Packed Hall Witness Miracles: No Words Can Describe the Love at the Throne of Abba!

Before a jammed-packed, standing room only crowd, that assembled last night, here in Southern California, I taught from the WORD, led everyone in Holy Communion and ministered to those being troubled by evil spirits. One of those we ministered to was this lady (pictured above). As I led everyone in mass deliverance prayer, demonic spirits named “Dragon” surfaced.

“We have been here for thousands of years,” the demons of dragon boasted to me, “Nobody ever went deep. We have been here for a long time. Her ancestors were Buddhists, ancestral worshippers, idol-worshippers and we have her entire family!”

Due to ancestral idolatry and raw demon-worship, the evil spirits entered her bloodline and have caused havoc –bringing poverty, lack, death and all kinds of spiritual bondages. Thankfully, some of her family, were at the Jesus Church service, last night, and witnessed the overcoming power of God over the powers of idolatry.

Not only was this woman set free from deep demonic bondage but her broken heart which had been held for more than 50 years was set free and liberated. I spoke to the little girl (the little heart part) and she was caught up into the Third Heaven and met the loving Savior Jesus. Moreover, she entered the Throne Room and met the Heavenly Father, our precious Abba.

While there, she encountered a love, like she never experienced before. This was even extra special, because, she was able to encounter this love on His Throne. Waves of supernatural lovingkindness filled her and she didn’t want to leave His presence. The love captivated her and there were, essentially no words, to describe His unfathomable love. Take a peek at her video testimony where she encourages everyone to get on the “hot seat” and take a journey of a lifetime (the chair we use to place individuals, whom the Holy Spirit leads us to minister to, during a service).

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