Grateful Mom Reports: Son Freed from Homosexuality

More astounding testimonies keep rolling into the mission. 

Recently I conducted a number of meetings in Newark, New Jersey where many souls were liberated and healed by the power of Jesus. One noteworthy case was a precious mom bringing her teenage son for deliverance. In particular he needed deliverance from homosexuality. God did not disappoint as He brought amazing healing and freedom to this young man. Over the years we have seen quite a few lesbians, transsexuals, bisexuals, homosexuals powerfully healed by the atoning blood of Christ! 

Almost in every case these precious souls were completely freed from the various homosexual mannerisms too and now walking in freedom –as you’ll see was the case in the young man I ministered to several weeks ago! Not only was this teenager powerfully delivered from the spirits of homosexuality but also experienced deep healing from dissociation (his heart had fractured in numerous parts that I spoke with including little toddler parts). 

Read what this grateful mother reported to me:

“Hi Jay, I came to your service in Newark NJ, me and my teenage son. God moved in a mighty way in that meetingMy son was delivered from the spirit of homosexuality and a few other spirits. I just want to inform you that he is doing greatand I would like to know if and when you can come to visit us here in Connecticut. I would like to bring my entire family to you so that we all may be delivered , I do know that my family have a few generational curses that needs to be broken and I would like for my entire family to experience the freedom,the peace and the deliverance that my son is feeling right now..Thank you for allowing God to use you in a mighty way…Ps…. I would like to speak with you personally maybe we can set up a private meeting for just my family..Thank you..Ever so grateful Mom!”

Moms, be blessed on this day, may Jesus rescue your children on this day! Amen!

Moreover, I received a amazing testimony from a dear sister from Kenya, who had been searching for 12 years for deliverance prior to attending our meeting in Seattle. At that meeting in the Pacific Northwest, I was honored to minister to this precious disciple and watch Jesus deliver this woman of many powerful witchcraft spirits! Read and rejoice in what our Savior has done!


 Thank you so much for the deliverance that I received. I feel so much lighter and theres a great change since then. I lived in bondage for up to 12 years not knowing where to get help. Now after  deliverance I wonder why I did not know your Ministry earlier. No doubt it is God who made this possible .

 The teaching we received was powerful. It makes all the difference when you know who your enemy really is. Knowledge of the word of God is a powerful weapon against the enemy. I pray that God will empower and protect you as you travel the world ministering, labouring for our Master, The Lord Jesus Christ.”

The lasting fruit of these deliverances are seen in these testimonies! They are STILL walking in FREEDOM! Experiencing the peace of God in their lives!

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