Crippling Demons Cast Out of Teenager in Tasmania, Freedom Fighters Extraordinary Global Work!

Dear Friends of Jesus,


It’s been an extraordinary 2016 filled with the wonders of the Holy Spirit. Yes, there have been challenges and testings however we are experiencing the mighty power of the Lord Jesus Christ in our lives! We have already conducted nearly 40 different ministry events throughout North America and Australia. We are about to embark on an extensive mission that will take us in multiple cities across America and Canada. We are believing for even GREATER miracles in the days to come.


I’ll share more on this below. However, the ministry reports I’m receiving from those disciples enrolled in our Freedom Fighter International Training Center is staggering. One precious believer, located in a restricted area in the Middle East, is reaching out throughout Asia and the Middle East the gospel. I just received his report recently and I was stunned. This mission has trained 10,000’s of disciples and we are believing more will be equipped in the years to come….


While in Tasmania, I was deeply touched by a young teenager that came to our meetings and seminars with a heart to receive from God. He is pictured above with me and his grandmother (along with Pastor Joan Smale). In our first service, he came under such great demonic attack that it brought forth a crippling affliction. It was very difficult for him to even walk. It was horrible. Here is a young healthy young man being twisted like a pretzel and being contorted by wicked spirits that had invaded him. It was terrible seeing him in this condition.


Being a father of three young children myself, I have great empathy for young people and my heart is grieved when I witness evil spirits twist young bodies in such a manner. It hurts my heart. Demons are wicked, they are destroyers! Never forget this. We are in a WAR and when they roam without confrontation they will go about tearing lives up!


This young man was terribly vexed by demon powers as I preached the WORD at the Baptist church. I brought him to the front however I really didn’t minister to him much. However, he was desperate so he came back to our next public meeting at the Launceston War Memorial Hall and again the demons manifested and twisted his young body in grotesque manner. Once again they brought forth a crippling affliction into him.


This time, I felt at liberty to minister and I confronted the demons in the name of Jesus! Quickly the demons submitted and I commanded all forms of sickness and crippling afflictions to depart in Jesus name! They came out of him with moans and groans and he was set FREE. This young man was so happy!


Not only was he dramatically set free from these demons, his broken heart was miraculously healed! He gave me a huge hug afterwards! Also, a friend of his had demons too! I directly confronted them and commanded them out of him, they swiftly departed and he was also set free from many demons in Jesus name! It was beautiful to behold!


So many souls in our seminars and meetings in Tasmania were set free from demons. I was able to directly minister to hurting souls and they were delivered but I was also able to minister from afar and many demons were driven out from a distance as I commanded demons to depart their victims. Many heart parts were healed and bodies repaired in Jesus name!

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