Surrey, BC: Sikh Saved then Encounters Bright & Morning Star Jesus!

It’s been an amazing several nights of ministry here in British Columbia! Every night we have watched on as Jesus rescued souls from demon powers. We have witnessed some stunning miracles –for example– the wondrous miracle of salvation. Last night, in the city of Surrey, British Columbia, we conducted a Jesus Church service and before a packed hall, we ministered to those who assembled. One young lady who came was a precious mother of two.

As I began to pray for her I noticed that there was some heavy demonic oppression over her life. I inquired about her salvation experience. She mentioned that she had never been born again but was clearly open to hearing about God’s love and power. I briefly shared the gospel and she opened up her life to Christ. We also discovered that she is a Sikh and comes from a long line of Sikhs in her bloodline. Clearly, this was a significant decision for her and her children –to follow Jesus Christ.

What brings me joy was her declaring with her lips, before a packed hall, her decision to declare, in public, that Jesus is LORD! Amen! Other former Sikhs in the meeting stood to their feet and encouraged her to stand strong in Jesus, despite, family opposition. She was so happy afterwards.

Moreover, I prayed for her, to have a brief heavenly encounter and she did! A very bright and in her words “dazzling” star appeared to her. Jesus reminds us in Revelation 22:16: “I, Jesus, have sent My angel to testify to you these things in the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, the Bright and Morning Star.

It was Jesus who appeared to her. She was so peaceful afterwards and testified before everyone all of the pains, tensions and oppression, that she had bene experiencing, was gone. It had disappeared. Jesus healed this woman and saved her. We rejoice in another precious soul turning to God’s salvation in His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. More than 10,000+ souls (from those who indicated their decision to follow Jesus), thus far in 2022, have been saved by Jesus. We rejoice in each precious one! Thank you ABBA!
Furthermore, on this mission to British Columbia we have witnessed other souls having heavenly experiences. Another young lady, during our first seminar, in Surrey, BC, also met Jesus.

She was supernaturally caught up into the Third Heaven and met God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. She encountered some giraffes, and other kinds of animals. She was also honored to ascend some golden stairs all the way to ABBA –her Heavenly Father– was was waiting for her with open arms. What she described was extraordinary. Click here to hear her video testimony.

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