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Jammed-Packed Hall in Houston: Awed by Third Heaven Visits!

Tuesday, February 4th, 2020

The hall was completely full –even brought in more chairs– and we were still jammed-packed. I don’t think we could have fit anymore people into the spacious hall. We will need to look for a much larger hall as many hurting individuals and families arrived, desperate for deliverance and healing. I experienced some amazing liberty, in the Holy Spirit, to proclaim the Lordship of Jesus. I taught from the WORD and led everyone in Holy Communion then ministered to those who assembled, many demons surfaced!

Many miraculous wonders took place that awed us all –inner witches expelled, hearts healed, demons cast out, souls saved by Jesus, and multiple souls entered the Third Heaven! Our hall was packed and all of us witnessed spiritual fireworks!

One of those I ministered to was this young beautiful lady, pictured with me above, who was invited to attend our seminar. She didn’t know if all of this talk about individuals visiting Heaven was for real. Could she be the one to experience this herself, she wondered? Well, our living God is a God of surprises . He not only delivered her from demonic bondage but also supernaturally transported her into the Third Heaven and encountered some of the most extraordinary heavenly wonders one could experience.

  • She received a piggy-back ride from Jesus
  • Entered through a door that ushered her into the Throne Room
  • Was given a golden key –eternal life
  • She was able to see flowers and holy angels (thousands of them)
  • Heard heavenly music, drank heavenly water & smell Heaven
  • Was able to touch the very face of God (WOW!)
  • Holy angels tickled her
  • Three holy angels appeared as her guardian angels
  • Was able to observe the very THRONE of the FATHER (noticed no marks on it)
  • Was able to sit on the lap of Abba on the Throne
  • Was given a gift, when she opened it up, it was a dove (the Holy Spirit)
  • She received divine instructions for life.

I could go on and on. Everyone was in AWE, very much awed by the public demonstration of God’s love and power. These heavenly encounters are extraordinary, thrilling and life-changing.