Open Air Exorcisms in Guatemala!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

What took place here in downtown Guatemala City earlier this evening was simply spectacular and epic! Words will be hard to find to describe the stunning display of God’s power over the devil and his demons. Though I have been fortunate to be involved in many such public services but those minister friends of mine who joined me were amazed at the events that took place. Many hundreds– over the hours– was able to participate in a very unique outdoor exorcism meeting where dozens upon dozens were healed and delivered from demon powers in the name of Jesus! Better yet, many souls were won to the Lord Jesus Christ. Moreover, many precious souls were encouraged like never before to get involved in this fight against our spiritual foes in the name of Jesus. We raised up countless soldiers for Christ to get involved in the work of the Kingdom.

I need to set the scene. We arrived to the main plaza where many thousands had gathered to enjoy another beautiful sunny afternoon in the city. As we began the service people started strolling in from all different directions to see what the commotion was about. To get sort of an idea of where this all took place click here to see the Central Park where we have held these public services:

Towards the end of the service –after Gene Smith preached the gospel– the floodgates opened as demons were surfacing within many in the crowd. Some were going into convulsions, some were collapsing under demonic powers, others were experiencing tormenting attacks. All at once people streamed forward with a desire to be healed and free from demons powers. One lady I ministered to, during the public deliverance part of the meeting, manifested some powerful witchcraft spirits. The spirits threw her down to the ground, she convulsed and rolled her eyes behind the head. They were there as a result of the anger and hatred she had towards her husband and her participation in witchcraft. As she renounced these sins the demons were driven out in the name of Jesus! She was so happy –no longer depressed but now liberated to walk in the joy of the Lord!

A number of young people approached me who had never renounced their involvement in sorcery. On this night they were given the opportunity as they confessed Jesus as Lord and repented of their sins! The signs and wonders confirmed the preaching of the WORD! Many spirits of witchcraft, alcoholism, infirmities, and pains were expelled as many hundreds –some out of curiosity, some out of desire to help in prayer– witnessed these numerous outdoor exorcisms. At times the people would break out in applause to see another soul saved, healed or delivered. Imagine being there…seeing five ministers out on this huge plaza, in the midst of a enthusiastic crowd, praying for the sick and driving out demons in Jesus name! You could see the utter amazement among those watching these powerful deliverances! Jesus was delivering and healing so many! Jesus was the TALK on this day in the plaza!

Many were healed from various pains in legs, arms, feet, backs, necks, fingers, heads, and practically every part of one’s body. Many were experiencing a healing from a broken heart –sister Sharon would simply sit in a chair while a line of people lined up to receive a healing touch from her prayers to Jesus. Mothers were even bringing their babies for her to bless them! This truly excites me to see the BODY of Christ coming together to further the reach of God’s power to those hurting. John was also involved in driving many evil spirits in Jesus name!

I recall at one point while we were surrounded by a crowd of people who were simply stunned by another deliverance– I began preaching the gospel–to a very attentive crowd who listened to every word spoken, calling precious souls to repentance and declaring the victory we have in Jesus Christ our King. The marriages that were saved, the backsliders that were brought back into the race, the souls that were unbound, the hearts that were healed, individuals that experienced salvation, to the broken bodies that experienced a supernatural healing –were indeed spectacular and glorified God!

The impact of these meetings will be impacting for many generations as entire families were deeply touched by the love and miracle working power of God!

More meetings schedule tomorrow….the fruit of conducting open air evangelistic and deliverance services is undeniable….

Jesus is ALIVE!

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