Demons Defeated in China!

Dear Friends of the Lord Jesus ~

I am currently in South Florida to conduct some private deliverance meetings. I am in the Sunshine State to point people to the Deliverer! I arrived here from Hong Kong earlier this evening where I had been involved in some personal ministry to those afflicted by demon powers. It is well after 2am and I still have not slept. I do not remember when I last slept in a bed, however, surprisingly, I feel strong in Jesus!

It has been a astonishing trip through the Middle East and the Far East these past few weeks. The gospel was proclaimed in two small Middle Eastern Gulf States –Qatar & United Arab Emirates– and then I journeyed on to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan where we held open air gospel meetings where signs and wonders accompanied the meetings —hundreds of souls were brought to the Savior, the demon possessed were liberated and those with various infirmities were healed, including a little boy who was a mute, in the name of Jesus! The meetings went so well that a number of churches (20 or so) have now joined our small association –the Church of the Cross. These churches will work together to assist me in conducting large evangelistic meetings in the months to come –so that we can touch lives in the here and now and for all of eternity. I would like to see this entire Islamic region exposed to the transforming power of Jesus for only Jesus can set them free!

From Pakistan I was a part of some memorable deliverance and healing ministry sessions that took place in Hong Kong, China. Moreover, I was honored to be part of the beautiful move of God, while in the small nation of Macau, a former Portuguese colony, located near Hong Kong, as I witnessed the Holy Spirit move on the heart of a dear brother who definitely feels a call to service to our King Jesus (please pray for him and his family)! 

Interestingly, upon my arrival to Hong Kong late Monday night, I was greeted by an evil spirit, within a precious saint, that threatened me, “Jay Bartlett! I am going to kill you!”

Mind you I had been in China for only a few hours before an evil demon surfaced, within a dear saint, threatening me.

“Jay Bartlertt, I am going to kill you!”

(Incidentally, around this time, a dear saint emailed me and reported that a demon jolted him by saying, “I hate Jay Bartlett!”) Weird stuff!

This dear lady’s husband, a dear brother of mine in the Lord, with me in support, drove this vile spirit out of her in Jesus name! This vile spirit is working in conjunction with many others.

Then over the next few days my brother and I stayed up nearly all night to pray for those afflicted. It could be exhausting but quite fulfilling as lives are being transformed for the here and now and for all of eternity. Some of the spiritual highlights:

  • Jesus is the Healer of the Brokenhearted. Two ladies who had suffered a great amount of spiritual pressure and torment experienced inner healing, one from Hong Kong, the other from Australia –received tremendous healing and deliverance- within our midst.
  • Jesus is the Deliverer. Three ladies experienced powerful deliverance, during our prayer sessions, that went early into the mornings. Two of these ladies who were present in our last prayer session, had dissociation, whereby the trauma and pain they experienced as little ones, caused great inner pain thereby bringing forth the fragmentation of the soul nature. We prayed for the little ones to reach out to Jesus. In fact, in one counseling session a demon within a the 5 year old part named FEAR was driven out in Jesus name!
  • Jesus Overcomes the Anti-Christ Spirit. A few of the ladies in our personal prayer sessions surfaced demonic spirits (some quite violent) named —Insanity, Anti-Christ, Jezebel and a host of many others. In one instance, during the exorcism, we spiritually tortured an Anti-Christ spirit by participating in holy worship -thus raising his hands so that he might acknowledge that Jesus was Lord over all. Just after a few moments of this, the demons cried out loudly: LET US OUT OF THIS BODY, WE CANNOT HANDLE BEING IN THIS BODY ANY LONGER! Those demons were driven out in Jesus name!

I could recount many other miracles that we were honored to be part of during my time in China but I am finally getting tired (which is good so I can sleep) so I better end this with a hear felt thank you for those who prayed for me. God sustained me! So many lives were touched by the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ! I am equally encouraged that my dear brother in Asia is being captured by the Holy Spirit for the work of the Kingdom! As I mentioned while in Macau and while traveling by boat from Macau to Hong Kong, my brother and I talked about the evident work of the Spirit of God upon his life. It is a strong feeling that God is performing something wonderful in his heart. In the coming days, we will see God raise this servant of the Jesus, up to preach, cast out demons and to heal the wounded! Please do pray for him.

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