Demons Driven Out & Hundreds Hear the Gospel in Barbados

My brothers and sisters in the love of Jesus,

I am currently in the small island nation of Barbados conducting open air evangelistic meetings in the capital city of Bridgetown. It’s been raining here every day however the amazing miracles that are occurring here are quite encouraging.

This most recent mission started off with some problems though. Should we be surprised? We expect some warfare.

First, my flight to the Caribbean was delayed because of some mechanical problems that the jet was experiencing. Pretty routine problem, right? But, then there was unusual delay when I finally boarded another plane. We were stuck on the runaway because the airport security personnel contacted the pilot and said there were some “security risk” baggage that needed to removed immediately. Oh great. More delays and now the plane is carrying who knows what.

Finally, we were cleared and I traveled onward to Barbados to proclaim the gospel in outdoor evangelistic meetings. Within the first hour I arrived to this beautiful island nation I had the wonderful opportunity to lead a 56 year old man by the name of Ezra to the Lord Jesus Christ. He had shared with me that nobody had taken the time to share the gospel with him and what it meant to be born again.

Isn’t that amazing my friends? There are precious souls (billions I might add) in our world that have NEVER been told about the good news–that Jesus saves! That is why God sent me here to Barbados to introduce lost humanity to the loving Savior. Ezra opened his heart to Jesus and the smile said it all!

Earlier today with the support of a few precious local believers (including a 85 year old Methodist minister) from the Methodist Church and the Adventist Church I set up my audio equipment and preached in three open air meetings throughout Bridgeport including Independence Square, Chamberlain Square and the Main Bridge. Many hundreds were reached with the gospel and in each meeting souls were won to Jesus Christ! In fact, it was beautiful to behold precious people literally shouting for me and chasing me down, after these meetings for personal prayer and ministry. That is something I do NOT see in America, Canada, Europe, or Australia. In those western nations I usually get viciously attacked and Jesus is blasphemed when I preach in public but outside these nations people are quite receptive and souls are brought into the kingdom of God!

One lady (and her male friend) that shouted me down, after a open air meeting, was a precious women that was deeply distressed. Originally from Guyana, South America, this lady was deeply bound by evil spirits and was begging for prayer as she was being forced into human trafficking by a criminal syndicate here in Barbados and wanted to escape. I offered her the escape –the Lord Jesus. Obviously, I gave her some tips on some practical means to escape the human traffickers but her soul was needing to be saved and she desperately needed to be delivered. While in this public area I led her to Jesus and commanded the demonic spirits that had been tormenting her to leave her body. Immediately she felt the satanic spirits leave and felt a spiritual release that she had never experienced before. She was so happy my friends! Many others were like her following after me at the conclusion of the open air meetings requesting spiritual help.

I also conducted some street evangelistic work –preaching in bars (a man was delivered from demons after sharing the gospel in one bar), in front of gaming halls, on the ocean side and many other places and many souls were saved by the power of God. Perhaps close to 15 souls were captured by the salvation message of Jesus in these efforts. God to be praised!

God even gave me a beautiful opportunity to speak with an government official from the Prime Minister’s Office here in Barbados and he surrendered to Jesus!

This is LIFE my friends, serving Jesus. I feel more peace, spiritual satisfaction, fulfillment, and power when ministering to lost humanity. This is what I was born to do—preach the gospel and drive out demons!

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