Victory in Guatemala ~ Deaf Spirit Driven Out!

I am so very happy to report the wonderful miracles that have taken place in Guatemala, Central America! The deaf now hear, demons have been cast out, and many people with sickness and afflictions healed in Jesus holy name! All of this for the watching world to see so that they can know our loving God desires to do these things in their lives also.

God has poured out His amazing miracles and more meetings are to take place tomorrow morning and night in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Many thousands have heard the good news of Jesus thus far in our open air meetings in the capital city and we have just started! Many more have heard in our other 10 evangelistic missions throughout the city and surrounding areas.

My flight to Guatemala was beautiful and experienced no problems. Praise God for His wonderful grace and mercy!

As soon as I arrived I distributed many Spanish gospel tracts in some rougher areas of the city with gunshots being heard in the background, who knows what was going on but it did not deter me and the beautiful people were receptive to the gospel. Guatemala City has quickly become one of my favorite cities in all of the world, the climate is perfect, the people are kind, the city is appealing, the culture very vibrant and the city is open to the miracles of God.

Prior to sending this email I just sent a quick email to my wife and shared how God once again provided a translator whom God told me several weeks He would provide for. This was something I shared with my wife and pastor friend James Beason. I had asked God if he would be a pastor, He said no but rather an evangelist. Well, Adolfo Fong Luna is a 50 year old evangelist. His story is an interesting one. His grandparents originally from China, escaped during the Revolution and landed in all places, in Guatemala. The family has been established here ever since. He is a consistent evangelist who preaches three times a week passing out hundreds of tracts. His wife, Faby de Fong, 43 years of age, is his partner but have not been able to bear children. God quickened my heart and told me she would bear her husband a child after prayer!

So how did I meet this servant of the Lord…well…I had run out of tracts and was simply proclaiming what little I did know of Spanish…which is not much…and Adolfo approached me with perfect English and introduced himself. Amazing provision of the Lord! He did it El Salvador, in Mexico and He did it once again in Guatemala.

As soon as I walked in their one room home I immediately was overpowered by the Holy Spirit as we were all. We fell onto our knees and I began to pray for this dear lady and her ability to have children. The power of God fell upon the woman and she testified, with many tears in her eyes, of feeling heat of the Holy Spirit fire fall upon her and her womb and they are NOW believing for children! God opened up her womb! Amen! I have a video clip of their very touching testimony that I will share upon my return!

With this dear evangelist and his wife we ministered in a half dozen open air gospel meetings throughout the capital, including three open meetings in the public square in front of the National Palace. Some of the highlights include

*seeing a man, in his 30s, immediately healed of a intense stomach pain that he had been suffering from for a very long time, he was so touched by the power of God that he came back 30 minutes later to thank me for praying for him.

*witnessing a man, in his 50s, being healed by God of intense spinal pain. He testified before many in the meeting of being pain FREE! His testimony alone opened up many others to being healed!

*seeing a young man in his early 20s, being immediately delivered of evil spirits that had been plaguing him for many years. He testified of feeling them leave as I commanded them to go! He also prayed to receive Christ in front of all! Even while some were mocking me as I prayed and proclaimed the gospel!

*in our last meeting of the night, seeing a precious little 6 year old girl, who was afflicted with deafness, healed immediately! She was so happy as she could hear me. Her mother and grandmother was present and both gave me BIG HUGS!

Many other deliverances and healings took place!

The power of the Holy Spirit was evident in these meetings! I have discovered that in our public gospel meetings like these, God is pleased to bestow quick miracles so that the watching world can SEE with their very own eyes that His love and power is REAL! These miraculous acts confirm the preaching of the gospel!

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