Violent Confrontation with Soul Invader & Evil Spirits in Australia!

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Finally back with the family after this long journey to Tasmania and a mission to Honolulu, Hawaii. It was an extraordinary mission where souls were saved, miraculously healed, and supernaturally set free from evil spirits. I’m grateful for the opportunity to reach out to many hurting souls for King Jesus!


One lady we extended the ministry of Jesus to was this young woman, named Joanna, pictured with me above, at the Launceston War Memorial Hall, several days ago, in Tasmania. She came to our training seminar with a heart to learn more about deliverance. When I transitioned my teaching from the mechanics of deliverance to the deeper elements of the deliverance ministry such as ancestral dissociation and human interjects Joanna started to feel some strange things happening within her body.


After teaching from the Holy Scriptures, I spiritually probed and discovered an old boy-friend within her. His name was Kiran. He quickly surfaced and became violent with me. He raised his fists up towards me in a fighting position.


“Leave me alone, leave me alone,” Kiran demanded, “How did you find me? How were you able to do it?”


He was SHOCKED!!! Most soul invaders (human interjects), I have observed over the years, are surprised to be discovered as most humans are unaware of this spiritual phenomena.


“Joanna had no idea! She didn’t know I used witchcraft to get her to be my boyfriend,” Kiran boasted to me, “I lit candles, burned incense, sent witchcraft spells to her, to seduce her.”


The witchcraft spells, curses and ritualism worked! That’s why many people turn to sorcery because it does work! However, it will cost your soul! You will get demonized and will be participating in a grave sin. In theocratic Israel it was so serious that the death penalty could be called for; for those guilty of participating in witchcraft and the occult. But many unsuspecting souls are willing to turn to witchcraft to obtain power, revenge, and pleasure despite God’s warnings.


Kiran was furious with me. He grabbed my shirt violently and attacked me. This human interject was in a rage. He didn’t think he would be exposed however God exposed him and we were able to drive him out. He was sent to Jesus!


Joanna now began to understand why she had such a hard time breaking free from this romantic relationship from twenty years ago! It was because Kiran was present within her. He was there wanting to control her and seduce her. Thankfully, we were able to intervene and commanded him out.


The demons of witchcraft surfaced and they were violent too. They threatened me and were in furious too.


“Kiran is no longer here!” the demons informed me, “He’s gone! But we will stay! We are causing depression, bringing cancer into her, isolation and rebellion.”


There were a multitude of demons within Joanna. There were many spirits of Jezebel, Baal, murder, witchcraft and many others operating within her. They were slowly but surely trying to destroy her.


“Her ancestors participated in killing!” the spirits of murder told me as they surfaced in extreme fury, “They KILLED pigs and worshipped us.”


I commanded the many violent demons out of her and she was SET FREE by JESUS! It was beautiful to behold. Moreover, little dissociative identities surfaced and they were rescued. They were healed too by the Savior!


So, what are these soul invaders (and the reality of ancestral dissociation)? Should we be concerned about this phenomena? I believe the Body of Christ should be concerned about this reality for billions, perhaps, in our world, due to witchcraft and unholy soul ties have, within their lives, these human interjects, these soul invaders. I have started a BRAND NEW video teaching on this subject that I hope will enlighten and bring general awareness. I’m believing many thousands in the years to come will be rescued from this as we continue on throughout the world.

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