the stronghold is established.


This young lady whom I’ll refer to as Susan didn’t see it at the time but after an hour or so into the meeting her eyes were opened. She began to see how evil this demon sex was. In fact, she did admit she enjoyed it, at one point, thus allowing Jezebel and the other demons the ability to work in her life.


I led Susan in a prayer of repentance and the many Jezebels that had invaded her life were now sent to the pit in Jesus name! They convulsed her body, screamed out of her and they flew into the abyss. She was happy and felt some great spiritual relief. However, more deliverance needs to take place but we are grateful for the work that has began in her life.


Furthermore, we were able to reach her broken heart. A little 6 year old dissociative identity and a 26 year old dissociative identity surfaced and poured out their pain. I guided them to the Savior and these hurting soul parts began to experience the healing of God. In fact, they shared how they were able to see God’s holy angels and conversed with them.


It should also be noted that not only did we remove demons, heal broken hearts but also removed a human interject within her –her very own father! He was employing witchcraft with the hopes of destroying her. I spoke to him and commanded him out; he departed and went to Jesus!


This past weekend, we saw a number of cases of human interjects surfacing. In each case they were removed. We dealt with:

  • A co-worker within someone who was employing witchcraft to invade her consciousness with the hopes of invoking spiritual injury to her.
  • A father who wanted to control his daughter.
  • A ex-husband who wanted to seek revenge and control on his wife.
  • A sister who was jealous and wanted to destroy her very own sister.

As you can see we have been able to conduct some deeper deliverance with those who came to our seminars and services this past weekend in Houston!