Battling Eastern Russian Demons in Michigan!

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus!

Yesterday afternoon I arrived and have been busy –conducting 3 meetings, spending nearly 10 hours ministering to those afflicted by the powers of Satan –many demons were cast out and many hearts were healed in the name of Jesus!

One family that arrived to the meeting had been searching for a church to assist them for years! No one made themselves available so the Holy Spirit sent me and a minister friend of mine to pray!

Within minutes of praying with the mother, an evil spirit surfaced by the name of Noking. He was so angry at me! He growled and fully manifested from within her and spoke to me. The weird part of this was when he spoke to me, he spoke to me in what sounded like Russian (my wife and I spent many weeks in a Russian village in Germany conducting public meetings some years back and recognized the language).

These Noking spirits went on and on speaking in Russian. It was truly unusual. I commanded the spirits to speak English and after some struggle they finally did though with great difficulty at the beginning.

“There’s 12 of us and we go back many generations,” the demonic spirits boasted to me as they looked at me with murderous intent, “we will kill her, destroy her family.”

The reasons were varied of how these 12 spirits gained access into the ancestral bloodline: fornication, molestation, rejection, adultery, and many other sins. The demonic spirits also revealed that this lady’s (Michelle) great grandmother was involved in an organized witchcraft group that participated in satanic rituals.

“We are here to stop her from obtaining her inhertiance and blessings as a child of your God,” the demons confessed.

Wow! Think over that a moment. How many of you reading this feel like you are not fully obtaining the blessings due to you as a child of the King? Remember the apostle Paul teaches we have blessed with every spiritual blessing in Christ (see Ephesians 1). But many believers are not walking in these blessings. I believe there are demons hindering and these demons must be confronted. They must be expelled in Jesus name!

At one point the demons stood her up on the sofa she had been sitting on and towered over with me satanic glee. He was about to lunge at me with all of their fury! I called forth the holy angels of God and they immediately came and restrained the spirits and forced them to sit back down. The holy angels of the Lord on many occasions struck these vile spirits with their swords and brought upon them great judgement. Their ministry enabled me to effectively help this dear woman!

Many other demons were within Michelle including a group of Jezebel spirits hell bent on destroying the family. What was remarkable was when Jezebel surfaced he immediately spoke utilizing many Christian cliches and verbiage that you would often hear many Christians use. But the tone was sarcastic and fake. Jezebel laughed and laughed. He confessed he loved going to churches (does not the Lord rebuke the church in the Book of Revelation for tolerating Jezebel among themselves?) This kind of spirit enjoys entering churches to bring havoc and seduction. All of us need to be on the watch of this spirit within the Body of Christ (Jezebel has no respect for the people of God. Recall, historically, what Jezebel did to the prophets of Old?)

“I came into her,” Jezebel arrogantly told me, “because she made a inner vow when she was 15 years of age that she would never submit to a man.”

Inner vows can open your life to demons! I led Michelle in repentance (and renouncing generational curses) and drove Jezebel and NoKing (which I had bound together) out of her in the name of Jesus! As soon as the evil spirits left she felt immediate peace, relief, and joy! She shouted at the top of her lungs: I AM FREE IN JESUS.

Many other demons were cast out including spirits of incest and vindictiveness. One demon revealed he had traveled within a Russian immigrant in the 18th century to the United States and when he landed on the shore he looked for openings and found Michelle’s ancestors who were given into sin and Satan. He then traveled into one of her ancestors in 1721 and had traveled through the bloodline since that day. Where is the church? Why didn’t someone intervene and shared the ministry of deliverance so future generations could be spared of pain, suffering, and demonization?

Many of these spirits held on to pieces of her heart and these spirits were commanded to release her heart and I spoke to these broken pieces and one little one was even honored to see the risen Jesus! Beautiful healing took place as all of these pieces of her heart were merged back together and there was wholeness in Jesus name!

Not only was Michelle was delivered from many demons but her 15 year old son (Cory) was also healed and liberated! There were others called, Amantheed, Negathon, Ramsheed, Instaid, and various other ancient demonic entities that had brought YEARS of torment into his life! This family was so desperate for deliverance that they turned to alternative methods such as “light therapy,” where this young man had to, for hours, at a time, glare into a light that was suppose to bring harmony. It didn’t bring harmony, it simply opened up more demons to enter within his body. This is a spiritual crime where a church going family had to turn to this kind of silly means in attempt to bring liberation. He needed an exorcism! He conducted one and he is now free from many demons and his heart was healed too. Many young parts ranging from 5 to 10 years of age were communicated to and healed in the name of Jesus! This young many also said he feels a call from God to the deliverance ministry and is ready to cast out demons!

As you can see I could easily go on and on sharing the victories we saw as Jesus set hearts FREE! Another man was set free from a scorpion spirit that was literally stinging his head. This spirit was cast out! Another lady was set free spirits of death and suicide.

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