In British Columbia: Crippled Man Walks!

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus,

I’m currently in British Columbia, in rainy Surrey, which is just outside of Vancouver, where I have been conducting public meetings at a small Pentecostal congregation that is quite open to the ministry of deliverance. The church invited me to come to teach on the subject of deliverance and healing. Each and every meeting was well attended and the miracles have been numerous. Many souls saw Jesus, there were visions of the Lord Jesus, of holy angels, there were miraculous healings, powerful exorcisms, and a great amount of supernatural acts of the Holy Spirit.

I’m sitting here STUNNED typing this email report to you! Individuals and families drove in many hours from all over Canada to participate in these public services. There were a small group of Russians that even traveled in from America to attend the meetings. You might recall that I ministered in the Russian communities of Washington State a few weeks back and WORD has spread like wildfire in these communities of all of the mighty miracles that have taken place and so many precious Russians are so hungry for the ministry of deliverance that they are willing to drive great distances to be a part. God did not disappoint –the demonstration of His holy power was awesome. Extremely intense!

Just for starters, tonight, in our last public meeting a 60 year old man cripple, who arrived in his old worn out wheelchair, was gloriously healed! This cripple lost usage of his legs because he was literally run over by a car in a accident. Thus he was confined to a wheel chair. He could no longer walk! I recall at one point during the meeting this cripple was attempting to use the men’s room and had to be assisted by two men as he could not walk. He was in great pain and torment.

What was significant about his arrival to this meeting was this –he was giving God literally one more opportunity to intervene as he was planning on committing suicide on this very night! He shared that he was going to blow his head off! He was that despaired of life. He was depressed. Sad. A truly tortured soul. Who wouldn’t be as he lived a life of misery –confined to a wheelchair with no hopes of ever walking!

I’m so grateful to our Savior as He is always present at our darkest of hours. He is there to intervene. Jesus intervened in this man’s life by displaying His holy power to him!

He sat and watch so many people being set free from evil spirits. While breaking generational curses many demons were manifesting –some VERY VIOLENT. The violence was extraordinary. One young 29 year old woman that had been a prostitute and heavily involved in witchcraft surfaced some aggressive spirits hell bent on battling me.

“She’s a ugly whore! God doesn’t love her. She’s a whore. She’s a WHORE! That’s all she’ll ever be,” the demons shouted at me as they violently twisted her body and threw her to the ground in a fit of rage.

“God can’t possibly use her. She’s a whore,” the demonic spirits stated.

As we battled these vile and vicious beings they began to claw her face. Moreover, they began to foam at the mouth and with deep guttural animal-like noises manifested with great power. They violently threw her to the ground on many occasions. They attempted to injure her and kill her. They literally threw punches in her head. Pulling her hair. Clawing her body. Vomiting out blood.

The supernatural strength of the spirits was something to behold. It took incredible amount of spiritual energy to withstand these demonic attacks upon me.

Be mindful that earlier in the day for more then 4 hours I ministered in a morning/afternoon training seminar where I taught the Body of Christ on the subject of spiritual warfare. Even during the teaching I was ministering deliverance and healing as during the teaching demonic spirits named “Torment” surfaced within a 60 year old woman that were hell bent on destroying this disciple of the Lord. So, not only was I teaching I was also ministering deliverance. Then after a few hour break we continued on with this ministry for another 5 hours. As you can imagine this is the front lines of spiritual warfare and God bestowed upon me unusual holy power and strength to minister to the captives.

Though I was exerting an amazing amount of spiritual energy fighting all of these demons God however granted victory. This precious woman who had been abused, deeply hurt, involved in all forms of perversion, witchcraft, the occult and paganism was being released from the powers of darkness.

She renounced these sins, the generational curses and the demonic bondages and God granted tremendous spiritual release to this woman. The spirits cried out, screamed, and flew out of her mouth. All of them entered into that pit as ordered. It was phenomenal to witness the power of God over the enemy.

So, as this young woman was being set free from these dark powers of Satan, in this public meeting, this crippled man sat watching intently. This power of Jesus was softening his heart. After this woman experienced this most powerful deliverance I turned my focus on this man who quickly manifested spirits of rage and hate. The spirits cursed. blasphemed, and screamed. At one point they attempted to deter me.

They told me that I had no power. That they didn’t know I was. That they were never going to leave him. The usual attempts to discourage the exorcist from carrying out his holy task in the setting the captives free. Their pitiful tactics failed and they were overcame by the power of the blood of Jesus.

As the generational spirits of rage and hate was being expelled I felt this unusual holy power descended upon me by the Holy Spirit and I took the crippled man by his hand and gradually lifted him off his wheelchair that had bound him for so long! As he stood up I laid my hands that were were blazing with fire from heaven on his spine. I commanded the spine to be healed in Jesus name and this 60 year old man was being supernaturally touched by Jesus!

I then gradually led him to WALK. Mind you this was a crippled man who could not walk. At one point as God was restoring his body I literally let go of his hand and he walked unassisted up to the front of the small sanctuary of this church. The crippling paralysis was dissolving in Jesus name. The faith and the power in this church was amazing. This allows the Holy Spirit to move in our midst to heal.

He was no longer needing the wheelchair and was astonished by the miracle working power of God upon his life. He testified of experiencing this amazing healing. As he finished sharing his testimony and giving God glory. I asked a brother in the Lord to assist him to his chair. This former cripple turned to me and said, “No, I will walk back to my chair by myself.” He not only walked by himself back he also did so with determination to serve Jesus!

What a POWERFUL miracle for all to witness. The spiritual energy in this church was at a all time high as so many precious saints were seeing God’s power to heal right before their eyes as this New Testament power encounter was taking place. As a result so many others were opened up to the power of Jesus and were miraculously healed and liberated from demon powers.

It’s nearly 3am and needing some rest. So, I close this email report for now. I just felt a immediate need to share the miracles of our great God with you. The past week I have been under attack. I have been tested. I have been facing some physical problems but continued on with serving Jesus. Jesus is so wonderful as He has sustained me and given me healing.

God was pleased to display His holy power in these meetings and give Jesus all the praise for the battle belongs to the Lord!

In just a few hours I’ll be departing for New Zealand and will need your prayers and intercession. May Jesus continue to perform great miracles in our midst!

There is so much more to share from this time in British Columbia so I hope to write another email update soon. The needs are immense but Jesus is prevailing in so many lives!

Jesus is indeed Lord over all!

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