Vancouver: In the Midst of an Exorcism Jesus was Teaching Her a Song!

Dear Friends of Jesus,


One of the most remarkable miracles we witness, consistently, in our Supernatural Jesus: Removing Demons & Healing Hearts Seminars is the appearance of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is still hard, at times, to fathom. Over the years, we have seen a acceleration of these encounters. I’m stunned to think back to the amount of people –numbering more then a thousand or more– who have testified of seeing the ascended Lord in our seminars, missions, and meetings.


I vividly recall seeing the risen Savior, in Lahore, Pakistan, more then 6 years ago, one very early morning. He appeared to me open eyed in His ascended state. There are no words to describe what I experienced in Islamic-dominated Pakistan that morning, except that I KNEW He is LORD and in that REIGNING ASCENDED state at very moment. He was and is Royalty –King of Kings, Lord of Lords!


During our most recent mission to British Columbia, numerous disciples described seeing the risen Savior, including one young lady, whom got saved as a result of seeing Jesus and being taken to a beautiful garden. Staggering, surprising supernatural Jesus encounters we are hearing about during our seminars.


Another young lady, who was able to SEE Jesus was Elizabeth (pictured with me above, post deliverance). She had attended a previous seminar but we really didn’t get to minister to her however on this night we had the wonderful opportunity to offer her Jesus –resulting in her miraculous healing and deliverance.


As I was praying for everyone in the meeting hall, during our Vancouver seminar, Elizabeth started sobbing like a little girl. A little girl, was indeed surfacing from within her, a tiny 4 year old. She surfaced and spoke to me with raw emotion.


“I’m scared of monsters,” the little one revealed to me, “The monsters appear to me in my dreams.”


This how many monsters (demonic spirits) are able to invade little children…through nightmares and scary dreams. This is why I call my family, every night, even when traveling on the other side of the globe, so I can pray with my wife for our three little children, to ensure they have protected sleep and dreams.


Elizabeth was demonized from childhood (and even beyond via ancestral curses) as a result of these monsters appearing to her and frightening her. The fear opened a gateway to the demonic. Those same demons surfaced and battled me with a viciousness in Vancouver. They screamed and contorted her body!


“We bring her a lot of pain and hurt!,” the demonic spirits boasted to me, “She pierces her body, in rebellion, which allows us to stay within her!”


We discovered that she had pierced various places throughout her body, in rebellion to her parents. The WORD tells us that rebellion and witchcraft go hand in hand. Elizabeth, as a result, was filled with rebellious spirits such as witchcraft, Jezebel, and hundreds of thousands of demons named Death! They compelled her to do horrific things but then Jesus stepped into her life and intervened.


I just love that part…when we are consumed with darkness and sin, Jesus steps in and rescues. Even with Elizabeth, as we were battling against the many demons within her, Jesus took Elizabeth and all of her broken heart parts far away. It was there, in that far away land….Jesus appeared to her and taught her a song. Jesus, literally, gave her the melodies and the lyrics for a new song. After the demons were cast out of her body and mind, Elizabeth sang for all of us —it was spectacular in so many ways!


“Jay, I just knew if I came to your seminar I would be set free!” she shared with everyone, “I just knew Jesus would help me get here and to free me!” 


Jesus, indeed, freed Elizabeth for His glory! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! Many more surprising miracles took place, in her life, I need to share in my next update. I look forward to sharing more.

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