Power of the Cross Saves Souls, Defeats Chaldean Demons!

Dear brothers and sisters in King Jesus,

God’s Word declares: “For Christ did not send me to baptize, but to preach the gospel—not with wisdom and eloquence, lest the cross of Christ be emptied of its power. For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.”

We proclaim the cross of Jesus for in the cross is the power of God. When there is a public proclamation of the message of the cross demons will scatter and we saw that very powerfully in tonight’s meeting in the Melbourne area. We witnessed the power of the cross in the salvation of souls. A handful of souls repented of their sins and confessed Jesus as Lord for the very first time tonight and this brings me great joy. Besides, God’s mighty holy angels are also rejoicing in the new births. 

The power of the cross of Jesus brings salvation, healing and deliverance power!

Our day started this morning as we gathered together, as a small group, to conduct a training seminar, to learn about the healing power of Jesus. As I taught spirits of Jezebel surfaced within a Iraqi woman. What was amazing was she was at our previous meeting and she had asked the Lord to speak to me about inviting her to the front for ministry. So, the Lord responded to her cry as the Holy Spirit touched my heart to focus on this woman, for a period of time of ministry, out of the many who were present on last night. 

She was stunned but yet happy that I called her from among all the people at the meeting and knew God was trying to get her attention. As I ministered, demons surfaced from within her. Powerful spirits of Jezebel.

They revealed they had been in her for many generations and that her ancestors, from her father’s side, were victims of witchcraft curses and rituals. As we broke off the curses and the rituals in Jesus name, great spiritual release occurred however we really had to battle for her soul as Jezebel fought me. We wore her down by forcing her to drink the blood of Christ.

“This is disgusting, tastes like iron,” the Jezebel spirits informed me.

We even had some of her heart parts fight Jezebel and they did with great passion and righteous anger as this spirit truly brought spiritual havoc in their lives. The parts wielded a sword and thus was able to dismantle Jezebel. They (the parts of her broken heart) finally saw the true nature of this being that for so many years portrayed herself as being an elegant being. They saw that she was gruesome and grotesque as her spiritual mask was removed and her true identity was seen in the light of Jesus.

We continued and persisted in the spiritual warfare for the sake of this precious woman who just recently surrendered to King Jesus. The blood of the cross greatly weakened the spirits. We destroyed the strongholds in her life and there were many –anger, rage, bitterness, witchcraft and many other sins. However, as she repented and called upon Jesus, God swiftly answered her with liberation power in her life. 

One ancient spirit revealed that he has near her Chaldean ancestors in ancient Iraq. They would hide in “caves” and would throw “rocks” at them. What were these rocks? They were “fiery darts” that the apostle Paul spoke on in Ephesians 6. These rocks weakened her ancestors and allowed these spirits within the bloodline and have been present all of these many thousands of years. These ancient Chaldean spirits were defeated on this day by Jesus.

While ministering with her, as I mentioned, I also encountered many broken heart parts –ranging from very little to the teenage years (she’s 35) and they were healed by Jesus and were merged together. It was beautiful to witness. We also came across some ancestral heart parts and the were sent to Jesus. For several hours we ministered deliverance and healing and Jesus brought victory in her life as Jezebel was expelled along with many other demonic spirits within her. She testified of feeling much better and relieved. Peaceful. Contentment and deep joy. Jesus truly healed her this woman’s heart.

Several hours after the training seminar concluded we conducted another public deliverance meeting in a small community meeting hall where precious souls gathered to hear about the miracle working power of Jesus. This crowd of people were truly excited and thrilled to be a part of the work of Kingdom. Many were delivered as we led everyone in mass deliverance prayers including a family of Iraqi disciples who came hungering for the things of God. Many of them were victims of witchcraft curses and spells. These were all broken in Jesus name. One dear Iraqi believer shared of his desire to serve Jesus as a pastor (and he’s only 3 years in the faith, he is hungry for the service to the King). He testified, “I’m willing to die for Jesus.” One glance at his face and his heart reveals he was speaking the truth! God will raise him to be a powerful minister of the gospel to reach many of his people for Jesus.

We prayed for those broken in heart, those afflicted with various torments and pains, and those whom were demonized. Jesus appeared to the broken heart parts, the power of His blood set the captives free and His mighty healing power comforted and healed many bodies. More work needs to be done however our God was faithful to heal and set the captives free. I also had the wonderful honor to lead even a few more people to Jesus, for salvation, in this meeting. Thus far, every day, of this mission, we are seeing people respond to the holy call of salvation. Souls are being won to Jesus as we preach the cross. 

In less than 30 minutes I’ll be traveling by car for an hour to another city to conduct another public training seminar and deliverance service. Appreciate your prayers for this mission. 

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