5 Year Old Boy Survived Satanic Ceremony, Delivered & Healed in Ohio

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I’m back on the road for the work of the gospel! My family and I took a flight from Florida back into Dallas. We arrived around midnight. In 12 hours time, I was back at the airport to conduct another long North American mission.

I’m currently in Cleveland, Ohio conducting private meetings for those needing liberation from demons. Earlier today, for many hours, we battled thousands of evil spirits hell bent on staying within a 5 year old boy we ministered to. I’ll refer to him as Max. His parents are medical doctors and have literally done everything possible to seek freedom for their precious boy. Max for the past 5 years has been tormented and have experienced strange spiritual attacks. Nothing has worked to stop these attacks. Nothing. All the specialists and doctors couldn’t locate any medical problems. You and I know why. It’s because of demons. These spiritual enemies cannot be located by science. They are only discovered by the power of Jesus. 

Today, was a day of victory for this precious family, as we discovered numerous evil spirits. They spoke to me and revealed much. 

There was a spirit named “Unhappiness.” He spoke to me. 

“I’m here because his own grandmother cursed him as a baby. She used incantations. She was the babysitter for years and we used her to curse this boy. She sent curses of poverty and muteness to the boy.”

The spirit of unhappiness brought forth numerous problems into the family –discord, chaos, stress, dissatisfaction, and so much more. These spirits were literally trying to destroy the boy and the family. The entire family was affected. My heart ached to hear of their pain. I knew the solution to their pain –JESUS! Just typing that name brings comfort and peace. JESUS! Oh, I love that name of JESUS!

In Jesus name we broke the incantations and the spirits was cast out. It was defeated by King Jesus. However there were many more spirits.

One strong spirit was named Torment. It spoke out of the little boy. 

“We are not leaving. This is our house and we are staying,” the spirit informed me, “We hold on to three pieces of his broken heart: a crawling baby, a 1 year old and a 2 year old.”

The demons were forced to release the heart parts and was able to communicate to the heart parts and they were unified in Jesus name! 

The demons of torment also revealed, “We entered because of the grandmother! She performed a satanic ceremony, with the boy, involving the conjuration of spirits, dancing, trauma and fear!”

The grandmother purposefully traumatized the little boy with fear to gain control over him. The little boy, Max, was stressed. Who wouldn’t be with all of these demons within his little boy however we offered intervention and God rescued this little boy as we were able to drive out these tormenting spirits and break the satanic curses. Torment was also sent to the pit in Jesus name!

Max had also been invaded by thousands of spirits named, “The Irritant” and a spirit named, “Repression,” who boasted he was there to suppress his speech, bring forth autism like symptoms, OCD, to bring stress and to attack various aspects of his body such as his intestines. The spirit of repression begged me to allow him to stay within his intestines. Then he begged me not to destroy the chains that he had around the tongue to tie up his tongue thus causing him the inability to speak.

Obviously, we destroyed this vile spirit by the power of Jesus! He was though forced to take the muteness, the spiritual chains, the pains, the OCD and all of the other afflictions. He was driven out in Jesus name and immediately little Max was able to speak and repeat words that his parents said he never spoke before, like, the word, Bible! God healed this little boy of a varying degree of muteness!

Not only was little Max was set free but also his precious mother from spirits of Jezebel who had entered the generational bloodline via ancestral worship from the 1930’s. There were 20 of these Jezebel demons within her who spoke to me and begged me not to send them out. We also in the past few days here in these private meetings battled armies of demons named fear and evil. These demonic armies were defeated by the blood of Jesus and were sent to the pit! So many victories. God’s angels assisted us and we witnessed again the power of the blood of Jesus in Holy Communion. So much to write about. 

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