Casting Demons Out in Manhattan!

While in New York City we held a number of private and public meetings, leading precious souls in Holy Communion, that lasted more then 12 hours. In one meeting two African sisters were freed from powerful generational idolatrous spirits. As soon as I made the symbol of the cross on their foreheads evil spirits surfaced, violently shaking their bodies. With unearthly moans and groans ancient demonic spirits manifested and attempted to hold on to their victims. Over the next several hours we dealt with many different kinds of unclean spirits including:

  • Demons from ancestral idol worship that entered the family bloodline through numerous animal and human sacrifices that their family still practices to this day in Western Africa.
  • Spirits from eating antelope and chicken, that had been sacrificed to false gods as little girls.
  • Demonic spirits from their grandmother’s uncle who had been a slave trader.
  • Evil spirits that had transferred through various Fetish Priestesses, that the family had contacted through the years, that led the family in raw paganism and spiritualism.
  • Spirits from polygamy –as their father was a polygamist.
  • Various spirits of infirmity that were transferred through various doctors that spoke disease into their bodies including multiple sclerosis and Parkinsons.
  • Numerous beast-humanoid creatures (some even appeared to them as aliens, black hooded figures and shadows) that stalked these dear sisters and sexually assaulted them.
  • Various spirits from Freemasonry, Hinduism, Divination, and Ancestral Tribal Religions.
  • Demons that were attached to a idol that their extended family, back in Ghana, still possesses in their home (I was even able to pray with their dear mother on the phone during the meeting and commanded the demons to leave her in Jesus name).

As you can imagine these vile spiritual beings battled us with the hopes of staying within them as they desired to continue their domination in subsequent generations. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ we confronted these demons and expelled untold numbers of them to the pit. Many of them came out through yawns, groans, vomiting, and through the breath. Some tried to hinder by choking the ladies, other times they would violently shake their heads and bodies, and still at other times, they twisted their bodies. In one instance, they tried to kill the younger sister by choking her with spiritual chains around her neck. We immediately removed the chains and she was able to breathe properly.

Both ladies experienced some amazing deliverance and deep healing (various dissociative identities were identified and healed by the love of Jesus). The one sister –a medical doctor– who has been unable to work as a physician because of these demonic torments sent me a beautiful email thanking God for the powerful deliverance they had received

“Dear Brother Jay,
Thank you for taking your time to minister to us. We really appreciate it and we know that the Lord did some work in our lives. We feel better and lighter spiritually. Please extend our gratitude to Pastor James. He was such a blessing. Both of you have a heart for the body of Christ and your passion to set captives free is encouraging. Have a wonderful trip back. We hope to see you on the show “Beyond Belief”. We will keep in touch and keep on reading your blogs; it builds our faith for miracles, signs and wonders.  We will let you know how we are doing and will continue to take authority and fight the good fight of faith. Be blessed and may the Lord clothe you with His glory and continue to release the anointing from Isaiah 61 over your ministry.”

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