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Stellenbosch Signs and Wonders at the Seven Sisters Winery

Wednesday, September 14th, 2022

Stellenbosch Signs and Wonders at the Seven Sisters Winery
We are astonished with Abba’s presence at the winery service in Stellenbosch, South Africa this past Thursday evening. We were able to minister freely. I felt the most liberty, at the lovely winery, then, perhaps, at any other meeting or venue, we have held on this recent African mission. ABBA was present with His power and love. All night long we witnessed heavenly thrillers:

  • Multiple souls were supernaturally caught up into the Third Heaven and encountered the Holy Trinity
  • Multiple souls were miraculously cured from various torments and pains
  • Multiple souls were wonderfully set free from long-standing generational curses and ancestral evils
  • Many souls were healed of a broken heart
  • Numerous demons were expelled in the mighty name of Jesus
  • Numerous soul invaders –many of them inner witches- were forced out in the name of Jesus
  • Encountered multiple ancestral heart parts and they were driven out in Jesus name
  • ABBA spoke to me, personally, and thanked me for my faithfulness to the Kingdom work and not to worry about my children as they are being protected (God’s favor and blessing is upon this mission)
  • Multiple souls spoke of seeing the Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • Multiple souls spoke of seeing holy angels and other heavenly creatures that have been previously seen before
  • One disciple spoke of encountering the four living creatures that are revealed in Revelation 4 and seeing King David
  • Holy angels assisted us in each deliverance, without any human aid, with restraining the demonic violence and the moving of bodies to the front of the hall, in order to minister, to those needing help
  • Multiple souls encountered the fire of God

For many hours we ministered to those who assembled and evil spirits surfaced with fury, anger and rage. They convulsed, they growled, they moaned and groaned. The presence of the Holy Spirit was very much present in the hall and we witnessed God’s might to deliver and heal. In fact, God’s holy angels greatly assisted us in each and every exorcism. The demonstration of the power of Jesus was tangible and many souls were beautifully touched by His unfathomable love. Click & watch below:
Stellenbosch, South Africa: Encountered a Deep Love with ABBA
Stellenbosch Winery Extraordinary Visit with ABBA
Stellenbosch Stunning Heavenly Visit

Cape Town, South Africa: Sadistic & Violent Devils Defeated then Jesus Appeared!

Saturday, September 3rd, 2022

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Last night was one of the most physically challenging exorcisms we have performed, thus far, on this powerful Africa mission. The demons were brutal, sadistic and crazed. The supernatural strength, of the evil spirits, was off the charts. The demonic spirits were murderous and hell-bent on destroying us and the one we ministered to. God, however, intervened and rescued her.

I’m here in one of the most beautiful cities in all of the world –Cape Town, South Africa, rejoicing in the mercy, grace, love and power of our great God. Our mighty God displayed these attributes, last night, during our seminar and we were awed. Very strong, aggressive, physical evil spirits surfaced and warred against us ALL NIGHT LONG during our powerful meeting but Jesus prevailed and crushed His spiritual foes.

One of those we ministered to was this young lady. She’s a dedicated disciple, a minister of the gospel, who conducts deliverance ministry but needed some help. I’m so happy we were able to intervene.

This woman of God had just heard about our meeting earlier in the day from a friend. She was desperate for deliverance and healing, as the evil spirits attacked her, earlier in the week, in an attempt to kill her and destroy her. She remained persistent for Jesus and the Holy Spirit guided her to us. As we prayed vicious demons surfaced and warred against us.

“We know you Jay Bartlett, we will destroy you and your family,” the evil spirits screamed, “We will come for you and how did you know we are here? We have been here for 2,400 years in her bloodlines and nobody knew!”

The demons threw her to the ground violently and twisted her body and continued to scream out of her continually. By God’s grace, we battled back in the name of Jesus. We discovered and witnessed so much:

  • Numerous sadistic demons had been afflicting her with various torments, fiery darts and afflictions
  • Some witches and warlocks had invaded her with the hopes of destroying her –they resorted to numerous human and animal sacrifices
  • Numerous holy angels greatly assisted us in confronting the demonic as they struck the demons and moved her so we could better minister to this disciple
  • The strongman –spirits of Lucifer– had been in her bloodlines for thousands of years because the ancestors “bound children” to demon idols
  • Numerous demons –Jezebel, spirits of the coast, death, witchcraft, idolatry, and Satan surfaced and warred against us but were conquered by King Jesus

As the demons (and the witches and warlocks) were expelled, God lifted her off of these earthly realms and allowed to ascend to the heavenly realms to meet Jesus who embraced her in His love. She also passed through some glorious doors to the Heavenly Father –ABBA! He welcomed her and called her His daughter! Watch here to hear more of her beautiful testimony!