Jesus Delivers Souls in California

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Pastor James Beason and I are in the midst of Californian ministry tour that began in San Diego and will end up in Northern California. The past few days we have been conducting ministry in the beautiful San Diego area where we have conducted some evangelistic and deliverance ministry. Thus far we have traveled thru San Diego, Del Mar, Los Angeles, and Coronado Island sharing the gospel, praying for the sick and driving out evil spirits in the name of Jesus!

Last night, while conducting a small meeting in Del Mar, California, a young Japanese man was delivered from many generational evil spirits. The first spirit that surfaced was named, Rage. As you can imagine he was quite angry to be exposed to the light of Jesus!

I called forth the holy angels of God and almost immediately legions of angels gathered around me and assisted me in warfare. The angels of God battled the demonic spirits and greatly weakened them to where they were groaning and moaning in agony.

“We are here because his ancestor’s murdered, they lusted, they abandoned each other, worshipped false gods, and were involved in perversion,” the spirit of rage revealed to me.

I commanded the violent spirits to submit to the Lord Jesus Christ and these devils obeyed!

“There’s three of us in him and five others total. There is us and lust, anxiety, fear, pride, and hate.”

In the name of Jesus all of these spirits were expelled out of his body and sent to the pit! With loud cries the demons departed!

Another young lady present in the meeting –from Germany– was delivered from demons of divination as a result of her participation in the occult and fortune-telling over the years. The demonic spirits started to afflict this lady with great pain in an attempt to hinder the deliverance however the Lord Jesus instantly healed her as we commanded the pain to cease! Many other evil spirits were confronted and expelled such as spirits of abortion, death, word curses, trauma and abuse.

It was VERY evident that Jesus visited them powerfully as both were deeply touched and impacted by the love of Jesus! They both testified of their deliverance and their desire to now Jesus with everything they have! Their beautiful smiles and inner joy said it all! Not all did Jesus deliver them , He also healed them physically and emotionally!

This morning James and I traveled from Del Mar to Los Angeles to minister to a African family that is originally from Benin. Incidentally, I have spent many months in Benin –a Western African nation known as the birthplace of voodoo and black magic– ministering to those afflicted by the powers of voodoo. On this day the Holy Spirit swept thru our meeting and liberated this woman from many hundreds of thousands of demons. They groaned, moaned, convulsed her body, twisted her body and vomited out of her (some of the things exiting thru her body were quite unusual looking).

The demons had no chance! Jesus and His holy angels were present and placed these demons in utter defeat! James and I commanded many hundreds of thousands of voodoo spirits out of a dear African woman and she testified of feeling much better. There is some more work to be done with her but we literally ran out of time and hope to visit her family again soon!

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