Tracking Device: Removed!

Wow, this dear sweet lady who has been forcefully involved in a satanic cult since birth, has just received a blessing about an hour ago……

At age twelve, they surgically inserted a long, thin tracking device into her right arm which spanned from her elbow to her wrist. This is how this loathsome, brain-washing organization kept track of this woman when they wanted to know her whereabouts. NOT ANYMORE!

Since her glorious salvation experience last week, we have been in counsel. She said since we spoke in the last couple of days and I began to pray with her, this object began to move, then to make its exit through a hole in her arm that appeared yesterday. I spoke to this cursed object in Jesus Name and commanded it to go out of the body of this new woman of God.

It moved out of the bone, where it was surgically placed. Yes, you read correctly, upon command, it moved out of the bone and began to move up the arm and out of the hole. At the end of the prayer, two wires and the device had moved from the wrist and out of the exit area, COMPELTELY out of the body. No pain (only soreness), and no blood (only what was attached to it.)

Tracking object removed by the power of Jesus!

OH…and I forgot….this hideous cult BRANDED an upside down cross with 666 on it, on her thigh. At the same time, this mark burned into her skin DISAPPEARED completely.  

Praise be to the Lamb, His mercy endures FOREVER!

Posted by: Joey Guess of Cameron, Texas

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