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Freed from the Violation of 1 Peter 2:17 then Entered Heaven!

Tuesday, May 5th, 2020

It was an amazing day of ministry here in Houston, Texas as another soul was set free and healed by Jesus. Moreover, not only liberated from evil spirits but also had the high honor to enter into God’s heavenly Throne Room. This is what I live for. This is the fruit of your prayers and support . We are truly rescuing souls and seeing families transformed as a result.

Not too long ago, a dedicated disciple contacted me, after hearing about our ministry, on the Omega Man Radio Show (many thanks to my friend Shannon Davis). He was wanting to learn more about spiritual warfare and desirous of seeing his wife set free from evil spirits. He eventually attended some of our seminars in the Houston area. He was astonished with the miracles. Furthermore, he was in awe of the amount of individuals experiencing heavenly encounters. Which led him to schedule a personal ministry session with me here in the Houston area.

Yesterday, the ministry session, was extremely powerful, as I ministered to his wife ( many thanks to the husband, who took authority, as the head of the wife, which caused everything to work smoothly ). The first demon that surfaced was named Jezebel.

“There’s 12 of us,” Jezebel revealed to me, “We torture her, we lie to her and cause her pain. We were able to enter into her bloodline, hundreds of years ago, because her family was treasonous against the King of Spain .”

This is very interesting. In 1 Peter 2:17, the apostle Peter tells the church, “Honor all people, love the brotherhood, fear God, honor the king.”

We are to honor the king. In other words, honoring the governing authorities, as the apostle Paul taught in Romans 13. This woman’s ancestors committed treason and thus dishonored the King of Spain ( her ancestors are from Spain ).

This violation of Scriptural edict opened the way for demons to invade her bloodline. They took advantage of this spiritual legal right, entered the ancestors and were causing a host of physical, emotional and spiritual problems within her family.

Along with Jezebel was the spirit of Death! He was stronger than Jezebel. He spoke out of her:

“Her ancestors dishonored the king,” the demons informed me, “We punish her, lie to her and make her worthless.”

They were punishing her in so many ways –pains, sicknesses and even CANCER! They were wanting to kill her! Death was also working with Jezebel and witchcraft. The spirits of witchcraft surfaced and spoke to me:

“We have bewitched her, blinded her eyes,” the demons boasted, “We have been within her ancestors for more than 7 generations –they were witches!”

Sad. For hundreds of years the demons were passed on because of the participation of her ancestors in the occult –one generation to the next and no one stopped them. He also confessed to something nefarious and sickening:

“We used a woman, when she was only a child, in preschool,” the demons voiced, “This woman kidnapped her and took her to a Satanist to abuse her.”

I have encountered hundreds of such cases. Doesn’t surprise me. That is why it is imperative that everyone stays vigilant and on guard. Our enemy is devious and ever looking for ways to attack God’s people, especially children. We must protect our kids. I know I’m constantly vigilant with my 4 kids. Pray for the blood of Jesus Christ to cover them.

The last group of demonic spirits I battled was named Lucifer. He had been there for 7 generations and he was the strongman. He told me:
“It was easy to get into her bloodline,” the demons gleefully explained to me, “None of her ancestors were born again, so we invaded.”

Obviously, without salvation in Jesus, you are a wide open door for demonic attack. This is, one reason, why evangelism is very important . We need to get precious individuals under the covering of the blood of Christ. So, at the very least, one’s spirit nature ( which has been raised into the heavenly realms as seen in Ephesians 2:6 ), is thereby untouchable, to the powers of darkness.

The demons fought me but the cross, the fire of God, the blood of Christ and the assistance of the holy angels were too much for the demons and they confessed to their defeat. They were expelled in the mighty name of Jesus and entered into the abyss. She was wonderfully set free. She even testified of feeling no pain –decades of various kinds of pains gone in Jesus name!

However, the highlight of the personal session , was the time, I was able to guide her into God’s glorious loving arms. She was caught up into the Third Heaven and met the Savior, Abba and the Holy Spirit . I’m looking forward to sharing more of this heavenly encounter tomorrow. She was in awe and in wonderment as she explored the glorious realms of the Godhead –God’s Third Heaven!