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Vancouver, British Columbia: Escaped the Illuminati!

Sunday, February 27th, 2022

I’m currently in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, conducting ministry events and seeing some extraordinary miracles, signs and wonders in our midst already. The past two nights, Pastor Johnny Martinez and I have been witnessing Jesus set the captives free. Earlier this evening, here in vibrant downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, another precious soul (pictured) was powerfully liberated from strong demonic powers in the name of Jesus!

What she revealed during the seminar was startling. She had made a deal with the devil some years back –for help, fame, money and power. Obviously, her evil contract with Satan opened her life to disease, death, and destruction. The evil spirits invaded her life and she started to swiftly descend into spiritual chaos. She began to experience some horrific pain and torment. Then, with the compulsion of the demonic she decides to connect with some Illuminati groups. This opened her up to even more spiritual danger. Numerous demons of death, witchcraft, Lucifer and infirmities entered her mind, body and heart. She was trapped by the devil.

God, in His mercy, grace and love, brought her to our seminar, here in Vancouver and she was receptive to the Bible teaching and gospel message. She opened up her life to Christ as Savior and she was wonderfully born-again. Everyone in the meeting hall rejoiced in her new life with Jesus. Moments later, she partakes of Holy Communion and we begin to minister to her. Demons rose up viciously within her and screamed out of her –they claimed to have her body, but, recognized that Jesus was saving her.

“We have been here for thousands of years,” the demons boasted, “Nobody has ever confronted us before, until now. We give her physical pains, sicknesses and diseases.”

The evil spirits were commanded out (along with a wicked witch that was within her) and she was gloriously rescued from the brutal powers of the Illuminati and was miraculously healed of all the various pains within her body. It was stunning to watch as she escaped Satan’s death trap –the powers of the Illuminati. Now, she is in the Kingdom of God!

Along with her deliverance and healing, she was supernaturally caught up into the Third Heaven and met JESUS! He even presented, in His love, a rose to her. It was astounding to witness. Click here to watch.

Think about it –this young lady, attends our seminar for the very first time, wasn’t even born again, hears the gospel and gets saved by Jesus. She gets delivered from demons. Healed from pains. Then to top it off –is caught up into the THIRD HEAVEN and meets JESUS! What a majestic God we serve.