Belial Driven Out in Jesus Name!

We received this wonderful report recently. Praise be to God for His deliverance!

“I had my deliverance on Monday, January 3 at 7pm.  It was about a 3 hour deliverance session.  The ministers casted out and there were mild manifestations that took over – my eyes were going back and forth, scratching of my arm, leering, lower back hurt and not a lot of crying.  I remember when they casted that slumber spirit out — I haven’t been sleepy or anything!  That was a relief because I’ve been battling tons of naps and it was distracting, so that was cool.  That Satruday at 5am, the Lord woke me up and gave me a vision – “Belial”….So we addressed that the following week and that was casted out.  I feel really good and am walking in victory.  Able to read my Bible now and pray so that’s awesome!”

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