Thousands Trained Despite the Death Threats

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Appreciate all your prayers, emails and kind words. I have been in a tremendous spiritual battle the past few months it seems. Fighting off physical afflictions, attacks on the family, personal testings, and so much more. Satan is seeking to destroy. Even after one of our public meetings in New Jersey, after battling armies of demons, in the very early morning hours, I received a death threat from a demon within a woman we have been praying for in Europe:

“I hate you Jay! I hate you! I wish she had never met you piece of filth!! I’m gonna kill you and I can’t wait!”

The enemy is furious as the Holy Spirit is empowering this mission and touching many hearts!

Stunning testimonies continue to flow into the mission. I am deeply humbled to see God use us to reach so many throughout the earth. I am here to serve YOU!

We have, by the grace of God, have trained many thousands of disciples to evangelize, drive out demons, to heal the sick, to raise the dead, to perform extraordinary miracles, and to heal those broken in heart. I have, in countless meetings, have facilitated believers to minister to others in need of deliverance and healing with stunning results. This is an unique aspect of Jay Bartlett Missions (and the Church of the Cross) as we want to raise up a spiritual special forces unit to battle the powers of the anti-Christ. 

This testimony came in from a precious couple that traveled great distance to be present for our British Columbia meetings a few weeks ago. Read and rejoice:

“After we left Surrey, Terri began to manifest and was severely attacked – had the worst migraine headache of her life and she argued with me – blaming me to the point we had to stop twice for extended periods. Finally when we got home we prayed and in Jesus name I attempted to cast out these evil spirits. Terri felt better then the next day worse – she said – ‘ You have to do it – I feel they are very strong – so you have to prepare.’ Terri began to fast and I began to pray heavily making sure I myself was clear and for holy spirit and the power through the living God, Jesus to accomplish what was ahead. 

3 days later as Terri continued her fast I knew it was time. I had a sheet made from your casting out demons brochure – with key scriptures and the method, order and had my Bible – blessed holy water, (blood of Jesus), anointed oil – as I was guided after fervent prayer. I felt perhaps I may not be ready for such a monumental task – but knew the Father Son and Spirit would help and direct me. 

That night as I started reading scripture and announced in Jesus name these wicked spirits would be cast out …the first manifested and I asked who it was and it identified itself as ‘Pain’ and following directions – I asked how many more demons there were and I got the answer ’10’ I asked how long it was there and how it got in – 100 years – witchcraft – great grandmother. As I did this I felt Holy Spirit flood me and great discernment of spirits as I brought them up, down and Terri up. The battle lasted more than 3 hours as I searched for the strongman – ‘Jezebel’ came up and was cast out in Jesus name screaming to the pit. At first I thought that was the strongman as ‘Suffering’ another that surfaced had told me Jezebel was. Of course, as you’ve said these ones don’t have a problem lying to suit their purposes.

Anyways I will relate the rest of this battle when I see you – suffice to say Jesus our glorious King did it all and Terri, we pray, is completely delivered….there are many more details, especially the strongman battle, to relate yet that is for when we meet.

We are both so grateful to have gathered the information from your ministry first hand as it enabled me through the power of our Savior to triumph – as He always does…praise God! May God hugely protect and bless you in Jesus name!”

WOW!!! This is what I LOVE. Here’s a couple, because of the training we provided, is now driving out demons in Jesus name. They even used one of my teaching brochures (this is the reason we write and produce so many volumes –to equip the Body of Christ– this is the fruit of the work we have been involved in for over a quarter of a century). 

Now, because of their desire to follow Jesus, they have decided to follow me down to Latin America (mind you they live in Canada, so a great distance) next week to assist me in ministry (more on this mission in my next update). 

As some of you know I was recently in the New Jersey area conducting teaching seminars and public deliverance meetings resulting in many finding freedom in Jesus name! In one of our Extraordinary Encounters was a disciple who had traveled to the meetings for an exorcism. After one of the public meetings we performed an exorcism on this disciple and we literally dealt with millions of evil spirits (they were in very large groups thus making it much easier to expel) within his mind and body. These were ancient Illuminati and Masonic spirits that had been tormenting him for years. In this one session he was delivered from tens of millions of demonic spirits. Today I received a email from him:

“Hey brother Jay, 

There has been a definite change in my spirit since the meetings. I am so encouraged by the ministry I get filled with the Holy Spirit every time I talk about my experiences along with the way that you and Sharon “labored in love”.  Today was a great day as well, I am able to pray more consistent throughout the day and really share the joy in my spirit with others because of the barriers that have been broken down. The first day I got back my girlfriend and I were openly attacked, we could not agree on anything; every little thing caused a disagreement. God in His mercy delivered Jessica and I that day and we actually had bible study together that night! Glory to God! We were so encouraged that the enemy was actually trying to attack us that we became stronger and more intent on leaning toward God. We will definitely be at  your next meeting. We have been praying for you and your ministry team daily. With the anointing God has bestowed upon you combined with your teaching and faith in the name of Jesus Christ, your ministry reaching multitudes of people that otherwise would not know the truth that they can be set free. I cannot say enough about how I get excited about setting people free through deliverance. Thank you for all that you do.  If you ever need anything, feel free to let me know. God bless you and your family.”

Praise be to King Jesus!

This is the fruit of the mission! Not only are people being set FREE from demonic bondages but they are in return reaching others!

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