Mighty Wonders in Vancouver, Now in Auckland, New Zealand

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

The Book of Acts documents amazing miracles of the Holy Spirit –the dead being raised, evil spirits being driven out, the sick healed, and other extraordinary miracles. In Acts 8 we read of the evangelist Philip’s mighty ministry in Samaria.

“Those who had been scattered preached the word wherever they went. Philip went down to a city in Samaria and proclaimed the Messiah there. When the crowds heard Philip and saw the signs he performed, they all paid close attention to what he said. For with shrieks, evil spirits came out of many, and many who were paralyzed or lame were healed. So there was great joy in that city.”

I have perhaps read that passage hundreds of times over the years and yet it still excites me. You’ll see 5 important elements of Philip’s ministry that I want to note that should be marks of our ministry unto the Lord:

  1. The message of Jesus was front and center. Evangelist Philip, “proclaimed the Messiah.”
  2. Signs and wonders followed the preaching of the WORD as the “crowds heard Philip and saw the signs he performed.”
  3. As a result of the proclamation of the gospel, demons surfaced and “with shrieks, evil spirits came out of many.”
  4. Along with the expulsion of demonic spirits, those whom were paralyzed and “crippled” (Amplified Version) were healed.
  5. Because Jesus was proclaimed and the because of the great amount of miracles taking place there was “great joy” in the city.

We witnessed all 5 elements being displayed on this most recent mission that had me in British Columbia and New Zealand. As I reported in my last email update not only were demons expelled there were other amazing miracles taking place including seeing a crippled man walk! In each city I ministered there was GREAT joy after the meetings. Why? Because people are desperate to SEE New Testament power encounters. Seeing the love of Jesus in action, seeing Him heal and deliver brings great joy to hearts. In all of the meetings I conducted, private and public, I was approached afterwards with a deep desire to see this mission hold even more services in their areas. Many dozens were supernaturally healed and exorcised from demons. 

In our first meeting in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, it was a small but rather enthusiastic crowd. After teaching many demons surfaced including many Hindu and Polynesian spirits. Several of those attending this public meeting were from India and the island-nation of Fiji. One young woman from Fiji manifested very violent spirits that invaded this woman due to her family’s participation in idol worship. There were many Hindu spirits including Ganesha. We also battled Baal, Jezebel and many others hell bent on destroying. Legions of demonic spirits were sent to the pit and many were liberated by the power of the cross.

One lady that attended our last evening service manifested very strong spirits that had entered her as a result of being taken as a little girl to a local witchcraft doctor where they poured lamb’s blood over her body. She participated in vile disgusting blood rituals. As you can imagine that allowed a number of strong voodoo and witchcraft demons to enter her body. God was merciful and these spirits were driven out in Jesus name. 

Not only were many liberated from demon powers but many broken hearts were healed. In each and every meeting precious broken pieces of hearts surfaced desiring to see Jesus. Many heart pieces testified of seeing the risen Jesus and being healed by Him. We are seeing this in nearly every meeting we conduct. There is a tremendous need to heal not only broken bodies but also broken hearts

From the Vancouver area I flew into the North Island of New Zealand from there I took yet another flight into the South Island to the small city of Nelson where we conducted numerous private and public meetings. The public meetings were held at a local community hall where precious families and individuals gathered to learn more about the deliverance ministry. It was astonishing to see some who had driven (or took flights) great distances to be present. One family heard about the meeting because their daughter was delivered from demons in one of our meetings in Perth, Australia. Because of the impact of the ministry on her life, she told her parents about the ministry which sparked an interest that led them to drive more then 5 hours to attend our services. In each meeting I taught from the Scriptures for a few hours, led everyone in Holy Communion, and then ministered to the sick, the demonized, and those broken in heart. Many thousands of evil demons were cast out in Jesus name. Many hearts were supernaturally healed and bodies were released of various pains and afflictions

What truly motivated me is seeing a great amount of saints desiring to be equipped to minister deliverance to the captives. Many were trained in the areas of healing and deliverance. Many approached me and remarked that the teaching on our “Hidden Life in Christ,” was transformational. I see this is a foundational teaching that is lacking in so many disciple’s lives. In order to effectively minister liberation to those in darkness we need to fully understand who we are in Christ.

In our last meeting, I felt incredible amount of opposition from Jezebel demons that inhabited so many in the meeting hall. One lady constantly interrupted while I was teaching (I could hear her snicker and complain to another lady beside her). I approached this woman during a break and rebuke the demons in Jesus. I told her I was glad she was present as we would have the wonderful opportunity to cast the demons out of her that controlled her. Immediately, she stormed out of the room yelling, “hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah.” No doubt, religious spirits were control of this angry woman who was hell bent on debating me rather then submitting to the work of the Holy Spirit in our midst. As soon as she departed the environment changed for the better and many were released from demons including one woman who had numerous violent serpent spirits attached to her. These were cast out in Jesus name but we scheduled a private meeting with her to drive out many others that remained in her life.

In this private deliverance meeting –more then a million– demons surfaced and battled me (there were hundreds of legions of spirits within her). It was very violent exorcism. Her body contorted in grotesque forms, her face disfigured, and animal sounds could be heard coming from her mouth. Spirits of death, Satan, fear, lust, hate, envy, anti-Christ, torment, sickness, injustice, Legion, insanity, jealously, cancer, and infirmity battled me for hours. Many of these demonic spirits entered as a result of her ancestors worshiping Baal. Many of them were holding captive 4 ancestral dissociative parts:

  1. 19 year part, of one of her ancestors, that was birthed in the 16th century that was beheaded.
  2. A little baby that was birthed in the 12th century, that was strangled by the death spirit, that surfaced during our deliverance meeting. This death spirit had been in her life since 1100 B.C.
  3. 40 year old part, that was birthed in 17th century that was killed by the death spirit by bringing forth a heart attack.
  4. A 70 year old ancestral part that was birthed in the 3rd century, that was also killed by the death spirit via a heart attack.

I spoke to these precious parts including little baby who went to be with Jesus and experienced healing. As you cam imagine little baby part was carrying incredible trauma as a result of being strangled some 900 years ago.

Not only were these many demons holding the ancestral parts, there were also also enslaving precious parts of her heart including a little baby from the womb, a 5 year old, some teenage parts. There were 1,000 dissociative identities that were supernaturally healed on this day along with the many evil spirits driven out in Jesus name! 

As you can imagine she felt amazing afterwards. Though some work still needs to take place, tremendous deliverance took place in her life that will allow her to move forward in her life serving Jesus. She hopes to join us in our Western Australian meetings in early August (by the way, in the coming days, I will be releasing our teaching schedule, for our Perth meetings, that will allow me to explore such subjects such as mind-control, tools of the exorcist, healing dissociation and ancestral dissociation, deactivating generational and word curses and so much more).

I do apologize as there were so many miracles and wonders that took place and I have had no opportunity to share them with you. Thank you precious partners for praying for me and my family. I spoke to my wife recently and our little 7 year old boy, Ford, experienced a most viscous demonic attack that I will share more about in my next email update. As parents we need to be aware of the monsters that desire to attack little ones. It was a most unusual attack. Appreciate your prayers in Jesus name!

I send my love to all of you. It was wonderful to meet so many new and old friends on this mission. As I think back to all of the many meetings we conducted I marvel at the goodness of God. He deserves to be honored!

Jesus is King!

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