Soul Invaders Surface in Nazarene Church Service in Kansas City!

Dear Friends of Jesus,


It’s been awhile since I last visited Kansas City, Missouri for a public meeting. I have traveled here for some personal ministry sessions but haven’t returned to the city, for a service, since my last public mission more then 2 years ago. Why?


Well, in my last public mission to Kansas City, though we had a jammed packed hall and tremendous interest, it was very difficult to minister because of unbelief. Though a few people were healed and delivered it was a challenging night in many aspects.


Not so last night. We had a great turnout at the Blue Hills Nazarene Church here in Kansas City. Many thanks to the pastor and his precious wife who are open to this ministry and desire to see souls healed and freed from demons.


In fact, I can’t think of many pastors in this country that would open up their church to conduct public deliverance services and free those with soul invaders! HA! Not many churches at all.


For a Wednesday night service, we had, perhaps, 70-80 souls who arrived needing help and intervention, including numerous young people. Many dozens were being afflicted by demons and needed deliverance! Many were freed and healed as the night progressed.


One of the many we ministered to last night was this young lady pictured above. I’ll refer to her as Sheila. As I began to minister to those bound by demonic spirits, she began convulsing horribly. The demons were surfacing and eventually spoke out of her. Along with the demons, several human interjects surfaced including her mother, father and sister!


“I’m here because I’m jealous of her!,” her sister confidently told me, “I lit witchcraft candles and took some of her hair to use in witchcraft rituals to destroy her!”


So, essentially, what took place was this: Sheila’s sister was jealous. She resorted to witchcraft to attack her. That wasn’t enough. She made the decision to invade her sister’s consciousness to attack her even further. The demons that were within the sister also traveled to Sheila. They spoke to me along with many other demons:


“We are here to bring fatigue, heartache, rejection, loneliness, heartache, fear, asthma, depression and so many other problems,” the spirits revealed to me, “We are here to destroy her!”


Fortunately, we were able to intervene and rescue Sheila. We commanded her sister and the demons of witchcraft to leave. As soon as that was accomplished more soul invaders surfaced including her mother and father. Sheila knew her mother had been in her for some time but didn’t know who to tell. She though, perhaps, she experiencing some mental illness because of this weird phenomena she was encountering –soul parts of her family living within her.


However, Sheila was not aware of her father being within her. He, too, surfaced, because of the soul tie, and he spoke to me too. I think because he rejected her early on and abandoned her, he felt horrible and wanted to be within her, so he decided to stay within her in this manner. I forced this soul invader out too.


I then turned my focus on the mother. She also invaded Sheila. She spoke to me and revealed she was jealous of her and wanted to control her. I forced her out in Jesus name! Not only did these soul invaders, these human interjects depart but so did many demons. Sheila was so happy afterwards.


Sheila will need some more ministry however what transpired in her life was transformative. Her quality of life will dramatically improve immediately. Not having demons and all of these soul invaders will allow her to live freer in Jesus!

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