Signs, Wonders, Sacraments in the Middle East & Asia

Dear Friends of Jesus who is King,

Souls saved, water baptizing a disciple in the Arabian Sea, driving out demons from a little boy from an Muslim family, marrying a South African couple in Oman, to conducting public deliverance meetings in Manila, holding a house church meeting in the Middle East, surviving a very violent exorcism where I was threatened with death and seeing many dozens healed and delivered from demons has made this mission an extraordinary one!

It has been a supernaturally charged mission journey thus far as I have visited France, the Kingdom of Bahrain, the Sultanate of Oman and now currently in Manila, Philippines where we are seeing the power of God in every visit as we see the signs of the Holy Spirit and power of the sacraments in our ministry events. I have not slept much but God has been gracious and I’m seeing souls experience salvation, amazing healing and miraculous liberation from the powers of the kingdom of darkness. 

When I arrived into Oman which neighbors Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Yemen I was once again reminded of the need for the gospel to go forth in power in this region of the globe. With virtually no Christian churches in this Islamic nation there is an absolute need of the power of God for the people of these Arab nations. My time in Oman was completely filled with ministering to those afflicted by demon powers. While meeting in a home church with local believers I was told that their work for the gospel comes at a great risk since Oman is an Islamic state with strict media controls in place. Often their meetings are held in secrecy. It was in this environment I taught for many hours the Holy Scriptures. The local disciples were quite receptive to the teachings. I think I began teaching around Noon and I did not stop ministering until the following morning at 5am. PONDER this for a moment. This could only be accomplished by the grace of God. Even then there were still precious souls still in need of ministry. Nearly everyone in the meeting were either healed or delivered from demonic spirits. One couple that came to the meeting experienced such a powerful deliverance that they decided to get married. So, after sleeping for perhaps a few hours the entire home church and the families of the couple descended on the Arabian Coastline where I held a marriage ceremony. It was such a beautiful day to conduct the sacrament of holy matrimony as family and friends surrounded the couple and were united in marriage. The tears, the sweet presence of the Holy Spirit, and power of their vows to one another made my time in this Islamic state complete in so many ways. 

Not only were there signs and wonders in our ministry events in Oman but the sacraments were administered and this combination is so desperately needed in the Body. There is such a great power of the Holy Spirit unleashed when both the signs and the sacraments of the church is present and participated in. This is an unique aspect of the Church of the Cross which God called me to serve. Not only did I see the miraculous work of the Holy Spirit but I also witnessed the sacraments –signs of the sacred that point souls to the spiritual realities of Christ– touch precious souls as I administered a marriage ceremony and even a baptism as I water baptized a South African disciple in the waters of the Arabian Sea.  This precious disciple and her husband (who incidentally heard about me through my global radio broadcasthoused me during my time in Oman and many local believers were touched with the power of Jesus. I have been invited to come back to hold more ministry events and look forward to launching from this base to other areas of the Arab world for the gospel.

Traveling onto Southeast Asia I landed in Manila, the Philippines, where I have been conducting public meetings at the Kingdom of God Church and the United Family of God Church overseen by my dear brother Orlando Sacman. Interestingly enough pastor Orlando heard about my work from my many radio shows. This radio outreach extends globally as I have met souls worldwide who have blessed by these radio presentations. For many hours we drove out so many demons –they screamed, they convulsed, they were violent, they threatened, and they CAME OUT in Jesus name! The extraordinary power of the Holy Spirit rested upon me and Orlando as we continually ministered to those suffering from demonic problems.

At the Kingdom of God church a very violent demon of murder and rage manifested from a large Filipino man. These demon were hell bent on destroying me. The SCREAMED very loudly at me.

“Do you understand me? I’m going to KILL you tonight! We will KILL you. We will KILL you,” as the demons lunged at me with great fury. 

You are going to the pit in Jesus name!

“NOOOOO!!!!! We are staying with him. We will NEVER leave him. We will kill you first! We will KILLLLLLL YOUUUUU,” the violent spirits informed me.

You know how it goes my friends, don’t you? They threaten and they ended flying into that PIT!

With claw like hands they attempted to murder me. It took perhaps 5 or 6 believers to hold this man back from murdering me. It was quite intense. It was all captured on video and I hope to share the raw video footage soon! In fact many of the exorcisms were taped. We will have many hours of exorcism footage to share with you!

The demons were very strong within this large man. I poured the blood of Jesus in a baptismal manner over these evil spirits and they were defeated. They were sent to the pit and with loud cries many demon departed.

The SMILE, the JOY, and the PEACE said it all. This large man gave me a huge bear hug and thanked me as tears flowed from his face. He was delivered and he KNEW it. It felt so good to be clean and free!

On this night the demonic manifestations were powerful, were very dramatic and thus the power of the Holy Spirit was even greater as so many souls were freed from demons in Jesus name!

One 11 year old boy named Mohammad (who came from a Muslim family) came to the front for prayer and shared that he was being terribly afflicted by demon powers in his chest as if something was within his lungs. For a long time I battled these stubborn spirits and they would not budge. I continued on and eventually wore out these spirits and they left him in Jesus name! Not only did they leave but also the pain!

It was amazing that while we ministered mass deliverance I would estimate that more then 20 souls were healed miraculously. As I asked how many were sick and more then 20 souls raised their hands to indicate they were sick in some fashion. Towards the end of the meeting I inquired if anyone was needing prayer for healing and only a few came up as during our mass deliverance prayers everyone else was healed in Jesus name! Thus why we do public meetings to reach the masses with the healing power of Jesus! Many were testifying of being healed from pains, sicknesses of various sorts and diseases. Many Jezebel spirits interestingly enough surfaced in this meeting among the ladies of the church. These were driven out in Jesus name in a dramatic fashion as the Jezebel spirits convulsed, violently surfacing within these precious ladies. With loud cries many were set free!

At the Kingdom of God Church many more were delivered from demons including one young lady who rushed towards the stage to receive prayer. She was not only freed from demons of death and suicide but she also prayed with me to receive Jesus Christ as Lord after her deliverance. She witnessed firsthand of the power of God as these demons were removed thus her openness to receive Jesus as Savior. She leaped for joy, danced and was so excited about her NEW walk with Jesus. I LOVED seeing it! Others prayed to call upon Jesus too!

This is a greet need in the world –displaying to the lost the power of God through signs and wonders– which opens hearts to the love of Jesus as they see how much Jesus loves them by performing such a great healing in their lives.

When I took the time to pray for those suffering from witchcraft I would estimate more then 90% of the church rushed towards the stage for deliverance from generational witchcraft. Everyone of them were set free! Read that sentence again and ponder how great our God is!

There are so many miracle stories I’m not sharing as I have run out of time. I am at the Manila International Airport heading to Malaysia. Then tomorrow I’m heading onward to Australia to hold a series of public deliverance meetings. Hope to see all of you then!

We are also very excited about our coming trip to British Columbia and New Zealand where they are planning on holding a stadium meeting in 2013 where I will minister to many souls. 

Our many volumes, radio presentations, YouTube videos and mission work globally is impacting countless souls. We are inspiring a younger generations to enter into the global gospel ministry. We are inspiring souls to carry out the works of the Kingdom. Will you dare to serve Jesus? Say YES to Jesus!

Jesus WINS!

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