African Witchcraft Overpowered in Seattle, Moloch Crushed in LA!

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Last night, we held another powerful service at the Temple of Salvation, in Los Angeles, where many thousands of demonic spirits were crushed by King Jesus! Many were set free from evil spirits and many were inspired to serve. But, before sharing more of what transpired in LA I must share with you, my friends, what took place, in Seattle, the night before.


I conducted a seminar several weeks ago in Seattle and I felt some spiritual resistance and there was a disconnect but not so on this latest trip to Seattle. Our attendance improved and much better ministry transpired. Praised be to God!


One of the ladies I ministered to was this precious woman, pictured with me above, post deliverance, who encountered the healing of Jesus Christ! She had never attended a deliverance service before but desperately needed intervention. I’m so happy we were able to intervene.


During the service evil spirits surfaced from within her and a few human interjects (foreign soul parts). Moreover, there were a number of broken heart parts within her that needed healing.


Many demons spoke to me from within her including a demon named “African Witchcraft.” The demons boasted:


“William did a destruction ritual against her, seeking revenge, because she didn’t join his group,” the African witchcraft spirits revealed to me, “We bring cancer, anger and many physical problems.”


Turns out William was a former friend of her’s that cloaked himself in “Christianity,” however, in reality, he was a warlock! Goes a little deeper. He was part of a very well-known church and ministry school, here on the West Coast. She –I’ll refer her to as Tammy, had no idea William was involved in witchcraft.


Tammy knew something strange was taking place in William but couldn’t figure it out until NOW! William was persistent. He wanted Tammy to be part of his “Christian” group. Tammy rejected the offers and he was furious. So, in retaliation, he sent some spells and curses in her direction to cause her problems. The curses worked and she began to have all sorts of afflictions.


While ministering to Tammy, this warlock William surfaced (a dissociative part of him, a human interject), who worked with the demon named African witchcraft, in an attempt to destroy her. This human interject was angry. He spoke to me:


“I’m seeking revenge! She didn’t follow through with my ministry,” William told me, “So, I sent her a destruction spell using African witchcraft. She had no idea!”


AH! Thus the demons of African witchcraft within Tammy. William was employing African witchcraft to attack her. It makes me wonder how many of you, reading this email report, are being afflicted by witchcraft and not even realize it? Perhaps many of you are. Contact us, today, so we can intervene in Jesus name!


William wasn’t alone. A man named Bill was there! He surfaced and spoke to me.


“She belongs to me!,” Bill confidently told me, speaking through her, “I wanted her to be my wife. I took a picture of her, took some of her hair and toothbrush to do witchcraft against her.”


Since Tammy rejected Bill, he became angry and turned to witchcraft to send spells and curses to her! I discovered Bill also turned to the sorcery to afflict her with various problems.


I sent both of these witchcraft practitioners, these human invaders, out of Tammy in Jesus name! Furthermore, I drove out the many demons of witchcraft and destruction out of her body and mind in Jesus name! All of them came out and entered the pit! Jesus delivered her! 


She was extremely happy afterwards. We also guided some broken heart parts within her to Jesus for healing. They were healed too! Other miracles took place in Seattle; I look forward to sharing more soon.


By the way, while in Seattle, I came under physical attack and still fighting my way out of it in Jesus name. From Seattle, I traveled onward to California where I’m currently in Southern California conducting more meetings. Tonight, we have a special ordination service where I’ll be ordaining one of our mission coordinators into the gospel ministry. Please join us in Pasadena tonight!


At the Temple of Salvation last night, however, in West Hollywood, souls were set free from demons powers! One lady was set free many spirits of death, abortion, and destruction. Moreover, this one lady, had an ancient spirit named Moloch (child sacrificing demon-god). He was there afflicting her with great torment. Moloch was defeated and crushed in Jesus name. He was set to the pit.


Another precious disciple of the Lord Jesus, a first-generation believer, who has been going through a series of deliverances, in our meetings, was powerfully set free from thousands of spirits of mind control. They had been in her for a long time; lying to her all of these years. They had been controlling her mind and her emotions because her family spoke word curses over her! These word curses affected her greatly!

The demons surfaced and contorted her body and screamed at me. I quickly called for the holy angels of God to assist and they came. I asked for the holy angels to carry her body over to a large CROSS that is attached to the wall of the sanctuary. They carried her body and the angels made the demons touch the cross. They screamed in agony! The power of the cross of Jesus defeated and overpowered the spirits of mind control! They were driven out in Jesus name! 


As she was being set free from these many demons and word curses, this disciple of Jesus began to speak in the Holy Spirit and gave everyone a message to hear. It was a powerful message that called for repentance and surrender to King Jesus! The message touched many hearts and minds. Later on in the evening she shared some phenomenal supernatural experiences that she has been having that the world needs to hear! I look forward to sharing more soon….

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