Miracles in Guatemala, Bellmead, and Home!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

As many of you might recall I have been preaching and driving out demons in the small Central American nation of Guatemala where we saw numerous souls cured from demonic affliction, various infirmities, and pains. The Church of the Cross was strengthened and so was I. However, all of us who traveled down to Guatemala were attacked in one fashion or another –one minister friend choked on some food, another came under direct demonic attack in form of great condemnation, nearly all of us were attacked at night by demonic forces, and when I came back home I had to pull out at least 10 spiritual needles from my head that was causing great pain. As soon as I did I was healed. Jesus has been faithful! As the Scripture teaches, “…for the power of the wicked will be broken, but the Lord upholds the righteous.”

I’m back on the road again this time back in Bellmead (where the Church of the Cross meets) for more intensive ministry with those enslaved to demonic powers. For hours I met up with a father and son who had traveled many miles to meet here. They have been battling thousands of tormenting evil spirits –more then 500 Insanity spirits, more then 500 Beelzebub spirits, and more then 500 Illuminati spirits. God bestowed upon us His holy power and these 1,500 demonic spirits were expelled in Jesus name and immediately he testified of feeling unusually strong in Christ!

Before ending this email I’d like to share a precious personal event that occurred not too long ago in my home. God has blessed me with three young children –Ford 5 years of age, Ranger 3 years of age, and Sahara 1 1/2 years of age. We are raising them to love Jesus! Not only to love Him but also to actively serve Him! Well, I was in the dining room and little Sahara bumped in one of the chairs and she fell. Guess what happened. My little boy, Ford, immediately ran up to his sister and prayed over her, “In Jesus name, Sahara, be healed. May the blood of Jesus heal you.” Sahara grew quiet. Then Ford asked in belief she was healed, “Sahara, do you feel better!” Little Sahara responded with a little baby noise that translated to me at least that she was okay! I was truly touched by this display of love. Without me saying one word Ford loved his little sister by ministering unto her. Isn’t that beautiful or what???

If little ones can minister healing then so should all of us –in complete faith in Jesus to save, heal, and deliver!

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