Asrasta Defeated in Public Chapel Service!

God, again, blessed our public Salvation Army chapel service. Again, we had a good attentive and enthusiastic crowd that was anticipating the Spirit of God to touch lives! I preached a message on the Weapons of our Warfare and demons surfaced within many people among the crowd. I then proclaimed the gospel and many repented of their sins and gave their lives to Jesus! After leading everyone in Holy Communion, we conducted public exorcisms, and a stream of people, many in tears, quickly approached the front (some of them even cut in the line and pleaded for prayer as the needs were so dire) including a lady suffering HIV, a lady partially blind & who heard growls when I preached, a drug kingpin, several people who heard demon voices while I preached, a man with severe physical pains in his knees, a lady who felt evil, and a small group needing physical & emotional healing.

God was pleased to confirm His message with miracles. The first man, a 25 year old named Jeremiah, I prayed with, came with his wife and 3 beautiful & precious little ones.

“When you were preaching, Jay, I heard a loud voice tell me you were preaching lies!”

I asked Jeremiah, “I preached directly from God’s Word, so, who do you think this voice was?”


Exactly, he knew it, I knew it and everyone else in the chapel knew it!

I brought him up to the platform and had him hold a consecrated cross and as soon as he did; a evil spirit surfaced and caused him to go into convulsions, his entire body shook and could see the demon’s utter hatred of the CROSS! His eyes glazed over and the demon shivered and in front of all, to make a public spectacle, we commanded the evil spirit to leave and his body collapsed to the ground. We continued to command the demons to release him and to come out and they did! He was so happy and was rejoicing in the goodness of God as he felt the demons leave his body! He couldn’t hear any more voices! We silenced them by driving them out in Jesus name! Now, his precious wife and three children have a new daddy, a FREE daddy! (His wife also manifested demons and she was set free also—another story to be told!)

Another lady approached me in tears requesting prayer as she felt evil, bad, and ugly! I shared with her how precious and beautiful she was from Psalms 139 and a demon manifested, shrieking and with loud cries fought me. She also went into convulsions and lost consciousness.

“What is your name?”


“Do you have a right to her,” I inquired.

“Yes, she thinks she’s bad and evil.”

I called this dear lady named Sheila up and called the demon to go back down. She was crying and obviously upset that all of this was occurring but I assured her that this demon was going to the pit in Jesus name but I needed her to renounce all of the verbal curses she had placed upon her life by speaking herself in such negative ways, “I’m bad,” “I’m ugly,” “I’m evil.” She admitted that due to her past lifestyle she condemned herself and would often tell herself she was evil, ugly, and bad. These words opened a door for this vile spirit to enter her.

As soon as she renounced these self inflicted curses we called up Asrasta.

“NOOOOOOOOOO, I’m not leaving.”

“Yes, you are! Repeat after me,” I instructed.

“I, Asrasta, release this woman, in the name of Jesus and I now go to the pit.”

It fought me especially the part, “and I now go to the pit.”

This demon was no match as those assembled in the chapel stood to their feet and commanded the demon to repeat those word in Jesus name! The demon obeyed and with loud cries left the woman!

So many others were delivered from evil spirits, many I couldn’t get to as there were so many! One lady had to leave the chapel to vomit because the spiritual pressure against the demons within her were so GREAT that it made her sick!

We prayed a prayer of faith for a lady extremely sick, who was diagnosed with HIV. I believe she was healed and promised to give us a report in the coming days!

Even a drugpin from New Orleans who was passing through only to end up in the chapel service searching for a WAY OUT, came to Jesus and was delivered!

It’s amazing, it truly is, our blessed Trinity, who lives forever!

Submitted by Jay Bartlett

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