War with Witchcraft at the Launceston War Memorial Hall!

After teaching from the WORD, I briefly shared the good news of Jesus and a few responded to the call of salvation and souls were won to Christ -the greatest miracle of all!After proclaiming the gospel, I led everyone in the Holy Communion and prayed for those afflicted with demons. The response was amazing. Numerous souls manifested demons! Many dissociative identities surfaced and many disciples of Jesus were encouraged!


Speaking of dissociation…a multitude of broken heart parts were surfacing as the night moved on. Little boys and little girls who were holding on to pain, bad memories and trauma. Many of them were released to Jesus to receive deep healing and comfort. It reminds me, once again, the URGENT need to heal broken hearts! There’s many ministries that focus on the healing of broken bodies however there’s very few ministries that are reaching out to broken hearts. The Lord has come to heal the brokenhearted.


One individual who needed deep inner healing was the young man pictured with me above, post deliverance. As I praying against witchcraft, demons started to surface from within him. They threw him down, aggressively, down onto some chairs in the meeting hall. They shook his body and I brought him to the front of the hall so I could minister to him. Along with the demons were many heart parts. There was one little boy (a dissociative identity) that surfaced that had incredible amount of torment, hurt, and sadness.


“Please don’t hurt me, please don’t hurt me, please don’t hurt me,” he kept on crying out,” I didn’t do it, I didn’t do it…”


We discovered that this man when he was much younger was terrorized by his father which allowed the spirits of fear to enter. Moreover, his heart was shattered due to the fear thus creating little heart parts to take the pain and hurt. The demonic spirits took full advantage of the pain and the hurt. However, Jesus came to rescue and rescued the little broken hearts. So much healing took place.


Then many of the demons of fear, witchcraft, and torment were commanded out of his body in Jesus name. This man looked so different afterwards…look at the above picture again! The difference is real!


Speaking of witchcraft, we confronted and battled many demons named witchcraft last night. One lady who experienced deliverance from witchcraft was a grandmother who had deep rooted spirits that went back thousands of years ago. The spirits told me:


“We entered her father’s ancestors because they participated in blood sacrifices, they sacrificed humans and animals,” the spirits boasted, “We entered because they practiced witchcraft and worshipped Satan!”


All of these demons were driven out in the name of Jesus and this woman, afterwards, testified of feeling so much better. She was transformed!


“Jay, a massive change has taken place in my life and I’m so thankful to God! I feel FREE”


Amen! I love it! Jesus was triumphant over witchcraft and many others were powerfully set free during out service. It was incredible. In fact, a group of young teenagers encountered the power and love of Jesus and were delivered from many demons! I look forward to sharing more soon. I’m heading to another meeting soon so please pray for God to continue to give us strength and power to minister.

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