Freedom Fighter Miraculously Healed & Freed of Insanity, Ordination Next!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

We often refer to those broken in heart and how Jesus healed those with dissociation. That is true and wonderful! However, one’s mind can be fractured too. Jesus not only heals the brokenhearted but he also restores and repairs minds.

We see Jesus carrying out this very important work throughout His earthly ministry.

In Matthew 4:24 (KJV) we Jesus healing those afflicted in mind (those suffering from lunacy; with madness), “And his fame went throughout all Syria: and they brought unto him all sick people that were taken with divers diseases and torments, and those which were possessed with devils, and those which were lunatick, and those that had the palsy; and he healed them.”

In Matthew 17 we see Jesus healing a young boy who suffered from lunacy. In Mark 5 we see Jesus bringing deliverance to a man which resulted in him being “clothed, and in his right mind.

I have seen thousands with various kinds of mental illness and afflictions healed. Many whom the world would say there is no hope for, I have seen transformed by the Holy Spirit. One vivid example occurred while walking towards a open air preaching engagement in the capital city of Georgetown, in the small South American nation of Guyana, a few years ago. I recall the day well. I was walking past a very large church, in the city, and noticing a man vexed with madness standing outside the doors of the building. Hardly any clothes on. Talking nonsense. Eyes filled with insanity. Unclean. Dirty. Crazy.

The Holy Spirit told me to stop. I obeyed and I’m glad I did. I asked this crazed and wild man if I could pray for his deliverance. He consented. I immediately rebuked his insanity and within seconds he looked surprised. Shocked. He sat down and placed his hands around his head and exclaimed, “My mind is clear!” He said his mind felt right. God instantly healed from insanity. He was calm, collected and whole. Jesus set this man free! I went on to preach to hundreds of souls in the capital delighting in this man’s miraculous healing and deliverance.

Over the years, I have witnessed these kinds of miracles of the healing of the mind. I have great faith in this area. Not everyone I meet up with who is insane is healed, however many –into the thousands ARE! I have seen them go on to serve King Jesus effectively.

In my many missions to Australia, for example, I have encountered many who were vexed with the spirits of insanity. I have seen many of them healed. Including a young man whom I’ll refer to as Max. This young man was not only set free from violent spirits of insanity, in one of our public missions, but he took his freedom a step further; he enrolled in our Freedom Fighter International Training Center and completely finished all of the course work –all the way up to the Premier Levels. Not a easy task at all. If I remember correctly he even graduated with a perfect score –the masters and doctorate levels.

He emailed me a few days ago and shared with me what God was doing in his life. He writes (the bold is mine)-

“It’s Max here, one of the guys you delivered, from a spirit of insanity in Perth, Western Australia. God wants me to start up my own ministry and I was wondering how to go about ordination as a minister as it will help give me credibility with the church. I was blessed by you with access to the Freedom Fighter Training Centre and passed at the level of doctorate. Thank you for all your help brother Jay it’s great having a sound mind. Love you guys and God bless.”


Can anything else be added? This is a fantastic report. Yes, Max, I WILL ordain you into the gospel ministry (I have been sensing this myself) and look forward to my next mission to Perth to see this take place in Jesus name! I LOVE IT!

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