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Omaha: One of the Most Powerful Missions!

Friday, June 21st, 2019

I’m in awe of God’s demonstrative power and might in our services. Wherever we go individuals and families are being transformed. As I look back, to our Omaha, NE and Council Bluffs, IA, meetings this past week, I am in awe. I would, honestly have to say, those services, were some of the most powerful services we have conducted in the United States, in terms of individuals, reaching the highest level of the miraculous –that is being caught up into the Third Heaven! Numerous disciples were supernaturally transported into the glorious realms of the Godhead. Moreover….

  • Numerous souls supernaturally healed of various kinds of sicknesses, pains, torments and ailments. 
  • Numerous souls miraculously cured from a broken heart.
  • Many individuals were powerfully set free from evil spirits.
  • Many disciples were liberated from strong soul invaders –most of whom were inner witches. 
  • Many were were equipped and inspired to carry on the work of the Kingdom of God. 
  • Numerous souls were beautifully transported into the heavenly realms and entered into the Throne Room of God.

Speaking of individuals having heavenly experiences. What they encountered while in the glorious realms of the Holy Trinity was astounding:

  • The Lord Jesus
  • Heavenly waterfalls
  • Glorious gardens
  • Deceased loved ones (though they are very much alive)
  • Encountered singing butterflies (INCREDIBLE)
  • Guardian holy angels
  • Drinking of holy water
  • Consuming rainbow candy canes
  • Tickling by holy angels
  • Receiving divine instructions for life
  • Received God’s amazing love, peace and healing
  • Meeting the Heavenly Father in the Throne Room

And so much more. All of this as a result of this beautiful couple, pictured with me above –Gerson and Angela. These are minister friends of mine who were used of the Holy Spirit to invite me to conduct a series of seminars and meetings in their area. As a result of their initiative the gospel went forth in great power. Even in the midst of the services, Gerson, also received a powerful deliverance from the spirits of Lucifer that were rooted in his involvement in gang warfare –he was, actually, a gang leader, of one of the most violent, aggressive, evil gangs in the entire world. God rescued him and we give God all the glory.