Deprogramming in Utah, Now in South Texas Casting Out Demons!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

It’s day 19 on this North American deliverance tour where I have visited numerous cities throughout this continent teaching, preaching, driving out evil spirits, praying for the sick, and healing hearts. I have received so many miracle reports and encouraging words from so many who have been deeply impacted by this most recent mission. Jesus has been moving in our midst and liberating many souls. For the past few days I have been in Salt Lake City, Utah ministering and let me tell you the many miracles that took place there.

As some of you might recall I was dealing with a lady who was formerly involved in the Mormon church who had been ritualistically abused in the Mormon Temple. We continued the intensive ministry with her and discovered many more parts of her heart that needed healing. We also dealt with that wicked witch Jezebel. As I commanded the witch to hold my sacred cross the demons convulsed her wildly and threw her onto the ground and made her violently shake as the demons could feel the power of the cross. There were a multitude of these kinds of spirits. They were driven out in the name of Jesus. Moreover, we dealt with numerous spirits of fear and terror. 

My heart went out to this woman. The various broken heart parts that were surfacing, that were held captive by these fear spirits, were completely terrorizing the heart parts. As they surfaced a look of utter horror and terror was painted all over her face. The horrified look was one of as if she had witnessed a gruesome act. She had! The parts endured years of satanic rituals while the Mormon leaders were invoking the the name of Jesus. That form of spiritual abuse is common and can be found in all of the metaphysical cults and false religious groups in our modern day. There are millions of souls that have been held captive by these sects who have brought upon trauma upon so many. While traumatizing the individual the name of Jesus is often invoked thereby bringing much confusion to young minds and hearts.

I hear the questions all the time from those victimized by these kinds of alternative groups: Why are these representatives of Jesus sexually assaulting me? Why are these ministers of God telling me that God approves of their evil? Why is it that Jesus do these bad things? 

There is a immense need to bring deliverance and healing to those tormented by mind controlling cults. So few are qualified to offer release and inner healing. This is why the Freedom Fighter Training Center was created to raise up a spiritual army who are equipped to battle cults and their evil.

I had to spend a good hour deprogramming one part and affirming the true nature of Jesus and trying to clarify that the Mormon Jesus was a different kind of a Jesus. A false Jesus. The little part was so terrified. She didn’t like the Mormon Jesus.

“Mormon Jesus is a bad Jesus,” the little part told me.

“Yes, Mormon Jesus bad. He is not good. The good Jesus does not hurt children or do bad things to people,” I tried to explain.

As I affirmed the little one, great peace came upon the part. Deep rest. Supernatural rest. She finally was able to understand that the Mormon Jesus was not the authentic Jesus. That understanding alone brought tremendous relief. The little part went to Jesus and was healed. 

We also discovered many heart parts had been held by a group of spirits named Ritualism. For each Mormon ritual there were demons attached to it thus allowing the demons to transfer into the soul of this woman as she endured each satanic ceremony. I spent a few hours battling these spirits. They fought me with great intensity. I had to call forth many angels and they arrived and assisted in battling and weakening these violent demons. After enduring many minutes of torture the demons finally gave up and were sent to the pit in Jesus name!

This precious woman has experienced some amazing inner healing and deliverance. She testified of feeling so much better, lighter, and cleaner. More work remains and will be back in Utah before too long to continue the work. Thank you for praying as this has been a intense war for the sake of this woman.

After our mission in Utah I traveled into South Texas where currently I’m in the Rio Grande Valley region, near the Mexican border, where I have been invited by pastor David Elijah, who oversees the King’s Revival Church here in McAllen, to teach and minister. Last night in a large hotel conference many souls arrived desperate for deliverance and healing. It was jammed packed with people who were enthusiastic for Jesus. 

The pastor had heard about our work of deliverance from a radio broadcast I conducted out of Guatemala City, Guatemala, last year. This is amazing. These radio presentations I do reach so many throughout the world. Originally from Bombay, India, Pastor David Elijah was a Muslim when he encountered Jesus and His love some years ago while on cruise ship. Obviously that supernatural encounter drastically transformed his life. A series of powerful God events occurred in his life leading him here to the valley to start a church that conducts deliverance missions. 

It’s great to be in fellowship with other pastors and ministers who support the ministry of deliverance. So last night I taught from the Scriptures and then led everyone into Holy Communion. I briefly shared the good news of Jesus to those assembled and many souls responded to the call to salvation. I was encouraged to see so many souls come to the Lord Jesus. This has always been a key mark of this mission –the proclamation of the gospel. Millions have been reached over the past 25 + years!

After partaking of the body and blood of Jesus, I began to pray for those afflicted with demonic spirits. Many demons surfaced and were driven out in Jesus name! Many spirits of witchcraft and the occult were forced out in Jesus name! Many Jezebel spirits were expelled and many heart parts were healed. Moreover, a number of people testified of immediate healing from various kinds of sicknesses, diseases and afflictions. One lady testified of her sight immediately being restored after praying for her. Allow me to share what the pastor just wrote me in regards to the meeting last night:

“Dear brother Jay,

Wow !! What can I say but “Glory to God!”

We had such an awesome conference last night as generational sins and curses were broken, traumas were healed, Jezebel spirits were confronted and defeated, witchcraft was broken, the spirit of death was expelled, broken hearts were healed, hidden sins were exposed and cleansed, Aztec and Mayan demons were cast out, dissociative conditions were restored, spirits of fear were broken, various pains were healed and the list goes on….

I am waiting for more testimonies.

In this valley of darkness and despair, a ray of light came in last night!!

Satan was defeated on so many different levels!!

Thank you Jesus!!!!


I am so grateful to you and sister Sharon for taking time out of your busy schedules to come and visit us here in the valley of witchcraft.

I am so excited to plan the next one in January.

We need to rally together and overcome these ruling spirits that have so many in bondage here.

By myself. I am severely outgunned and outnumbered!!

Thank you so much for your powerful and passionate ministry to the brokenhearted. 

The Lord is always watching over you to keep you in all your ways!!!”

We look forward to returning. This valley is indeed being overrun by powerful spirits of death and witchcraft. Much of it overflowing from Mexico. We need to resist these powerful demons and drive them out in Jesus name! Pray for this dear brother and his work! He needs our love and support in Jesus name!

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