More Miracles: A Minister of the Gospel FREED from an Apollyon Demon!

I have arrived back in Dallas after a ministry trip that landed me in Maryland, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Tennessee. In fact there was a period where I was up for more then 32 hours, without any sleep, as I was busy traveling and ministering to those in need of liberation. God supernaturally sustained me for that length of time so I could assist those in need of deliverance and healing. Though I was not able to meet everyone that needed ministry I am grateful for the opportunity to meet many of you and see the wonderful miracles of God! Thank you dear ones for interceding for me as precious souls, loved by God, were delivered, healed, and encouraged! God was faithful!

While in Georgia, I met up with a dear family that desired spiritual freedom. The husband has been called by God and we will be ordaining him into the gospel ministry very soon. Since this dear saint has been called by the Lord Jesus the enemy has been viciously attacking him. Over a year ago, this dear brother met up with Bob Larson, a dear brother in Christ of mine, for prayer, demons were expelled. Then he met with me, more evil spirits were driven out, then he met with Bob again, more demonic spirits were cast out. There was one demon that had been unusually stubborn that brother Bob and I have been battling for some time, within him, well, this time around this defeated spirit named Apollyon, was driven out in Jesus name! Allow me to share what transpired.

This dear family and I met in Augusta, Georgia and had a supernaturally charged time as I led everyone in Holy Communion. I immediately sensed that the Holy Spirit was allowing great liberty to minister so the ministry session started off quickly. We had partaken of the body of the Lord and was about to partake of the holy blood of Jesus when suddenly this unholy spirit surfaced within him and stared at me and gave away some nervous laughter. While this brother held unto the Communion cup I began to deal with this weakened spirit (he was literally being weakened just holding unto the Communion cup).

Appollyon even confessed that he no longer had any rights to him so we simply had him confess his defeat and sent him to the pit in Jesus name! Appollyon was driven out!

(A interesting note–this dear brother, a minister of the gospel, experienced this freedom after he had preached in a church earlier that day! What a wonderful way to end a day with the victory of Jesus!)

Then there was a spirit named “Fear” that manifested within him. I encouraged this dear brother’s wife to confront these spirits and she did and expelled them out of her husband in Jesus name!

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