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Internet deliverance!

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

Just want to glorify God and testify that God can do anything!  I had a friend of mine who wanted me to pray over her, and I sent her the materials I have on Open Doors, and the proclamations and other materials that will assist her deliverance by closing the doors that the enemy has used to enter her life before our session.  A couple days later, I got an MSN message from her saying that she was ready to do the deliverance and had done all her homework – but she’s in St. Lucia, and I’m in Barbados!  But as I know that God has given me prophetic words for people in different countries before, I said that he’s where I am as well as where you are, so we used the computer, I called her up using Skype, and turned on my webcam so she could see me – and I commanded the spirits out of her one by one!  And they left – in the name of Jesus! 

God is just so AWESOME!  He’s using the internet as a vehicle of his power – I command the demons to go in Jesus’ name and even if I’m not there in the room physically, Jesus is!

Robert Gibson (Barbados, West Indies)