Miraculous Healing of the Eye Maladies

Dear Friends of Jesus,

In recent years we have seen an amazing amount of individuals supernaturally healed of eye maladies. I have witnessed those who were completely blind miraculously healed. I’ll share one testimony of this. A few years ago, I was in the small Central American nation of Belize, conducting open air meetings where many hundreds were reached with the good news of Jesus. Many, also, encountered a miraculous healing –including a young boy who was completely blind.

I had finished some open air preaching and walking along the street and came upon a group of blind boys who were being escorted by a few adult custodians. The Holy Spirit immediately led me to one boy, perhaps 7 years of age or so (not sure why I wasn’t led to pray for the entire group), who was walking along with his walking stick in front of him. Walking so slowly and apprehensively.

I approached him and asked if I could pray for him. The group stopped and the adult custodians looked on with annoyance. I swiftly rebuked the blindness in Jesus name. The blindness lifted off of him and he could SEE. I handed him a child’s cartoon gospel tract and he was SHOCKED he could see the colors and remarked how he liked it. The adults were STUNNED too and quickly guided the group away as they didn’t know what to think of this supernatural healing.

Then over the years I have seen so many young people –pre-teens and teenagers miraculously healed of a variety of eye maladies. Many of them no longer need their glasses or contact lenses. Some were cured of blurriness and other eye afflictions. Many adults have left their glasses behind in the meeting hall, after being healed, no need for them any longer. Others experienced a immediate improvement of their eyesight issue and needed to walk in their gradual healing. So many scores of people supernaturally healed throughout the world.

Recently, while in conducting our Los Angeles, Pasadena and Houston missions, we have seen a number of people who encountered some measure of healing of their eyesight maladies including this young lady, pictured with me above. She’s a strong disciple of the Lord Jesus and didn’t think she really needed deliverance or healing until I approached her and immediately a number of demons surfaced including the spirit of Jezebel who held claim to her eyes.

This is something we see often. Demons attached to the eyes to hinder their eyesight in some manner. Demons are known to attach themselves to various body parts. Thus the need for the deliverance ministry in the healing ministry.

Think about it for a moment, some may get healed of a physical ailment but if there is no removal of the demon that is behind it, then the demon will simply wait and bring back the ailment or affliction. Something to ponder.

I vividly recall being in Montreal, Quebec, for some seminars, some years ago and encountering a group of evil spirits that was holding captive the various parts of the neurological system of a missionary. Once a demonic spirit invades a body, they seek a area to enslave (remember evil spirits are time/space beings thus localized). This is what Jezebel did with the young woman I ministered to recently. This demon attached itself to her eyes.

This young lady had a number of demons that were causing problems but the spirit named Jezebel was the one behind it all including the spiritual enslavement of her eyes. Once the demons were commanded out of her body, she mentioned that her eyesight (once a problem) was clearing up and improving.

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